Best-Selling Fragrances & Discovery Sets of 2022

Discover the most popular fragrances and discovery sets at Etiket in 2022!

Curious about which fragrances our clients were loving most in 2022? Below, you’ll find a ranking of some client favourites by units sold. And while the most popular scents aren’t necessarily the perfect ones for everyone, we can certainly understand why these ten have captured the imagination of fragrance lovers across Canada. 

Top 10 Fragrance Best-Sellers

1 – Molecule 01 EDT

The original skin-enhancing wonder scent.
2 – Ganymede EDP

A fresh, futuristic and unforgettably luminous take on leather.
3 – No 02 L’Air du Désert Marocain EDT

The never-ending cult sensation submerges you in waves of intoxicating spice.
4 – Passage d’Enfer EDT

A whisper of mysterious incense, rendered with the delicacy of a haiku. 
5 – Tihota EDP

Vanilla in its deepest, richest, most utterly delicious form.
6 – Luna EDT

A fresh floral twinkle in a summer night sky.
7 – Love & Crime EDP

A surprisingly complex elixir of cake-frosted intrigue.
8 – Hibiscus Mahajad Extrait de Parfum

Tart, indulgent, and as dazzling as a priceless jewel.
9 – Sunset Hour EDP

A peachy daydream of ambrosial summer love.
10 – Delina Exclusif Extrait de Parfum

Marie Antoinette’s charm at its most opulent and indulgent.

Top 5 Fragrance Discovery Sets Best-Sellers

1 – Portraits Scent Library

This top-shelf collection from our bestselling brand has a deep and elegant signature for every taste. 
2 – Journey Book Discovery Set

These whimsical, luxurious fragrances are inspired by the sights, sounds and smells of globe-trotting adventure. 
3 – Fragrance Discovery Set

Explore all five original series of this revolutionary minimalist fragrance line and let the compliments start rolling in. 

4 – Short Story Collection

Portland’s iconically playful perfumery takes fragrance off its stuffy pedestal and into evocative new corners of the imagination.


5 – Discovery Set

Hedonism was never so approachable, modern and fun as in the delicious daydreams of social-media sensations Vilhelm Parfumerie.
Simon Tooley

What is Your Fall Scent Wardrobe?

Simon Tooley, Etiket brand creator and perfume enthusiast, shares his top fragrance picks for the ...

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Simon Tooley

Simon Tooley, Etiket brand creator and perfume enthusiast, shares his top fragrance picks for the upcoming fall season.

When fall comes around, just like we feel the need to change how we dress, I think we feel the need to change our fragrance. We tend to look to heavier scents; scents with notes of Amber, Oud, Vanilla or Patchouli come to mind. It doesn’t mean we have to change our signature scent if we have one, or perhaps we have one for the fall that we only bring out then. For me when fall hits, I definitely change my fall scent wardrobe, and I look forward to wearing old favourites or trying something new.

Thirty-Three by Ex Idolo

Thirty-Three EDP by Ex Idolo
One of my favourites is Thirty-Three from Ex Idolo, this scent with thirty-three-year-old oud, takes me on a journey that includes notes of rubber and a deep sexy dry down. On a woman, it is just as beautiful.

Thirty-Three is a fragrance created from hand blended and very special ingredients. Vintage Oud is the soul of the fragrance, distilled in 1980 and aged until its release in 2013.

Suede de Suède by Mona di Orio
I love the latest scent from Mona di Orio, Suède de Suède which is somehow perfect for fall, it reminds me of a hand-made pair of suede gloves that I bought in Lisbon, deep brown and trimmed in red, this fragrance is much more than suede of course. It has a rich earthiness with the patchouli, my most favourite note, and leaves me with the warmth of suede and musk at the end.

Inspired by memories of the Mona di Orio Swedish in-house perfumer Fredrik Dalman, Suede de Suède unveils a perfume that evocatively caresses the skin like soft Swedish gloves. A smooth woody suède accord warms you like the silky backside of a fur.

Savoy Steam Penhaligon's

Savoy Steam by Penhaligon’s
One of the newest launches from Penhaligon’s, Savoy Steam, is a surprising take on their original scent, Hammam Bouquet from 1872, it has an Englishness that has both humour and sexiness and the touch of rosemary and eucalyptus are a perfect foil to the rose and pink pepper.

A fitting tribute to the original Penhaligon’s scent, Hammam Bouquet, Savoy Steam has top notes of bergamot, lemon, eucalyptus, mint, pink pepper and rosemary; middle notes of rose, geranium, cardamom, hedione and tea; base notes are benzoin, incense, vanilla and white musk.

Close Up Olfactive Studio

Close Up by Olfactive Studio
I think one of the recent launches from Olfactive Studio, Close Up, deserves attention with Amber and Tonka, and a Green Coffee top note that makes me smile. There is a richness that just makes you want to spray it on your turtleneck so you feel that intensity each time you wear it.

Intense and contrasting, the amber tones combine with a freshness. It has a full- bodied character that blends seamlessly with anise and green coffee. Zooming in even closer, each ingredient gains in intensity and distinctness.


London by Gallivant
Finally, my pick for a fragrance that goes from spring to summer to fall and into our cold winters is from Gallivant, called London. It may be the reference to the Pet Shop boys but who doesn’t want to be an East End Boy or a West End Girl? The rose mixed with leather, sandalwood, patchouli and cedarwood take you from the of ce to the “pub” to meet your “chum” after work. My go to scent this fall so far.

It’s a floral leather fragrance. With a watery green head, of cucumber and violet leaves. A floral heart, with Rose de Mai Absolute, rose oil and orris root. And base notes of leather, sandalwood, patchouli and cedarwood.

Come meet our experts to find out what would be your ideal fall scent: a scent that would suit you like your wardrobe.

Perfume Review: Ex Idolo Ryder EDP

Let’s talk about sex…. appeal. What is sexy to you? For me, it’s the ability ...

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Let’s talk about sex…. appeal. What is sexy to you? For me, it’s the ability to be scent-sational. Whether it be a man or a woman, how they carry themselves and how they smell top my list of attractive qualities. If I think back to all of my boyfriends (there are not that many – I tend to go for the long haul when it comes to relationships), I remember their scents, and when I catch a whiff of that scent, I am transported back in time. Ahhh, good memories of my high-school boyfriend and his smell – Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue…. or worse, Malizia Uomo. Ouch! It was a long time ago and we were young. Enough said. The point is, smell plays a huge role in sexual attraction, we all know that.

I tend to gravitate towards colognes, it’s no secret. I love that fresh citrus smell! Clean, sometimes soapy and just incredibly up-lifting. A good cologne can brighten my day and change my mood instantaneously. So, these are the scents that I wear. But what about him? Am I attracted to a man that smells like me? Not so much. I actually prefer something on the other end of the spectrum, a bit sweeter and spicier, for the simple reason that it evokes feelings of warmth and comfort. If a man can make me feel warm and comfortable, he’s in! Oh, and a really good vanilla fragrance on a man (my favourite: ARQUISTE Parfumeur The Architects Club) is simply heaven!

Enter Ex Idolo’s newest fragrance – Ryder. I was very excited about this one, because if it was anything like its predecessor Thirty-Three (a thirty-three year old oud), I would be in love again. Matthew Zhuk (creator and founder of Ex Idolo) was kind enough to send me a sample well before the actual launch. My first thought: Wow! This is a gorgeous follow up to Thirty-Three and definitely easier to wear for me! Slightly resinous, dark and aged, Ryder is exactly what I imagine a members club of days past to smell like. Leather, smoke, booze and dry wood. Sweet pipe tobacco with a side of Cognac gives way to spicy Omani Frankincense, followed by creamy vanilla and amber. This is a spicy, candy-coated, but not overly cloying fragrance that is as deep as it is mysterious. The kind of remarkably complex aromatic tobacco scent that just doesn’t come along very often, and one that is incredibly sexy. Sillage is average and longevity is beyond excellent!

After the divorce I started to experience some sexual problems. There was nobody to get acquainted with and I decided to pick up a girl, but it didn’t work out. She advised me to buy Cialis. I called that girl, she arrived and we had an upper class sex.

Ryder reminds me of Oliban by Keiko Mecheri, which is a scent that an old boyfriend of mine wore… it was magic on him! This was exactly his style – sweet, sexy, a bit rough around the edges and somewhat mysterious. I bet he would love Ryder as much as I do. I will have to send him a “It’s been a while…” text at some point soon. 😉

Natalie Cola,
The Etiket Insider Beauty Editor


Olfactive Family: Woody

Availability: In-store and online.

If you like Ex Idolo Ryder EDP, you may also like ARQUISTE Anima Dulcis and Atelier Cologne Santal Carmin.

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