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Towards a Virtuous Perfumery

Marc-Antoine Barrois on his house values.

Marc-Antoine Barrois doesn’t just create beautiful perfumes. He is also reinventing the standard of safety and sustainability in the fragrance industry. We’re highlighting his efforts to make your favourite scents more “virtuous”.

My name is Marc-Antoine Barrois, I’m a couturier and artistic director of the eponymous brand I created fifteen years ago. I had discovered Haute Couture while working for two years alongside Dominique Sirop, who had himself worked with Monsieur Saint Laurent, and above all for years with Hubert de Givenchy. I continued my apprenticeship at Hermès with Jean-Paul Gaultier, where I experienced luxury ready-to- wear, then at Jitrois, where I designed for men for the first time. In 2009, at the age of 25, I decided to create my own men’s fashion house, with the aim of rediscovering the traditional fundamentals of Haute Couture: service, quality, and creativity.

It was only a few years later, in 2013, that my ecological conscience was awakened. The trigger was quite precise. I remember seeing this report on the disappearance of insects in France. In 30 years, insect populations had declined by 80%. The report talked about the windshields that are now rarely marred by an insect after hundreds of kilometers on the freeway, whereas I remembered that as a child my brothers and sisters and I were responsible for cleaning up the thousands of flies, mosquitoes and other insects crushed on the bodywork after every journey. We were no longer talking about a mass extinction in the distant past, but about a recent extinction, which had taken place over the last 30 years, and which I had unconsciously witnessed …

I suddenly felt fully responsible. Not for having killed billions of insects, but for not having realized earlier that, as I was growing up, with my head held high by my studies and then my professional life, I was endorsing a change in the world for the worse, when we aspire to the better.

I began to question my own actions, and began to revise my copy with more modesty, aware of the importance of consuming less and better. In my private life, I’ve converted to all-organic and bulk products, I’ve started taking the bike or public transport again whenever possible, and I’m trying my hand at permaculture in our garden. At work, I’ve started to emphasize that my creations are sewn in Paris with fabrics that haven’t crossed the planet, and that it’s more ecological to buy a few well-made garments than to constantly buy cheap (or not) fashions that are renewed every season.

So when after the unexpected success of B683, the first fragrance I created with the perfumer Quentin Bisch, we started thinking about a second fragrance and sustaining this creative activity parallel to couture, I wanted to go back to the drawing board, questioning every step of the process so that it was in line with my convictions.

Everything was already manufactured locally, from the packaging to the filling, but there were still many areas for improvement. We began by including in the specifications for our new fragrance that it would be stable without preservatives or UV filters, the former all being considered likely endocrine disruptors. Ganymede then successfully passed all crash tests without these additives, and we launched the process of reformulating B683 to remove these same preservatives usually added systematically. It was now 2019, and I felt like a pioneer in respectful perfumery at a time when so many consumers were sensitive to «green beauty».

Since then, I’ve pursued the change towards an economic model that’s as virtuous as possible. We have our shipping cartons and grouping crates made by an ESAT (stands for “Établissement et Service d’Aide par le Travail” – meaning Help through Work Establishment and Service) in Paris ‘area, where our perfume boxes are now made with cardboard padding, thus doing away with the plastic velvet flocked foam that is not recyclable. In addition to being reusable, since the boxes are sized so that postcards or folded A4 sheets can fit inside, our packaging is now entirely recyclable.

We have replaced cellophane with a self- adhesive hologram label that guarantees the authenticity of our products, without the use of plastic. Similarly, we recycle as much as possible of our cushioning products, so that every day, when we send out a perfume, this last step does not create future waste but, on the contrary, reduces our ecological footprint. Finally, we have a refilling solution for our glass bottles.

Today, I’m proud to be taking part in my own “humble” way in a world I believe to be a better place. By showing that this is possible while being viable and sustainable, I hope to invite others to also question their ways of working, producing, and consuming on a daily basis.

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Get Your Hands Winter Ready With This Routine

The founder of Le Rouge à Ongles, Elise Khettat, unveils her tips to maintain smooth and moisturized hands just in time for winter.

With the change in seasons and cold-weather here to stay, we asked the founder of Le Rouge à Ongles, Elise Khettat, to unveil her tips to maintain smooth and moisturized hands right in time for winter.


Elise Khettat — Founder of Le Rouge à Ongles

First and foremost, I believe that taking care of your hands is just as important as taking care of your face. I abide by a routine that I follow once a week and daily for soft, hydrated and plumped hands.

Each week, I treat my hands to a real moment of relaxation. After washing them thoroughly with a gentle soap, I apply the Smoothing Body Scrub from Tata Harper to dry skin. I massage them delicately for several minutes, remembering to pass over each nail in order to exfoliate the contour of the nails and rinse it off with clean water.

What I love most about this scrub is that it exfoliates dead skin away while preparing my hands to receive a manicure, and that the exfoliating particles are biodegradable. It basically does it all! 

Next, to fully unwind, I apply a thick layer of the Supreme Moisture Mask from Nuori, without forgetting the contour of my nails and my cuticles. I leave it on until absorbed.

Then, I do an oil-based self-massage on my hands. I particularly like The Body Oil from Augustinus Bader which will stimulate the functions of the skin barrier and prevent transepidermal water loss which makes the skin more sensitive to dehydration. As with the previous steps, I also massage around the nails to nourish my cuticles.

On a daily basis, I apply a moisturizing hand cream 2 to 3 times a day – or as often as my skin needs it, especially in winter as our skin tends to dry out very quickly in the cold. I recommend The Hand Treatment from Augustinus Bader as it is ultra nourishing and soothing.

And I always carry a cuticle oil that I apply several times a day. The Nail + Cuticle Creme from Huna is a very practical format to have in your pocket or bag at all times! Moisturizing your cuticles helps soften them and gently push them back for a clean nail base.

Final tip: if would like to apply nail polish following your hand care routine, remember to degrease your nails with a gentle nail polish remover, as cream or oil residue on the nails prevents the varnish from applying and lasting long-term.


My favourite shades for this time of the year are ArsenalLuxembourg and Opéra.

Discover Le Rouge à Ongles at Etiket in store or online.

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Motherly Advice From Mother to Daughter

The founders of some of our favourite brands share what they've learned from their mothers, and what they're choosing to pass down to their children.

In honour of Mother’s Day, we’ve asked the founders of some of our favourite brands to share with us what they’ve learned from their mothers, and what they’re choosing to pass down to their children. From protecting their skin from the sun to embracing their inner beauty, we wanted to know a little more about the lessons they have learned that made them the women and mothers that they are today.

Tata Harper, Founder of Tata Harper

“My mother and grandmother would always have spa parties with their friends and they all took the time for beauty every day. It was a lot of DIY face masks and treatments using ingredients like avocado, honey, and lemon, and things growing around us locally or fresh from the store. We often made our own honey mask with natural, pure honey. It’s super inexpensive to make and I find it super hydrating and refreshing.

The advice I want to pass down to my daughter is that beautiful skin comes from what you are putting in and on your body, and it’s important to be mindful of this at a young age. Focus on a good regimen and keep your skin healthy and hydrated.”

– Tata Harper


April Gargiulo, Founder of Vintner’s Daughter

“My mom has always been very vocal around sun protection, so I developed a love for wide-brimmed hats early.

I want my daughters to understand that beauty is about a trusted and deep connection to ourselves, our community, our world and all its beautiful creatures.”

– April Gargiulo


Jasmi Bonnén, Founder of Nuori

“I am so thankful to my mother for teaching me that skin concerns need to be professionally diagnosed and treated. I suffered from hormonal acne all through my teens and my mother made sure I saw dermatologists and skin therapists on a regular basis. This truly saved my skin from serious scarring. My mother and I also did facials together at home – a fun tradition I am continuing with my two boys!

Growing up in Finland, my mother also taught me how to enjoy the relaxing and detoxing benefits of a sauna from an early age. I remember my mother dipping freshly cut birch branches into a bail of hot water, and we would breathe in the essential oil vapours. A magical smell of summer and motherly love I will never forget.”

– Jasmi Bonnén


Clarissa de Queiroz, Founder of The Hair Routine

“One of the first things I got from her is the idea of accepting myself the way I am. My mom is not a big makeup fan, so this understanding of my unique beauty, and no need to fix anything in me definitely comes from her. But also, with this, came the idea of preserving our bodies, by drinking at least 2 litres of water per day and wearing sunscreen daily, even on the days I don’t leave the house! Thanks to her, I’ve been doing that since I was 10 years old – before it was a trend! Haha!

On the hair side, she gave me a nice trick to get natural highlights after going to the beach – in the Brazilian days – or in very sunny days, which is to spray chamomile tea on the hair before bathing in the sun. It really works!”

– Clarissa de Queiroz


Sarah Brown, Founder of Pai Skincare

“Less is more. When your skin goes wrong, the tendency is to throw the entire kitchen sink at it, but she always told me never to do that. An to do the exact reverse – scale it back. Allow your skin to calm and rebalance and then take a methodical approach, re-introducing one product at a time, to establish what your skin likes and doesn’t like.

Never pick or squeeze your spots. This will be no surprise, but it’s one thing my mum shared with me when I was growing up as a teenager. This is really important to prevent scarring and stop the spread of more spots.”

– Sarah Brown


Heather Urquhart, Founder of Huna

“My grandmother Evelyn taught me the importance of skincare rituals at an early age. She taught me how to cleanse, how to moisturize, and how to never ever go to bed with makeup on the skin. I have followed those skincare rituals religiously since she taught me them as a little girl, and I have to say it’s all paid off.

My mother has always been low-key in terms of beauty and cosmetics. She takes good care of her skin, but she only very occasionally wears makeup. My mother taught me the importance of being confident and comfortable in my appearance without makeup. She also taught me how to love my body regardless of how it looks, what number it weighs on a scale, how it is behaving, or how it is dressed at a certain moment. She taught me to love my body for what it does for me each day – for what it can and does do. In fact, we never even owned a scale growing up, so I often didn’t know my body weight. It just wasn’t important, and that has shaped my self-love and body positivity to this day.”

– Heather Urquhart


Kat Burki, Founder of Kat Burki Skincare

“My mom taught me beauty secrets by just being herself. She was effortless and no-fuss but always pulled together. She has strong bone structure and beautiful skin so, really needed very little in makeup – maybe even just lip and go. She taught me about colour types. Although I am blonde, I am a Winter. Most blondes think pastels and Spring colours work, but as a Winter, dark blues, black, whites, etc. – avoiding yellows – work best. She was absolutely correct.”

– Kat Burki


Sasha Plavsic, Founder of ILIA

“The best beauty advice that I got from my mother is that you are only beautiful on the outside when you are beautiful or happy on the inside. She also told me that if you aren’t wearing SPF, wear a hat!

For my girls, I want them to know that makeup isn’t what will make them beautiful. Feeling beautiful from the inside out is what really matters and what truly shows.”

– Sasha Plavsic


Lisa Mattam, Founder of Sahajan

“Strangely, almost all the beauty/mantra advice I received was from my dad. Just two weeks ago, he offered to mix up some turmeric for my mask instead with my mom, I think I learned more from observing. She taught me to be humble, quietly fierce and incredibly kind. She has an incredible sense of dignity and from her, I learned that true beauty comes from who you are.

The advice I would share with my daughter is to drink water, gets lots of sleep, wear SPF always… those are critical to nurture your outward beauty. True beauty comes from the soul- how kind you are to others and how kind you are to yourself.”

– Lisa Mattam


Lauren Bilon, Founder of Plume Science

“My mom is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to skincare, and I’m grateful for the advanced techniques she’s taught me. Red light therapy, microneedling, and chemical peels are just a few of the treatments she’s educated me on to keep my skin looking its best. Thanks to her guidance, I’ve also incorporated powerful ingredients like Vitamin C, Retin A, stem cells, growth factors, copper peptides, and more into my routine.

In addition to these advanced treatments, my mom also instilled some basic skincare practices that have stuck with me over the years. Never go to bed with makeup on and always double cleanse at night to ensure your skin is healthy and prepped for your skincare products.

One piece of advice that I’ve taken to heart is to wear SPF every day, even when indoors, and to reapply it multiple times throughout the day. I’ve found a powder SPF that doesn’t interfere with my makeup, making it easy to touch up throughout the day.

My mom has always emphasized the importance of taking care of oneself, and that includes exercise and eating healthy, balanced meals. Making an effort to get outside and breathe in fresh air each day is also key to a healthy mind and body. And at night, it’s important to take a break from screens and noise and unwind with a soothing bath or a good book.

Thanks to my mom’s guidance and these valuable beauty tips, I’ve learned to prioritize self-care and take care of myself so that I can take care of those around me.”

– Lauren Bilon


Mai Nozoe, Founder of BeautéJaponica

“My mother raised me with all of the beauty secrets from Japanese culture and was the inspiration behind the development of BeautéJaponica. The general concept of our scalp serum was also inspired by ingredients that she shared with me that helped Japanese women grow beautiful hair for centuries.

Beyond that, she has also taught me that beauty comes from within, and that nurturing your senses is true nutrition for your soul.”

– Mai Nozoe


Viola Menzel, Founder of Mahoni

“The best beauty secret from my mother was – without a doubt – discovering the powerful benefits of mānuka honey! At first, it helped my cold sores, and eventually, it became my go-to remedy for skin outbreaks, sore throats, and other issues. It’s the natural remedy I had been searching for, and I loved not having to decide between natural or effective.

This beauty secret eventually sparked my entrepreneurial journey. It inspired me to establish Mahoni, a tribute to nature’s potent remedy. Thank you, Mom!”

– Viola Menzel


Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Etiket!

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In Conversation With ERIS Parfums Founder Barbara Herman

“Fragrances are like faces. Some have a symmetrical, conventional beauty that is pleasing but easily forgettable. And then there’s the interesting kind, with something off or unusual about them that memorably intrigues you.” –Barbara Herman

ERIS Parfums has become an unlikely trailblazer in the world of fragrance. Founded by author, collector and perfume expert Barbara Herman, the brand’s uncompromising compositions are inspired by the rarefied spirit and ingredients of vintage perfume. However, as Barbara says, they are anything but ‘retro’. Avoiding dusty nostalgia, each scent smells exciting, vibrant, and bracingly new.

Etiket’s Director of Fragrance David Bernstein chatted with Barbara about how she manages this balancing act as ERIS’ Creative Director. Their conversation touched on her collaboration with star perfumer Antoine Lie, her artistic inspirations, and what sets her fragrances apart.

David Bernstein: You started your perfume journey collecting vintage perfume. What was it about that world that attracted you?

Barbara Herman: When I began delving into vintage perfume, I was taken by the complexity, sophistication, daring, overt eroticism, and sometimes gender-bending nature of many of the fragrances. The balance of high-quality natural ingredients with synthetics was there, too, even in some drug-store brands.

You could tell those fragrances took a while to create. They had a story to tell, and they took you on an unpredictable journey. Each was a little universe of its own, unlike any other. And since there were not a bazillion perfume releases in a year as there are now (sometimes from the same brand!) each new perfume was an event. This was before the so-called age of “industrial” perfumery, which began around the 1990s.

DB: What do you think these fragrances offered the wearer that typical contemporary fragrances don’t, or can’t? 

BH: I think it’s important to distinguish mainstream fragrances from niche fragrances — and real niche from ‘faux niche’. What the best vintage perfumery —  and truly niche perfume brands —  offer is the pure vision of the perfumer and/or creative director, along with an attention to the quality of ingredients.

So many mainstream brands now are chasing after what has sold well, or what market research has revealed is popular. It’s as if much of what’s on the market now has been placed there by an algorithm. That’s why real niche perfumery is where the less predictable perfumes are coming from. Don’t get me wrong — there are some major brands whose scents I love that don’t follow this formula, and some niche brands that are formulaic.

Ultimately, perfumers and creators in ‘true niche’ perfumery are doing their own thing. And you can smell the difference, the creativity, and sometimes, the quality of the ingredients. That model is closer to the one which produced the vintage perfumes I love.

DB: How have you achieved that “true niche” quality and creativity with ERIS?

BH: The ideas I have for perfumes are undiluted by marketing team interventions or cost-cutting, profit-maximizing measures. The ingredient story, the personality, the emotional impact I want, are all directly realized through Antoine Lie’s incredible compositions. If people think ERIS fragrances are quirkily intriguing and smell amazing — it’s all I could hope for.

And since Antoine became an independent perfumer in 2019, he is now working with smaller, more luxurious perfume labs such as Atelier Fragranze Milano and L’Atelier Français des Matières in Annecy, France. These labs provide ingredients like the in-house tinctured, authentic ambergris and the luxe cacao in “Mxxx.”, as well as the French immortelle in “Scorpio Rising”. We have access to the kinds of ingredients that just would not be possible to use on a mass scale.

In the case of the animalic ingredients which I discovered in vintage perfumery — like civet, castoreum, or deer musk — it’s usually not ethical to use the real stuff, because of the suffering and harm caused to the animals those ingredients come from. This is not something I lament the loss of, but I did fall in love with that category of vintage perfume for the warmth, depth, and mystery they provided. So ERIS’ fragrance “Mxxx.” does use a couple real animalic ingredients (ambergris and hyraceum) that are naturally expelled from animals, so sperm whales and hyraxes are not harmed or disturbed in any way. In the case of ambergris, it’s so expensive that only a tiny percentage of brands are using the real stuff anyway.

DB: ERIS is named for the Greek goddess of troublemaking and disruption. What do you consider disruptive or troublemaking about ERIS perfumes? And what is the one ERIS fragrance which exemplifies this the most? 

BH: Fragrances are like faces. Some have a symmetrical, conventional beauty that is pleasing but easily forgettable. And then there’s the interesting kind, with something off or unusual about them that memorably intrigues you. 

I love wild fragrances that get lodged in your memory, usually because of some odd, extreme, or over-the-top quality. It could be an unusual or overdosed ingredient or a disturbing (unconsciously or subliminally) but sexy animalic quality. Something that stands out perhaps as disturbing at first can be addictive later, like an acquired taste. Children, for example, don’t tend to eat raw oysters, bitter vegetables, or stinky cheeses. But adults realize that the acquired taste is often the most satisfying one.

Each ERIS fragrance offers olfactive qualities more mainstream fragrances would want to edit out. But probably the most representative of troublemaking or disruption is “Ma Bête”, part of the Beauty and the Beast trio from 2016.  

If you’re looking for a fragrance you can wear to work or in a casual setting without causing a “disturbance in the Force” (to quote Obi-Wan Kenobi), “Ma Bête” is not it. It’s overdosed with animalic notes (redolent of intimate moments, shall we say) entwined with indolic florals and intense spices and resins. It’s the anti-Office Scent, the anti-clean scent. And people either love it or hate it, sometimes both at once! If you want to cause trouble, or get into some trouble on a night out, “Ma Bête” is perfect. I’ve never not had an ‘interesting’ night out when wearing “Ma Bête”, let’s put it that way!

DB: How did you start collaborating with perfumer Antoine Lie? Why did you choose him specifically?

BH: I’d admired Antoine’s creations for a while before I had the idea of creating a brand. He was one of the perfumers I interviewed for the “Scent Visionaries” chapter of my book, Scent and Subversion: Decoding a Century of Provocative Perfume (Lyons Press: 2013). I spoke to him about how he translated the perfume brief for Etat Libre d’Orange’s notorious “Sécrétions Magnifiques”.

I love the daring and emotionality of his work, its ability to be rooted in classical perfumery while taking off into wild, uncharted territory. At the same time, his work is beautiful and never just weird for its own sake. After the book came out, I approached him about working with me and he said yes!

DB: My understanding of vintage perfumery is that it was heavily divided along gender lines. Am I correct in this assumption? 

BH: What’s interesting is that even within gender marketing in vintage perfumery, there was no fixed or stable sense of what ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ was supposed to smell like. That was the big revelation which inspired my book Scent and Subversion. 

Some of the most popular perfumes of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s which were marketed to women, for example, are what now would be considered ‘masculine’ – leather, tobacco, and animalic or ‘dirty’ perfumes. And although Guerlain’s landmark “Jicky” was made for women, men loved it and wore it. I loved finding out, for example, that Marlon Brando’s signature scent was “Vent Vert” and Keith Richards wears Jean Patou’s “Joy” under his armpits — both floral scents marketed to women.

Scent allows you to subvert gender boundaries without the kind of social penalties you might get with fashion choices. In high school, I wore the men’s fragrance “Grey Flannel” not to be an edge lord, but because I liked it! And unlike the forbidden items I wore that violated my school’s dress code, no one tried to stop me from wearing men’s cologne! Much of the world may still balk at gender fluidity in fashion, but for most perfume lovers, wearing what you like takes precedence over rigid binary gender rules.

As I write in Scent and Subversion,

“[C]ycles of taste [in perfume] mirror the arbitrary and ever-shifting role of gender in perfume – the idea that certain scents are either masculine or feminine. If men wore violet perfumes in the nineteenth century and women wore tobacco and leather perfumes in the 1930s – styles whose ‘gender’ has since been reversed – this seems like more proof in perfume form that gender, like perfume, is fluid, culturally constructed, and wearable in multiple forms on variable bodies.”

DB: Is this why you were driven to create two genderfluid perfumes (Mx. and Mxxx.) which deliberately evade gendered associations? 

BH: “Mx.” (2017) and “Mxxx.” (2019) explicitly pay homage to a gender revolution that was really taking hold around 2015. That was the year ‘Mx.’ (pronounced ‘mix’), the gender-neutral title which replaces ‘Mr.’, ‘Ms.’ And ‘Mrs.’, entered the Oxford English Dictionary.

Both of those fragrances play with the idea of gender fluidity by being both for men and women and neither for men nor women. I loved the idea that the “Charlie” perfume in the 1970s celebrated a political movement — the Women’s Movement — and I wanted to do something similar for the intense re-thinking of binary gender that was (and is) taking place.

DB: Who from the world of perfume do you most admire, either from the past or the present?

BH: Germaine Cellier, Edmond Roudnitska, and Bernard Chant come to mind first, but there are so many. And I admire many contemporary perfumers as well. Perfume is such an interesting art and it’s evolving.

DB: And what about from the world outside of perfume?

BH: I admire artists who take risks to create their vision — Lynn Ramsay, Chantal Akerman, Kara Walker, Amy Winehouse, Diane Arbus, Nan Goldin, Cat Power, Lydia Davis, Ocean Vuong, John Fahey, Terrence Malick, and so many others. I admire journalists and activists who take risks to expose and right wrongs. And I admire everyday people who survive through tough things. 

Discover and shop ERIS Parfums on!

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Skin Care

Vintner’s Daughter Q&A: Active Renewal Cleanser

Vintner's Daughter has unveiled their latest skincare innovation: Active Renewal Cleanser. Find out what makes it a game changer for your skincare routine.

Active Renewal Cleanser, the latest addition from award-winning brand Vintner’s Daughter has arrived, adding to their line of simple, minimalist skincare. Four years in the making and their third product launch in ten years, we are excited for you to discover this face wash like no other. Founder April and her team answered some of the most asked questions about their newest skin-beautifying formula.

Keep on reading to learn more about Active Renewal Cleanser and how to incorporate it into your daily routine.



APRIL & TEAM: “This innovative formula not only thoroughly cleanses, but also invigorates the skin so that it is more healthy, PH balanced, more plump, clear, and bright. It’s hard to put into words, but it just feels renewed and energized with each cleanse.”


APRIL & TEAM: “The short answer is that we heard you. We often ask what products you want to see next and the first amongst them has always been cleanser. We too felt that there was not a formula that lived up to our standards of performance, quality and craftsmanship. So we spent nearly four years formulating Active Renewal Cleanser.”


APRIL & TEAM: “At the heart of the formula is Vintner’s Daughter Phyto Radiance Infusion™ which harnesses the power of full-spectrum water and oil-soluble solutions to thoroughly and gently cleanse the skin with every use.”


APRIL & TEAM: “Active Renewal Cleanser benefits all skin including blemish-prone, sensitive, dehydrated and/or mature skin. Best results when used daily morning and night.”


APRIL & TEAM: “Adding Active Renewal Cleanser before you use Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum ensures your skin has all it needs to be healthy and radiant.”


APRIL & TEAM: “For best results, use daily morning and evening. After splashing cool water on your face, dispense 2-3 pumps into your hands. Apply to your face and neck. Rub in a circular motion to create a rich foaming action for 30-60 seconds. Rinse thoroughly. For a beautifully simple routine, follow with Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum.”


APRIL & TEAM: “Not only is it normal but it is better for your skin that a cleanser does not create foamy bubbles. Proper pH balance in the skin is something that is often overlooked for the sake of a showy, foamy or bubbly cleanse. We describe our formula as gently foaming—the result of combining the nutrient-rich formulation with a small amount of water and then moving it around your face.”


APRIL & TEAM: “There is no fragrance added to Active Renewal Cleanser — everything you smell is natural whole plants.”


APRIL & TEAM: “Most individuals see a visible improvement in their skin within days. Because of our whole plant nutrition, results will increase over time.”


APRIL & TEAM: “The 115ml bottle of Active Renewal Cleanser will last approximately 40 days with AM/PM application. It will last approximately 80 days if used once a day.”


APRIL & TEAM: “Once opened, the shelf life is 12 months. Proper storage and care of your Active Renewal Cleanser includes keeping it away from extreme temperatures (cold or hot) and keeping it out of direct sunlight.”


APRIL & TEAM: “Active Renewal Cleanser is vegan and is not tested on animals.”


APRIL & TEAM: “It is always best to consult your doctor when using any active product, but there are no ingredients that have contraindications for pregnancy.”

Active Renewal Cleanser

Shop all Vintner’s Daughter products at

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In Conversation With

In Conversation with Viola from Mahoni

We wanted to learn all about how Viola brought her vision of Mahoni to life. Keep reading to learn more about the founder and Mahoni's product selection!

Viola Bloch founded Mahoni in 2019 with a line of manuka honey products to help others reap its health benefits and create the perfect manuka products with features that other brands were always missing: easy application, precise concentrations, certified sourcing, and backed by scientific research.

MAHONI Interview Q&A

Having suffered from cold sores for many years, Viola was on the hunt for an effective solution and tried many products but nothing worked as well as manuka honey. This led her to do a deeper dive into the virtues of this powerful ingredient. Wanting to share her passion for manuka honey with the world, she decided to create her own line and showcase it as the perfect remedy for daily health emergencies in the form of three products: Skin Remedy, Daily Boost and Inner Remedy.


When we discover a new product line, we are as interested (if not more) in the products as the person behind them. We are always curious to know how a brand came to be, to know the founder’s background, etc. – that is, we have this crazy desire to know everything about the brand in order to really understand it. Our team conversed with Viola and asked her all the questions that were on our minds. Learn with us about Mahoni and the woman behind the brand.

Can you tell us a little about your personal/professional background? 

Viola: “I started off my career working in media, being passionate about news and the evolving landscape of digital media. At the same time I have always loved entrepreneurship, coming from a very entrepreneurial family. But I became an entrepreneur by chance – not for sake of being my own boss – when there were products I needed that I simply couldn’t find.”

When and how did you come up with the idea to create Mahoni?

Viola: “I first discovered manuka honey years ago as an effective way to soothe my cold sores. Previously having tried many remedies for cold sores, for me personally, nothing seemed to work. Everything changed when my mother read that manuka honey from New Zealand would help. I was very skeptical at first, but it worked! From that point on, whenever I felt the tingle coming in the early stage of a cold sore, I immediately put manuka on. I also started applying it to soothe sore throats. Research on manuka honey shows its science-backed benefits and unique potency. It quickly became my go-to for various common ailments, but I was quite unhappy with the products on the market. I wanted manuka honey to be portable, applicable, practical and have the right concentrations. After being a manuka honey pro for so many years, I had a pretty good idea of what the products should be able to do, and was confident that others would find them helpful too. So I decided to go for it! I was excited at the prospect of more people knowing about manuka honey, and reaping its amazing benefits through great products.”

What makes Mahoni unique? In other words, why would someone pay $69 for Mahoni’s honey as opposed to the $12 product available at their local health/grocery store? 

Viola: “Manuka honey is unlike any other honey. It is the only honey that has intensely high levels of methylglyoxal (MGO). This is the natural compound that is responsible for the strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. Its natural benefits are truly unique to this type of honey. Furthermore, manuka honey potently grows almost exclusively in New Zealand, and the manuka flower only blossoms 2-6 weeks per year. It’s truly a rare and precious natural resource. What makes Mahoni unique is that we independently lab test every batch of honey, not once, but twice! First in New Zealand and again in Germany. 90% of manuka honey sold worldwide is not real. So it’s important for us to take the extra steps to deliver the highest quality, authentic manuka to our customers. In addition, our line is developed around specific use cases. Meaning: We make sure that each product has a dedicated purpose, a benefit and the right level of MGO.”

Any tips or tricks that you can share with us on how we can use your products? Is there an unconventional way to use any of your products? 

Viola: “Our products are a little unconventional because you can use them inside and outside. They are made for topical use (on skin and lips) and for oral use (e.g. for the throat). It’s amazing because there are few ingredients like this that are 100% natural, toxin-free, but also highly effective and science-backed.”

What makes you proud of Mahoni? 

Viola: “That it’s loved by so many around the world! The emails I receive from customers writing me “my eczema has never healed faster” or “the sachets have such a soothing effect for my throat”. Those are really proud moments. For every product sold, I know that it’s authentic manuka honey in quality packaging with effective application. We go out of our way to supply amazing natural remedies and it’s fun to see people discovering manuka honey through Mahoni. Fills me with so much pride and joy!”

What are the main benefits that someone can see or experience using your products? 

Viola: “They are very versatile natural remedies that can be used in day-to-day life. The Skin Remedy helps with skin outbreaks, acne, soothes symptoms of cold sores and eczema. The Inner Remedy helps soothe symptoms of sore throats, and the Daily Boost provides a daily immunity boost rich in antioxidants.”

Can you explain the strength levels? What do they mean?

Viola: “This can be a bit tricky at first, as manuka honey is the only honey that has different potency levels. What we mean by that is the level of methylglyoxal (MGO) found in the batch of manuka honey. Manuka honey can range from 100 MGO to 1000 MGO. The higher the number, the stronger the potency of the honey. We offer two strengths: 100 MGO, which is good for moderate daily use. 600 MGO is ideal for more acute purposes, on days when you are looking for a stronger effect. For levels higher than 600 MGO there has not been any conclusive research showing significantly higher efficacy.”

What is Mahoni’s best-selling product? 

Viola: “The best-selling product is seasonally dependent. Right now, as we are approaching fall and colder months, Inner Remedy is the most popular. Our customers love to have these on hand, in their bag or pocket, for their throat. They’re also a delightful afternoon pick-me-up.”

Which product is a must-have? A product everyone needs in their cabinet? 

Viola: Ooh tough one! All of them. They’re complementary and not mutually exclusive, as they are made for different use cases. The great thing is that they’re quite shelf stable, 100% natural and healthy. No additives, no toxins, no bad conscience. If you have skin that is sensitive to cold weather, stock up on the Skin Remedy: cracked lips, dry patches, weather-induced eczema… If you want to do something for your health on a daily basis, the Daily Boost is for you: full of antioxidants, which help reduce free radicals. You can add a spoonful to your smoothie every day or put it in your breakfast in the morning. There are so many ways to incorporate it!”

What is your desert island product? Which product do you carry everywhere with you?

Viola: “I always have the Skin Remedy with me. It’s small and fits into every handbag or pocket. I have this in case of a skin outbreak or sudden tingle on the lips. The antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and wound-healing properties are amazing. Also, I always have one Inner Remedy sachet in my pocket. Little helper in need that never fails me.”

How has the brand evolved since its creation?

Viola: “We are learning about our customers all the time. How they use the product, what information they seek, and what they want to know more about. Since the launch we have worked on our messaging, making the purpose of the products clearer. After all, it is a new category merging beauty, health and wellness.”

How can we integrate your product into our skincare routine?

Viola: “The Skin Remedy can be used along with your current regimenIt’s a spot treatment that you apply punctually (e.g. on a pimple, dry patch, …).Think of it as an SOS remedy that helps heal your skin in a non-aggressive effective waythrough the antibacterial anti-inflammatory properties. The most common reason for pimples and outbreaks is excessive bacteria growth on the skin which inflames the pores, causing a blemish on our skin. The honey helps reduce bacteria growth, making the skin heal faster. It’s best to leave it on as long as possible, but it is of course honey (yes, it’s sticky!) and therefore best used punctually.
My tip: You can use the Daily Boost as a face mask. The natural crystals in the honey provide a nice exfoliation, leaving you with glowy smooth skin as a result.”

Do you plan to launch any other products to extend the line?

Viola: “Yes! So many product ideas! But I’ll keep them secret for now…”

Is there a particular kind of product that you would really like to create/make, but haven’t been able to yet? 

Viola: “There are so many ideas I have for future products because it’s such a versatile ingredient. Something for brides is on my mental roadmap for sure. Every one of my friends got a huge pimple or cold sore or flu or skin breakout in the days leading up to her big day, because of the stress. Having gotten married myself not long ago, I can attest to that!
But for now, everything revolves around educating our community on the benefits of manuka, our core mission, and increasing the awareness of its amazing benefits.”

How did you come up with the name of the brand, Mahoni? 

Viola: “Mahoni is a fictional word that plays on the words “manuka” and “honey”.”

What are some of the things that you take into consideration when creating new products? 

Viola: “What we love about manuka honey is the unique intersection of it being natural AND highly effective. The benefits of manuka honey are rooted in science. Any future product must be effective, it must work, and be easy to use.”

What can you advise consumers who want to make the most of their Mahoni products? 

Viola: “You can use the Daily Boost every day, do something good for yourself, your health and wellbeing. It’s full of antioxidants and natural. It’s also an amazing ingredient for your beauty rituals. Very versatile and a true allrounder!”

Thank you Viola for all this valuable information! Discover the Mahoni products in detail here.

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Jordanna's Spring Reset Routine
Hair Care

Jordanna’s Spring Routine

Etiket's holistic aesthetician shares her favourite tips and products for the upcoming season.

A change of season is upon us, and with that comes the need to adjust our skincare and wellness routine. 

We asked Jordanna Kavannat, Etiket’s holistic aesthetician and Tata Harper Spa Specialist, to tell us what this change of season means for her.

“Spring is a beautiful time to awaken your spirit and to make self-care through skincare a more sacred practice. In Chinese medicine, the term ‘shen’ means to glow or light from within. Below are my favourite tips and products to help your ‘shen’ shine brightly this spring!”, says Jordanna.


“I start my day with some kind of physical activity. Sweating and moving my body in the morning helps the flow of our lymphatic system and is a great way to release endorphins (happy vibes).”


A green smoothie with the Agent Nateur (Holi) Mane collagen is a great way to start the day with good nutrition. I find it helps me make better choices throughout the day.”


“The Lovefresh Vanilla Coffee Bar Soap gets rid of dead skin cells, helping regenerate your skin, and the coffee can help tighten skin and reduce cellulite. It’s like a morning cup of java!”

“I also love using the new Smoothing Body Brush from NUORI before my shower. Daily dry brushing of the body has been proven to boost microcirculation, stimulate the lymphatic system, and improve the removal of toxins”, adds Jordanna.

“My bath time routine includes Bathorium Charcoal Garden Detox Crush bath salts. Epsom salts + french sea salts relax your aching muscles. Wonderful for muscle tension”.


“Now that our winter hats are coming off, I use Rahua’s Founder’s Blend Hair and Scalp Treatment to treat the scalp first. I follow that with their Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner for beautiful healthy hair and finish off with the Leave-in Treatment Light to help with wash and wear. I love that Rahua products use refillable pouches!”


“As the winter layers gradually come off, I use Agent Nateur’s body (oil) to get ready for the warmer weather. I LOVE the smell of this product; it has caffeine and vitamin c, which gives noticeably great results.”


“For me, it’s always Tata Harper. I modify my skincare regimen depending on the condition of my skin and the temperature outside. The Regenerating Cleanser is great to exfoliate the skin from the cold winter weather; it’s all about regeneration!”

“The Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturizer is another favourite for daytime as it makes my skin radiate.”

“And finally, with our masks coming off, let’s talk lips! The ILIA Lip Wrap Reviving Balm is a luxurious daytime lip treatment. I’m obsessed!”


”My favourite treatment to detox the body, face and soul at this time of year is the Deluxe Detox Body Treatment & Facial from Tata Harper, it’s a stimulating and purifying treatment that will reawaken your senses.”

Deluxe Detox Body Treatment & Facial: 90 minutes

Visit to shop Jordanna’s routine, or visit us in the store!

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Discover Juliette from Juliette & Chocolat
In Conversation With

In Conversation with Juliette from Juliette & Chocolat

Our story with Juliette begins a few years ago, when we discovered her chocolate shop on Sainte-Catherine. We wanted to learn more about how Juliette & Chocolat came about and how Juliette juggles life as a successful business owner, mother, wife and friend.

Our story with Juliette begins a few years ago, when we discovered her chocolate shop on Sainte-Catherine, just a few blocks from Etiket boutique (we’re practically neighbours!). Our love for Juliette & Chocolat grew when we learned more about the woman behind the brand. 

In fact, Juliette & Chocolat was founded by a beautiful woman named… you guessed it, Juliette! All you need to do is follow her Instagram page to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how she runs her successful business with her husband and her 5 adorable kids. We wanted to learn more about how Juliette & Chocolat came about and how Juliette juggles life as a successful business owner, mother, wife and friend.

How did the idea of creating Juliette & Chocolat come to you?

I’m a foodie. Always have been, and I love to cook. Eating has always been one of my life’s greatest pleasures. I’ve always had a weakness for sweets. I can’t imagine ending a meal without a dessert, that just doesn’t make sense to me! When I go out to restaurants, I always start by asking for the dessert menu. Choosing my dessert first allows me to then choose my main course.

I got the idea of creating Juliette & Chocolat when I was at the end of my studies in Finance. At the time, I was looking for start-up ideas. Because I have such a sweet tooth, and because I wasn’t able to find any hot chocolate in Montreal like my grandmother used to make (!) the idea came to me to open a chocolate bar, similar to a coffee shop, but where one could sit and drink a hot chocolate. This idea then led to a menu filled with chocolate recipes, from hot chocolates and pastries to fondues and candies. I wanted Juliette & Chocolat to be a paradise for chocolate lovers. Finally, wanting there to be a French flare to the business, I added salty and sweet crepes to the menu.

With your own business and a family of five, how do you juggle it all and have time for yourself?

Hahahaha! I’m often asked this question. Honestly, it all comes down to being organized, while also being laid-back and taking life as it comes. Every hour of my week is organized, and I have “to-do lists” for every part of my life. I have a day planner that allows me to stay on top of everything. However, if at the end of the day, the house is a mess, the dirty dishes are still on the counter and the kids go to bed a little past their bedtime, I don’t lose sleep over it. I’d say that I also have an amazing support system in my personal and professional lives (even though the two overlap). I have friends and colleagues that are as invested in my business as I am and who want to see me succeed. I’m very blessed in that respect. 

How do you start the day? What is your morning routine?

My mornings are always chaotic: imagine a house of 7 people who all went to bed late the night before! I help the kids get ready for school, make sure I have my eye makeup on … it’s a little like a race against the clock, though we do manage to eat breakfast all together. No coffee for me, I have enough energy as it is! Instead, I make a healthy, vitamin-filled smoothie for us all to drink before heading out the door!

I then drop the kids off at school. Making sure everyone gets to school on time, with their schoolbooks, lunch and PE clothes is a challenge… it’s like a little victory every morning.

What does your everyday beauty routine look like?

Morning: My routine is remarkably simple. I hydrate my skin with a cream I have on hand (I’m lucky enough to receive beauty products as gifts, so I switch them up a lot).

Night: My nighttime routine is also simple. I wash my face with cold water and a gentle cleanser. Right now I’m using the Peoni Cleanser from JB Skin Savvi. After that, I hydrate my skin with the Peoni Oil from JB Skin Savvi. 

Do you do something special to take care of your skin?

Once or twice a week I will deep clean my skin with a Clarisonic brush. Besides that, I hydrate my face and body every night.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

Happy people are beautiful, be happy!

Who is your beauty inspiration?

Audrey Hepburn

What does your makeup routine look like?

I apply makeup everyday but I keep it simple. I apply a kohl liner that I bought at a souk in Damas when I lived there. It’s a black liner that stays put all day. I love it! After that, I apply a few layers of mascara. From time to time, I add a neutral eyeshadow and a pop of blush to the cheeks.

What beauty products can we always find in your handbag?

Hahahaha, I have more toys in my purse to keep my kids entertained than I do beauty products. I always have a lip balm (does that count?). Sometimes, I’ll have a lipstick in my purse for touch ups throughout the day. 

What’s your signature fragrance?

I’m a huge fan of Angel by Thierry Mugler. It’s a sweet, candy scent and so enticing to me. I have no idea how I found it, but I can recognize it anywhere!

What do you do to unwind at the end of a busy day?

I play with my kids, I read, I cook, I watch movies with my family, I never run out of ways to unwind at the end of the day. I always find time to relax and to ground myself. It’s the key to not burning out!

Finally, what’s your guilty pleasure?

A good meal with a delicious dessert at the end.

Follow Juliette on Instagram at  @juliettechoco or her business,  Juliette & Chocolat @juliette_chocolat

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