Our Top 5 Minimalist Scents for Summer

Yes, Summer is officially here! Breezy scents to amplify sun and skin.

We don’t know about you, but we think warmer weather demands simpler pleasures. When the sun is out, we want a streamlined, refreshing fragrance that enhances our skin without dominating. But simple and light doesn’t have to mean basic and boring!

Read on to discover our picks for minimalist fragrances to keep you breezily, but beautifully, scented this summertime.

Escentric Molecules

Bright, happy, Mediterranean air, held to the skin with the abstract fluffy radiance of the classic aroma molecule Cashmeran. Like an ozone layer of cerulean blue, this fragrance is fascinating enough to get lost in but easy enough to spray it on and lose yourself in summer.
D.S. & Durga

A summer scent of a different sort – a lifelike, creamy, refreshing sandalwood glowing with afternoon warmth and magnetic simplicity. A perfume with the frank, hypnotic quality of a world-class essential oil, with a subliminal hint of lakeside beach day from its “coconut musc”, balsam fir and ambergris drydown.
Matiere Premiere

This light beam of Italian citron oil is sparkling citrus perfection. Matiere Premiere’s fragrances are 85-92% natural, and each build streamlined colour fields of scent around a single world-class raw material. Even their bottles are a minimalist’s dream!
Parfum d’Empire

A smooth, soothing aura of clean earth carrying the dulcet tones of freshly crushed Corsican grape skins. Not sweet, juicy, or sticky in the slightest, this one-of-a-kind atmospheric scent bottles the cool shade of rustic French cellars and the precious aromas of its sun-ripened bounty aging in oak. 

A crowd-pleasing beauty whose deceptive simplicity hides a canny nod to naive romance, this fragrance has the skills to get noticed and leverage the power of pretty.
Heeley Parfums

Perfumer James Heeley is the king of chic minimalism. While his brand is full of breezy, quietly romantic masterpieces, this might be his most iconic. Sea water on skin, distilled simply with photographic detail, botanical vibrancy and the transparency of clean water. Often imitated, rarely equalled.
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Meet our Fragrance Class of 2024!

The scents most likely to...

t’s the season when many of our promising young people graduate to the next phase of their lives. To mark the hopeful occasion, many high school students take a vote, playfully predicting the future of their classmates. The results are published in the classic yearbook section “Most Likely To…”.

To celebrate the end of Grad Season, we made our own list of notable members of the Fragrance Class of 2024. These scents have made a big impression since last fall, and we think they have a bright future ahead. If you have a fragrance-loving grad in your life, they also might make the perfect gift!

Most Likely To… Get A Nobel Prize

Jorum Studio

Complex, a bit brooding, and with enough layers to inspire a PhD dissertation, this fragrance contains multitudes. Leveraging deep botanical knowledge to tell a universal story full of intrigue and pathos, ASKR balances science, art, and the spark of genius. 

Most Likley To… Run the Country

Parfums de Marly

Charming, self-assured, and inspiring, this is a fragrance to believe in. Riding in on hopeful grapefruit energy and campaigning on a rock-solid platform of progressive vetiver, wearing this landmark scent just might help you change the world.

Most Likely To… Be a Celebrity Chef

D.S. & Durga

When most students were still making boxed mac n’ cheese, Pistachio was nailing the finer details of French patisserie. A blockbuster bake both balanced and indulgent, this fragrance is the kind of tempting treat empires are built on. 

Most Likley To… Win a Beauty Pageant

Marc-Antoine Barrois

A crowd-pleasing beauty whose deceptive simplicity hides a canny nod to naive romance, this fragrance has the skills to get noticed and leverage the power of pretty.

Class Valedictorian

Maison Crivelli

Likeable, well-rounded and always going the extra mile, this bold, well-made fragrance is sweet, magnetic and intelligent. Part of Maison Crivelli’s debut collection, it started strong and persevered. Hard work pays off!
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Gift Giving

What the Etiket Team is Gifting for Mother’s Day

Some of our team members share their top Mother's Day picks!

As you probably know by now, Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Do you know what you’re getting your mom? To help conjure up some inspiration, we’ve asked our team to share what they’ll be gifting their mom this Mother’s Day. Here are a few of their suggestions.

No one lights up a room quite like Jill, so a pop of pink on the lip is the perfect gift. Tata Harper’s lip creme in Bubbly is chic, bright, and luxurious. Just like you Mum!
JULES, Makeup Coordinator, Etiket Toronto
“Just like this fragrance, my mom has always been warm, inviting, sweet and bubbly. Not to mention, fragrance has been something special we’ve bonded over since I was a little girl!”
KYLA, Makeup Specialist, Etiket Toronto
“I’ve decided to gift my mom this scent because it reminds me of her favourite lemon ginger tea. We’re going to Curaçao to celebrate Mother’s Day so a fresh tropical scent is perfect for the occasion.”
JESSE, Fragrance Specialist, Etiket Toronto
“My mom believed the first thing people noticed about you is your smile, and she loved to smile! She also loved a long-lasting lip gloss, just like Wonderblush’s lip oil in geranium (which is also her favourite flower).”
ANNE MARIE, Boutique & Spa Director, Etiket Toronto
“I’d say practicality is my mom’s last name! She loves small and easy-to-use products, so a little palette like the RMS Lip2Cheek has everything that she needs for a pop of colour in her makeup!”
LUIZA, Makeup Specialist, Etiket Toronto
“My mom’s beauty routine isn’t complete without her lipstick! The ILIA Color Block Lipstick in Rosette is the perfect soft burgundy for her fair complexion, blue eyes and silver hair.”
MEREDITH, Skincare Specialist, Etiket Toronto
“After smelling this alluring scent, it reminded me so much of my Mom and the aura she projects. It really feels like a big hug from her. Growing up a Mama’s boy, I would always witness her wanting to smell the most unique fragrances and she always wore scents that were fruity, bold and captivating. Opus Kore is a scent that I find embodies the core of who my Mom is.”
ALLAN, Fragrance Coordinator, Etiket Toronto
“For as long as I can remember, my mother has used a body moisturizer every day after showering, and almost every year on Mother’s Day, I gift her one. She likes the creamy versions, which moisturize deeply but are quickly absorbed. This year, I’ll be introducing her to Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Body Cream. I’m sure she’ll love it!”
KARINE, Marketing Director, Etiket HQ, Montreal
“When I think of my mother, I dream of her love of tea and floral, slightly powdery fragrances. Inlé is a cloud of osmanthus and mate, comforting and delicate like my mother. One of the first fragrances I recommended to her, and one of her favourites!”
MARIANNE, Fragrance Coordinator, Etiket Montreal
“I love this body cream, it’s so moisturizing, comfortable on the body and 100% natural. Plus with the refreshing scent of grapefruit and cucumber, it’s perfect for spring and summer!”
VERONICA, Head Makeup Artist, Etiket Montreal
“A perfect gift for moms who love skincare and that will complement their skincare routine, this red light therapy LED mask boosts collagen for smoother, plumper skin.”
MARION, Aesthetician, Etiket Montreal

Shop these products online or stop by one of our boutiques! Still unsure about what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? Discover our Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

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In Conversation With

Towards a Virtuous Perfumery

Marc-Antoine Barrois on his house values.

Marc-Antoine Barrois doesn’t just create beautiful perfumes. He is also reinventing the standard of safety and sustainability in the fragrance industry. We’re highlighting his efforts to make your favourite scents more “virtuous”.

My name is Marc-Antoine Barrois, I’m a couturier and artistic director of the eponymous brand I created fifteen years ago. I had discovered Haute Couture while working for two years alongside Dominique Sirop, who had himself worked with Monsieur Saint Laurent, and above all for years with Hubert de Givenchy. I continued my apprenticeship at Hermès with Jean-Paul Gaultier, where I experienced luxury ready-to- wear, then at Jitrois, where I designed for men for the first time. In 2009, at the age of 25, I decided to create my own men’s fashion house, with the aim of rediscovering the traditional fundamentals of Haute Couture: service, quality, and creativity.

It was only a few years later, in 2013, that my ecological conscience was awakened. The trigger was quite precise. I remember seeing this report on the disappearance of insects in France. In 30 years, insect populations had declined by 80%. The report talked about the windshields that are now rarely marred by an insect after hundreds of kilometers on the freeway, whereas I remembered that as a child my brothers and sisters and I were responsible for cleaning up the thousands of flies, mosquitoes and other insects crushed on the bodywork after every journey. We were no longer talking about a mass extinction in the distant past, but about a recent extinction, which had taken place over the last 30 years, and which I had unconsciously witnessed …

I suddenly felt fully responsible. Not for having killed billions of insects, but for not having realized earlier that, as I was growing up, with my head held high by my studies and then my professional life, I was endorsing a change in the world for the worse, when we aspire to the better.

I began to question my own actions, and began to revise my copy with more modesty, aware of the importance of consuming less and better. In my private life, I’ve converted to all-organic and bulk products, I’ve started taking the bike or public transport again whenever possible, and I’m trying my hand at permaculture in our garden. At work, I’ve started to emphasize that my creations are sewn in Paris with fabrics that haven’t crossed the planet, and that it’s more ecological to buy a few well-made garments than to constantly buy cheap (or not) fashions that are renewed every season.

So when after the unexpected success of B683, the first fragrance I created with the perfumer Quentin Bisch, we started thinking about a second fragrance and sustaining this creative activity parallel to couture, I wanted to go back to the drawing board, questioning every step of the process so that it was in line with my convictions.

Everything was already manufactured locally, from the packaging to the filling, but there were still many areas for improvement. We began by including in the specifications for our new fragrance that it would be stable without preservatives or UV filters, the former all being considered likely endocrine disruptors. Ganymede then successfully passed all crash tests without these additives, and we launched the process of reformulating B683 to remove these same preservatives usually added systematically. It was now 2019, and I felt like a pioneer in respectful perfumery at a time when so many consumers were sensitive to «green beauty».

Since then, I’ve pursued the change towards an economic model that’s as virtuous as possible. We have our shipping cartons and grouping crates made by an ESAT (stands for “Établissement et Service d’Aide par le Travail” – meaning Help through Work Establishment and Service) in Paris ‘area, where our perfume boxes are now made with cardboard padding, thus doing away with the plastic velvet flocked foam that is not recyclable. In addition to being reusable, since the boxes are sized so that postcards or folded A4 sheets can fit inside, our packaging is now entirely recyclable.

We have replaced cellophane with a self- adhesive hologram label that guarantees the authenticity of our products, without the use of plastic. Similarly, we recycle as much as possible of our cushioning products, so that every day, when we send out a perfume, this last step does not create future waste but, on the contrary, reduces our ecological footprint. Finally, we have a refilling solution for our glass bottles.

Today, I’m proud to be taking part in my own “humble” way in a world I believe to be a better place. By showing that this is possible while being viable and sustainable, I hope to invite others to also question their ways of working, producing, and consuming on a daily basis.

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Etiket Team Favourites

From skincare and hair care to makeup and fragrance, let's delve into some of our team's current favourites, shall we?

In honour of Valentine’s Day, we asked some of our team members to share the Etiket products that captured their hearts! From skincare and hair care to makeup and fragrance, let’s delve into some of their current favourites, shall we?

Holistic Aesthetician / Etiket Montreal

All Purpose Skin Cream by Egyptian Magic
It’s amazing for hydration, creating a stronger barrier, healing and leaving your skin looking dewy.

Vitamin-Infused Cream Blush by Tata Harper
A natural look that is good for the skin and gives a nice boost to a dull winter complexion.

Leave-In Treatment by Rahua
I love how this nourishes the hair helping any split or dry ends recover.

Delina La Rosée EDP by Parfums de Marly
Classy, feminine and anticipating spring.

Aesthetician / Etiket Montreal

Moisturizing Lip Butter in Pink Petal by Huna

To keep my lips hydrated all day long, I love reaching for this lip butter with skin-nourishing ingredients.

La Laque Tinted Lip Oil by Wonderblush

I love this tinted lip oil as it provides shine without stickiness – it feels great on my lips!

Elixir by Viviscal Pro

This is such a great addition to my haircare routine to promote thicker-looking hair.

Sunset Hour EDP by Goldfield & Banks

It smells like summer!

Beauty & Fragrance Advisor / Etiket Montreal

The Base Face Milk by ILIA

It is so light yet so hydrating and a great primer before applying makeup. It gives the most dewy and glowy look!

Lip2Cheek in Modest by RMS Beauty

It is so easy to blend, gives the most natural flush and is the perfect addition to an everyday makeup look!

Spiritualized Dry Shampoo by R+CO

I have never seen a product like this that refreshes hair without the heavy powdery feeling from usual dry shampoos. It adds volume and dimension back into my hair!

Casamorati Dama Bianca EDP by Xerjoff +
Molecule 01 + Black Tea EDT by Escentric Molecules

I have been loving Xerjoff’s Casamorati Dama Bianca layered with Escentric Molecules’ Molecule 01 + Black Tea. It has the perfect combination of sweet and fresh and is a recommendation I got from Emma, our fragrance specialist, to layer them! So gorgeous.

Aesthetician / Etiket Montreal

Super Anti-Aging Face Cream by Dr. Barbara Sturm

This absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves the skin looking fresh, youthful and radiant.

Cream Stay Eye Shadow Stick in Keepsake by Glo Skin Beauty

This cool-toned bronze with a metallic finish looks stunning as an all-over lid colour.

Intensive Hair Oil by Sachajuan

This nourishing oil repairs while adding shine. My hair absorbs it weightlessly without leaving residue.

Baccarat Rouge 540 EDP by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

A cult classic, I can vouch for its lovely, lingering scent that will get you compliments.

Customer Experience Coordinator / Etiket Headquarters, Montreal

Gut Glow by Bend Beauty

Without going into details, when the digestive tract is healthy, the skin glows!

Lip Karma in Chai by Sahajan + Le Fard Blush in Framboise by Wonderblush

This Lip Karma keeps my lips hydrated and the taste is delectable, like my fave drink! I have also been loving Le Fard Blush, specifically in the shade Framboise by Wonderblush. It is long-lasting, and a little goes a long way.

Cool Wind Perfect Air-Dry Crème by R+CO

This styling creme has a lightweight texture and feel, perfect for my fine hair. No blow-drying needed!

Au Chalet Candle by Etiket

I love lighting this candle after work. It feels so cozy and relaxing.

Boutique & Spa Director / Etiket Toronto

GrenzCine Serum by Vivier

This has been a game-changer in my routine! It has added so much plumpness to my skin and helped heal residual effects from a recent bout of atopic dermatitis.

Limitless Lash Mascara by ILIA

Most mascaras make my eyes water or they do not lengthen and volumize my very sparse lashes. This mascara has fixed all of that and the wand gets every lash.

I Don’t Know What by D.S. & Durga

Fun name and a conversation starter. Warm but not heavy, fresh but not zesty, and I get so many compliments on it.

Marketing Director / Etiket Headquarters, Montreal

The Rich Cream by Augustinus Bader

This is the cream I’ve been reaching for this winter. It keeps my skin soothed and moisturized, without leaving it oily.

Total Eye 3-in-1 Renewal Care

This product acts as a skincare product and as a corrector for both the complexion and dark circles. A tiny amount is enough to neutralize the colour of dark circles and facial imperfections.

Biorepair Scalp & Hair Therapy Kit by Colorproof

When I was first introduced to Colorproof’s Biorepair collection, I was rather skeptical. After several months of use, I’m convinced of its effectiveness. The 3 products (and the brush) work in synergy to establish a healthy scalp and follicles, revealing thicker, fuller hair overtime.

Beauty & Fragrance Advisor / Etiket Montreal

Derma-V by Vivier

The perfect soothing night cream to recover from retinol and acids during winter time, and it also prevents flaky dry skin! 

Le Hâle Bronzing Powder | Soleil by Wonderblush

It creates the perfect faux sunkissed look without the skin damage… always wear your SPF!

The Leave-In Hair Treatment by Augustinus Bader

It repairs and tames frizziness for a smooth look! 

Molecule 01 + Guaiac Wood EDT & Molecule 01 + Patchouli EDT by Escentric Molecules

I’ve been receiving so many compliments from this mix! Getting stopped everywhere for compliments. The perfect duo to make an impression on your Valentine!

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A Scented Valentine

Our picks for easy fragrant gifts.

Scent is our most intimate sense. But even for the most romantic among us, a full bottle of perfume can be a big commitment. A cheeky gift of scented something still says you care, but lets your partner keep their signature rituals; independent but interconnected. 

Here are some of our favourite sensual scented gifts. 


Originally conceived as a limited edition candle for Valentine’s Day, it quickly became a staff and client favourite. Moving beyond the obvious Hallmark images of roses or chocolate, it was formulated around a luscious gardenia accord, exuding a grown-up, refined sensuality. Touches of cherry and spice add an irreverent wink. Burn to turn up the heat.
Maison Francis Kurkdjian

For an extra-luxurious Valentine’s gesture, snap up one of the last few boxes of this recent holiday exclusive from Maison Francis Kurkdjian. The iconic scent of Baccarat Rouge is seductive enough, but the skin-loving oil format and addition of a subtle golden sparkle gives the scent an even more intimate feel.
Libertine Fragrance

Sometimes scent doesn’t have to be complicated – it can just be joyful. Canadian cult perfumery Libertine conceived Lucky Days as easy-to-love and easy-to-wear; it’s a dose of love-drunk optimism you can spray on on wherever, whenever. An orange blossom perfume may sound feminine to some, but this would smell amazing on any gender.

Floral notes are hard to capture, and perfume often falls short of the dazzling, natural scent of the real thing. But while flowers fade and start to clutter up the counter, this room spray offers near-endless bouquets. A dazzling distillation of real-life roses, this scent is bold, romantic, and beautifully botanical.
D.S. & Durga

This skin-enhancing perfume potion is almost always one of our number one gift recommendations. The minimalist formula is designed to boost any fragrance, including your partner’s favourite, but it also works to turn their natural scent into a perfume in its own right. The moisturizing formula is lovely to apply, and anchors any scented oil to the skin. It’s the perfect subtly romantic gesture.
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Sexiest Fragrances

We picked some of our sexiest fragrances, separated by classically masculine, feminine or unisex, that we think would fit each mode of seduction.

There are many paths to seduction – and sometimes, less is more. Other times, more is more. It all depends on whether you like to make a splash, share a wink, or let them come to you. 

We picked some of our sexiest fragrances, separated by classically masculine, feminine or unisex, that we think would fit each mode of seduction. Pick your style and read on.

3 Sexiest Feminine Fragrances

Effortless: Dear Polly

Transparent black tea and amber.
Deline la Rosée - PARUMS DE MARLY
Flirty: Delina La Rosée

Fresh orchard fruit and transparent flowers. 
Come hither: Arabesque

Electric resins and ravishing rose.

3 Sexiest Masculine Fragrances

Subliminal energy: Molecule 01 + Guaiac Wood

A second skin of whisky barrel wood.
Getting noticed: Arborist

A lumberjack in an enchanted forest. 
Up for a good time: Ege

A blast of gold-plated maritime freshness.

3 Sexiest Unisex Fragrances

A touch of magic: Peau

A mysterious dance of molecular musk.
Come hither: Plum in Cognac

A cuddle of sweetness and spice.
Total eclipse of the heart: Night Flower

Spellbindingly smooth suede and tonka bean.
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The Red Edit: A Classic Colour Here To Stay in 2024

There's nothing like red to transform a simple look into a sophisticated one.

Red is the colour of the season. It’s featured everywhere: in beauty magazines as a pop of colour, or worn as part of an outfit to make a fashionable statement.

Although it was voted the “trending” colour of winter 2024 (it’s on every runway, and trends where red takes center stage continue to multiply all over social), the bold hue remains a classic for us. It has stood the test of time, and red will always be red. It’s both timeless and feminine, and let’s face it, there’s nothing like red to transform a simple look into a sophisticated one.

We use it judiciously, on our cheeks for a fresh complexion that looks naturally flushed from the cold; on our lips, in a translucent or completely opaque formula, depending on the desired effect; and on our nails, in a vibrant shade, for a classic, feminine look. 

Do you love red? Have you embraced it, and if so, how do you like to wear it?

Discover The Red Edit HERE.

Multi-Stick | Dear Ruby

A poppy red that adds a buildable wash of colour for cheeks and lips. No tools required: simply swipe and blend for skin that looks and feels alive.
ReDimension Hydra Powder Blush | Pomegranate Fizz

A sunny, effervescent red-pink that melts into the skin, creating a silky smooth, luminous finish. Using a powder blush brush, apply to the apples of cheeks, and build for a more dramatic flush.
Color Block High Impact Lipstick | Flame

A fire red with warm undertones offering a smooth, creamy finish that is long-wearing and truly hydrating. Provides full coverage in just one swipe.
Le Fard Blush | Framboise

A super soft matte plum berry powder blush crafted to work with your skin to create a healthy glow.
Nail Polish – Montmartre

A classic, cool-toned red nail polish made in France with the greatest care, using a vegan formula.
Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum

This extrait de parfum embodies the profusion and fusion of elements that can only be tamed by the art of the perfumer and the wisdom gained with time. Adding to the intensity of the extrait, the perfume bottle also plays with light. Its aesthetic dons a brilliant red robe reminiscent of Baccarat red. 
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Our Favourite New Fragrance Releases of 2023

Discover our most-loved fragrance launches of the past year.

In some ways, the world of fragrance continues to be dominated by desserts. Creamy, luscious gourmands chock full of vanilla are perhaps the biggest trend of the year. But even in this space, there’s still room for uniqueness — take A Whiff of Wafflecone from Imaginary Authors. As sweet, indulgent, and diffusive as you’d ever want, it also features a surprising current of gourmet smokiness, evoking the hot caramelizing sizzle of the waffle iron. 

And there was plenty to discover beyond the invitation to revisit sugar-crazed suburban childhoods. From exciting florals to casually innovative reinventions of wood and warmth, here are some of our other favourite fragrance new releases from 2023.

Trend: Sunny Florals

Solaris EDP

A delicious tropical dream, with amber and vanilla poured over piles of abstracted white flowers. Fans of Soleil Blanc have found their new level-up.
Neroli Nasimba EDP

A dazzling laser beam of orange blossom refreshment, textured with pink pepper and a translucent current of leather and vetiver.
Sol Salgado Parfum Extrait

A glittering dreamscape of honeyed linden and mimosa. It sparkles with salt crystals and dances weightless on the skin; a warm psychedelic sea breeze. 

Trend: Sandalwood Reimagined

Sous le Pont Mirabeau

A virtual reality scent experience, transporting you to an old wooden bridge over a gently flowing river. Fades to a sheer, urban-fountain sandalwood.
Island Lush EDP

Two kinds of sandalwood mingle with airy spices and creamy resins in a sumptuous tropical slipstream. Effortless, sexy, symphonic — you have to smell it for yourself!

Trend: Contemporary Warmth

Arabesque EDP

A weightless, ultramodern oud lit through with pepper, saffron and moss. A gorgeous new take on a classic smoky floral; we’ve never smelled a version quite this easy or electric.
Lineage EDP

Somehow, this luxurious fragrance takes heaps of luxurious Omani frankincense resin and makes it nostalgic, breezy, even playful. Five star vacation in a bottle.
Harvest Mouse Extrait de Parfum

We are living in the age of vanilla. Zoologist found a way to enliven the genre with rustic farmhouse textures of chamomile, hay, and, yes, beer extract. Unique, wearable and surprisingly soothing. 

Trend: Fragrance as Function

Pasta Water Candle

One of the most original ideas to come along in this, or any other year, this candle certainly divides opinion. But for those who love it, its silky, soothing, slightly salty scent adds a strangely addictive touch to a room. It’s also the rare scented candle that can add glowing ambiance without competing with the savoury aromas of a meal.

Molecule Travel Set

Not just a collection of trial sizes — this set is a mini perfume lab in a box. Each of the five Molecule-series fragrances are a single base note in alcohol, which means you can wear them alone, in combination with each other, or as magical enhancements under any other scent. Because of their simplicity, it’s hard to go wrong with almost any mix and match, making this kit a source of endless scent experimentation.
Aqua Universalis Universal Fabric Softener

Famed perfumer Francis Kurkdjian conceived the Aqua Universalis fragrance as more than just a perfume: it’s a lifestyle-in-a-bottle. Now, adding this invisible touch of olfactory elegance to your life is as easy as doing the laundry. This fabric softener is top-shelf garment care and a clever way to add an extra gleaming layer to your personal scentscape — in a fragrance that smells a bit like a flower-shop-meets-ultra-luxe-laundromat.
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Best-Selling Fragrances of 2023

Discover the most popular fragrances at Etiket in 2023!

Curious about which fragrances our clients were loving most in 2023? Below, you’ll find a ranking of some client favourites by units sold. And while the most popular scents aren’t necessarily the perfect ones for everyone, we can certainly understand why these ten have captured the imagination of fragrance lovers across Canada. 

Top 10 Fragrance Best-Sellers

1 – Molecule 01 EDT

Subliminal cedar scent magic. Use alone or layered under anything.
2 – Ganymede EDP

A supernova of hypermodern suede, saffron and osmanthus.
3 – Baccarat Rouge 540 EDP

The indulgent, dazzling, jasmine and ambergris icon.
4 – Escapade Gourmande Extrait de Parfum

Pillows of rich vanilla and white musk. Currently out of stock until February 2024 due to overwhelming demand. Sign up for notifications on the product page and be the first to know when it returns.
5 – Tihota EDP

The original vanilla masterpiece, created by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian.
6 – Hibiscus Mahajad Extrait de Parfum

A glowing jewel of tart hibiscus and opulent, silky ambrette seed. 
7 – Delina Exclusif Extrait de Parfum

A delightfully decadent rose garden wonderland.
8 – Love & Crime EDP

A cult-favourite cake scent, lightly spiced and beautifully balanced.
9 – Poets of Berlin EDP

Delicious swirls of blueberry-vanilla stained glass.
10 – Levant EDP

A juicy floral-sweet symphony, colourful and content.
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