12 Years of Etiket

We are grateful to everyone that has helped to make Etiket what it is today.

It was exactly 12 years ago today that Etiket opened its doors on Sherbrooke Street in Montreal. We are grateful to everyone that has helped to make Etiket what it is today.

We are very excited about what the next year will bring, including the opening of our Etiket boutique and spa in Toronto!

To all our loyal clients and friends, every day we remember what a privilege it is to be part of your life. We thank you.

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We asked our team members to reveal their 12 favourite products: the ones they always use up and restock, or the ones that follow them wherever they go. Discover what some of them shared below!

Shop the Etiket Team Favourites here.

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10 Powerhouse Fragrances for Winter Weather

Ten fragrances we love, each more smoldering, simmering, sizzling and scintillating than the last.

Winter may be dark, but the gloom has its upsides. The crisp chill in the air is the perfect (and sometimes only) backdrop for the richest, boldest fragrances one dares to wear. Smoky tones cut beautifully through the cold while remaining balanced on the skin. Sweet notes feel cuddly and luscious, and rarely overwhelming. If the weather demands a warm outfit, we think it can also demand a warm perfume. 

We came up with a list of ten fragrances we love, each more smoldering, simmering, sizzling and scintillating than the last. Each are powerhouses of scent, which should project uncompromising visions of texture and shadow, hour after hour into the night. 

Browse our selection below, or grab our Winter Powerhouses Sample Pack to take an intrepid voyage through them all.

Arquiste – Anima Dulcis
Unctuous, velvety Mayan-spiced hot chocolate in a bottle. 
Amouage – Reflection 45
Rich herbal woods, refined and gleaming like liquid silver silk. 
Hiram Green – Arbolé
A thick pillow of all-natural sandalwood, vanilla and tonka bean.  
Imaginary Authors – The Cobra & The Canary
A sexy sizzle of leather, tobacco, and steaming asphalt.  
INITIO Parfums Privés – Psychedelic Love 
Rose & resins drenched in narcotic sweetness and seduction. 
Nishane – Pachuli Kozha
A luscious spiced honey drizzle over polished golden patchouli. 
Parfum d’Empire – Aziyadé
Juicy, sensual fruit notes vibrate with unabashedly erotic spices and musk. 
Tauer – Incense Rosé
A mysterious voyage through frankincense shadows, wild rose and smoldering myrrh.
Thomas de Monaco – Fuego Futuro
A rustic, textured shamanic spell of smoked sage, hay, cedar and ash. 
Zoologist – Squid
A seaside ghost story of sea salt, otherworldly incense, and ambergris. 
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Gift Giving

Favourite Fragrance Gifts for Every Room

Our curated list of scents perfect for any room in the house. 

It was Coco Chanel who once said: “no elegance is possible without perfume.” Of course, she was referring to the romance of wearing perfume on the skin, but we think the same is true of any room in your house. A home scent is the oft-overlooked finishing touch for any room, helping it accrue familiarity, comfort, freshness, and, yes, an invisible elegance. 

A home scent is also a way to gift fragrance without the tricky business of skin chemistry. Giving a perfume as a gift can sometimes require an intimate knowledge of the recipient, but a home scent can be enjoyed on its own, in the receiver’s own time and space. In short — a home scent is the perfect gift for any fragrance lover!

We’ve unpacked some favourites from Etiket’s extensive home fragrance selection, and curated a list of scents perfect for any room in the house. 

For the Study

In the quiet of a study or home office, we prefer rich, grounding, contemplative scents. Paul Smith’s Bookworm diffuser perfectly captures the indescribable comfort of a library filled with old books, as the fiery colour of its transparent glass vessel enhances warm, wooden shades in the room’s decor. 

Want to go bolder? Indulge in crackling firewood magically softened with vanilla bean in our own house-made Au Chalet candle, or fall down a literary rabbit hole with Imaginary Authors’ Cape Heartache candle, which imagines a rugged Pacific coastal forest filled with coniferous needles and brightened by tangles of wild strawberries. 

Coincidentally, the Strawberry candle by Malin + Goetz also plays up the botanical, green side of the familiar berry. Offering a lighter, but no less comforting, option for this room, it blends the garden-picked, barely-ripe fruit with sparkling pink pepper, fluffy orris root, and cozy musk. 

For the Kitchen

This room can often serve as a chaotic olfactory battleground, so we think any kitchen scent must either go with the flow or cut through the noise. Arquiste’s poetic Sobremesa candle uniquely captures an afternoon digestif around a table in Mexico City, with starched table linens, desert herbs like sage and rosemary, and the wood of the table itself; all scents perfectly at home in any kitchen. Similarly, the Pasta Water candle by D.S. & Durga began as a commission for an upscale Italian restaurant in New York City. One of our most unique gifts, it echoes the warm, salty-sweet glow of pasta steam, allowing it to complement, not contradict, the food. 

Other times, kitchens need to be freshened up after a meal. For a steady beam of scented sunlight, the Daydreamer diffuser by Paul Smith smells just as bright and joyful as it looks, diffusing kitchen-friendly notes of verbena and lavender. For maximum potency, a spritz of the Aramara room spray from Culti Milano electrifies the room with lifelike bitter orange. It also comes in a special edition orange coloured diffuser

For the Living Room

Here, we can get a little creative, and set the scene with colourful accents that add fun and style. Created for the St. Regis hotel group, Arquiste’s Caroline’s Four Hundred room spray has bottled a breathtaking bouquet of American beauty roses, piled high with various dewy blossoms for a Gilded Age Society gala. Far from old-fashioned, the scent is refreshingly botanical and unbelievably luxurious. 

For a more humble pleasure, Culti Milano’s Ficum Blu diffuser is a joyful kaleidoscope of juicy fig. Families with children will also love the playful Fraise & Rhubarbe candle from Montreal locals T. Lees, with its addictively jammy fragrance. 

Opting for the warmer side of botanicals, Paul Smith’s Botanist diffuser adds a sophisticated base note of real earthy vetiver to the room, along with a stylish colour story to boot. Even richer is the Bread in Chestnut candle by Scents of Wood — mingling the intoxicating aroma of toasted grains with creamy tonka and sandalwood. 

For those who take their interior design very seriously, Italian atelier Fornasetti offers museum-quality pieces that smell as refined as they look. We love the Peccato Originale collection, scented with mediterranean florals and rosewood, which feature a whimsical design reinterpreting the Garden of Eden. Available in a variety of sculptural shapes, including the iconic Se Poi candle, Fornasetti home scents blend form and function, becoming veritable art objects for the home. 

For the Bathroom

Clean and relaxing are the goals here. For an ambient scentscape of soothing Japanese green tea, Culti Milano’s Thé diffuser is the perfect everyday companion. And for an on-demand burst of seaside freshness, the Mareminerale room spray is a bold blast of cooling ocean mist. 

For a full-blown spa night, we created our own playfully titled Laisse-Moi Tranquille candle (“Leave Me Alone” in French). With fresh sage, citrus, and squeaky clean amber, it’s the perfect scent to help you tune out and recharge. 

Because bathrooms are often smaller spaces, we find smaller votive candles are the perfect size for this room. The Cannabis Votive candle by Malin + Goetz doesn’t smell like someone’s been sneaking a smoke — instead, it cleverly blends citrus, spices and green-earthy notes into a fresh botanical landscape. And for a bit more to choose from, the adorable Home Hooplas Votive Candle Trio set by Penhaligon’s contains three refined, intriguing fragrances in a gorgeous wooden chest. Inside, find miniature versions of the tropical floral Comoros Pearl and green-fruity Roanoke Ivy, both lovely touches for any bathroom.

For the Bedroom

Bedrooms are sanctified spaces that beg for refinement and comfort. But that doesn’t mean a bedroom scent has to be basic. Take the whimsical but deeply soothing No. 4 Candle by inventive French house Marc-Antoine Barrois. Imagining the favourite snack of their London boutique’s mascot — a large sculpture of a blue rabbit, à la Alice & Wonderland — it blends velvety carrot seed and lush lavender into a soothing hug of scent. And speaking of lavender, we love using the Wild Brooklyn Lavender Auto Scent by D.S. & Durga as a contemporary twist on the old-school lavender bud sachet. Tuck into a drawer to delicately scent fabric or linens. 

Maison Francis Kurkdjian candles make for sophisticated accents to any bedroom. Their Limoges ceramic vessels and seamless, sumptuous scents create an atmosphere of easy luxury. We love the intoxicating, smoky-sweet Oud Satin Mood candle as an opulent bedside indulgence, and their limited edition Rose des Neiges candle for the olfactory equivalent of sprinkling fresh rose petals on your pillow. 

If a bedroom scent needs a touch of sensuality, our house-made Mon Amour candle is a staff favourite. The fragrance is a dance of voluptuous gardenia and purring musk, with just a cheeky hint of spiced cherry. Just be sure you gift it to the right person. 

For the Holidays

There are those of us for whom the winter season demands maximum festive cheer, and whether we realize it or not, smell is a significant part of classic holiday memories. Luckily, we have a wide variety of candles offering the perfect, giftable dose of holiday scent. 

Two Montreal brands produce perfect renditions of the classic Christmas candle. The Rudolph candle from Ruby Brown comes emblazoned with a contemporary antler design, and T. Lees adds a fruity twist to their holiday candle Evergreen & Champagne

Other candles add additional layers of atmosphere, riffing on the Christmas tree tradition. Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Mon Beau Sapin is a beloved favourite, adding snowy sparkle and resinous depth to the winter wonderland. For the more irreverent of Christmas die-hards, the Portable Xmas Tree candle from D.S. & Durga adds a whole forest of evergreens and a dose of warming spice to the mix. Even more uniquely, the brand also offers a Chanukah in the Desert candle. Rustic notes of cypress and juniper float over glowing resins and spice, forming a unique alternative for holiday warmth, no matter how you celebrate. 

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Gift Giving

Our 5 Favourite Fragrance Gift Sets

Discover our must-haves, fit for any budget or taste.

The world of niche fragrance continues to grow, and with it, a dizzying array of options, making gifting a bit of a challenge. That’s why we always suggest buying a set for the fragrance lovers on your list. The curated selections beg for exploration and ongoing discovery, while the variety contained within lowers the risk of a flop; it’s very likely something inside will be a new favourite!

With that in mind, here are some picks for our favourite fragrance gift sets, for any budget or taste. To explore our full selection, check out our Gift Guide here.  

Maison Francis Kurkdjian – 3, 2, 1, Noël! Scented Candle Trio

Many know Maison Francis Kurkdjian for their chic, luxurious fragrances, including the megahit Baccarat Rouge 540. But if you’ve never experienced their candles, you’re missing some of their best work. 

This set, packaged with the brand’s impeccable eye for design, features three votive candles in gorgeous French matte ceramic vessels. First, two unique winter florals, exclusively created for holiday 2023, add colour and joy to any room. The third rounds off the collection: Mon Beau Sapin, a much-loved favourite which returns every year by popular demand, is the most refined Christmas tree candle we’ve ever smelled.

D.S. & Durga – Roadtrip Hits

A highly unique set brimming with this Brooklyn brand’s eclectic troubadour spirit, this box offers five of the most unique car fragrances imaginable. 

Yes, we did say car fragrances! These cheeky throwback air-fresheners feature hip black-and-white graphics and warm, poetic scents with whimsical names like Concrete After Lightning and Portable Fireplace. While this set is the perfect gift for any hard-to-buy-for motorist, they can also be used in any small enclosed space, or even tucked into a drawer to delicately scent clothing or linens.

Penhaligon’s – Tiddly Whiffs Set

If you’ve ever visited London during the holiday season, you know the Brits have a magic touch with festive decoration. This set of samples from iconic English perfumery Penhaligon’s brings all that beauty home in a stocking-stuffer-friendly little box. Even the name brings a smile to our face!

We love Penhaligon’s fragrances for gifting because they’re approachable and versatile while still feeling playful and unexpected. This set features the brand’s bestsellers across all three of their collections, running the gamut from fresh to bold and floral to woody. We think there’s a scent inside for every taste imaginable. 

Creed – Holiday Coffret for Him

The ultimate in luxury, this beautiful coffret contains travel sized spray vials of three bestselling Creed fragrances. Among the scents featured are the global phenomenon Aventus and the seminal classic Green Irish Tweed. 

Creed’s reputation for bold, effortlessly fashionable fragrances has made the brand’s logo and timeless packaging a status symbol since its inception. While the three fragrances in this set were conceived as snapshots of opulent masculinity, we also think the beautiful citrus-and-green-tea-supernova Silver Mountain water would make for a perfect signature for any gender. 

Ormonde Jayne – Signature Discovery Set

One of our most beloved brands, the clean lines of Ormonde Jayne’s aesthetic conceal a wildly innovative spirit. Over the years, they’ve released some of the most groundbreaking scents in our collection. 

Warm notes of amber and balsam, edgy facets of novel ingredients like hemlock, and rare flowers like champaca and frangipani find new life within these timeless, unisex fragrances. They all seem to dance within the brand’s signature transparent structure, the brainchild of revolutionary Escentric Molecules perfumer Geza Schoen. Glittering on the skin, they demonstrate classical balance and abstract electricity, making this set an exciting olfactory adventure for newbies and connoisseurs alike. 
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The Empire of the Senses: Meeting Marc-Antoine

A photo of fragrant Inula graveolens flowers, which grow wild in the perfumer’s native Corsica. An in-house extraction of the plant forms the basis of the Parfum d’Empire fragrance Mal-Aimé.

The library of fragrance ingredients in perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato’s studio.

Since late July, the unique fragrance of Parfum d’Empire, a brand founded in 2002, has been wafting through the Canadian air, now exclusively available at Etiket. Renowned for its captivating perfumes and rich olfactory heritage, this journey goes beyond mere commerce; it’s an encounter with a world of fragrances that transcend borders. I had the exceptional opportunity to explore this realm by meeting the talented founder and perfumer, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, along with his wonderful team, during a visit to their Paris laboratory in September. This olfactory experience unveiled the secrets behind the creation of each perfume and the deep commitment of this passionate team to the art of perfumery.

The scented concentrates of Parfum d’Empire fragrances age in round-bottom flasks. This process allows the many ingredients in the formula to merge with each other, polishing the edges of the fragrance before it’s mixed with alcohol.

Delving into this captivating olfactory journey reveals the essence of Parfum d’Empire and its connection to Marc-Antoine’s childhood in Morocco and Corsica, offering a sensory voyage that awakens the senses and imagination. Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, with a background in chemistry, has always been captivated by the mysteries of plants and their fragrances, which led him to the world of perfumery. He primarily seeks the quality of natural scents to breathe life into his perfumes, emphasizing the art of personal storytelling. Each fragrance becomes an opportunity to convey a personal narrative, to evoke an emotion or a unique experience, creating unique sensory tales that explore the realm of memories and emotions through scents.

A scientific scale is an essential tool for formulating fragrances. It’s used to measure quantities of raw materials down to the drop. 

If Marc-Antoine Corticchiato hadn’t been drawn into the intoxicating world of perfumery, he would likely have pursued his second great passion: horsemanship. Far from being just another interest, horse riding represents for him a profound emotional and sensory connection with nature, animals, and childhood memories. This passion inspired him to create perfumes capable of capturing the essence of his equestrian experiences. I conclude by expressing my deep gratitude to the Etiket team for making this experience possible and to the entire Parfum d’Empire team for their warm and generous welcome.

Emmanuelle Bénard
Fragrance Specialist at Etiket

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The Scents of Autumn, Past and Future

Our favourite fragrance season is here!

Autumn is a world caught between two extremes. It balances the instinct to hunker down with the impulse to explore the outside world as it transforms before our eyes. We suggest doing both, and to wrap yourself in a scent that can adapt accordingly.

This year’s fall fragrance picks are also caught between the past and the future. Some recall the glamour and ecstasy of bygone eras, while others imagine a future where the comfort and adventure of fall are fragmented, as if into pixels, and imagined anew.

Read on to discover 10 fragrances for fall — five pulled from the past, and five built for the future. Or scroll down, grab the sample pack, and try them all for yourself. 

Autumn Past: Ravishing Signatures and Ancient Alchemies.


Bonfires warming the orangery at Versailles. 
Ormonde Jayne

A supermodel-era glow of sepia florals and resins. 
ERIS Parfums

A sumptuous update of showstopping musks like Shalimar. 

Hallucinating spice and floral colour in a Persian palace garden. 

D.S. & Durga

An ecstatic fire ritual with American tree tar. 

Autumn Future: Dynamic Contrasts and Electrifying Depth.

Escentric Molecules

A minimalist glow of whisky and wood.
Jorum Studio

Cinematic textures of transparent tobacco. 
Marc-Antoine Barrois

An intense, galactic explosion of minerals and leather.
Etat Libre d’Orange

An industrial love story of flowers and musk. 

A surreal dream of citrus and smoke. 

The Sample Pack: Try Them All!


Includes 0.7ml wand-applicator samples of our 10 picks for fall: L’Or de Louis, Tolu, Night Flower, Golestan, Mississippi Medicine, Molecule 01 + Guaiac Wood, Fantosmia, Ganymede Extrait, Une Amourette and Search.
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New Fragrance Arrivals Everyone’s Talking About

Nectar, nuts and vanilla, oh my…

In the past few weeks, three new fragrance arrivals have delighted our clients and flown off our shelves. Delicious and indulgent with an intoxicating twist, each is destined to be the talk of the fragrance world for months to come. So what are you waiting for? Join the conversation!

Maison Mataha

Our newest brand, Paris’ Maison Mataha, has only released one fragrance, but they only needed one to take over the world. Escapade Gourmande is nostalgic, creamy vanilla diffused through pale pink clouds of addictive white musk, forming an intoxicating, truly endless trail. It’s no wonder this fragrance had a mile-long waitlist before it arrived! 

For lovers of indulgent gourmands, Escapade Gourmande sets itself apart.
ERIS Parfums

The bewitching, boundless creativity of this New York brand continues with this fruity sensation. In a sinfully decadent re-telling of Adam and Eve, the “forbidden fruit” takes the form of a guava accord so visceral, textured and immersive it’s practically virtual reality. It seriously must be smelled to be believed.
For lovers of juicy, delicious scents, Delta of Venus is a historic achievement with a dash of grown-up sex appeal. 
Vilhelm Parfumerie

Riffing on the memories and desires of painter Francis Bacon, famous for his disturbing deconstructions of the human form, Vilhelm has managed to find a gentle magnetic warmth underneath all that brooding. Featuring smoky wood, resins and a lovely pistachio accord smooth like organic nut butter, the first great fall fragrance is already here. 
For lovers of mysterious woods, Faces of Francis is artistic, confident and effortlessly wearable.


A sneak preview… sampling now!


Balancing an almost-unheard-of jackfruit accord (think pineapple-banana-mango smoothie) with sparkling spices like turmeric and pink pepper, Dodo Jackfruit drops this tropical cocktail into a powdery-creamy-woody jungle. It’s just the kind of olfactory hallucination Zoologist is famous for, and luckily, this trip is a happy one. Subtly sweet and blissfully breezy, Dodo Jackfruit is a one-of-a-kind scented landscape from Toronto’s favourite mad scent scientists. 
Limited edition bottles will be available on August 25th, but samples are available now!

Discover our new fragrance arrivals!

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Skin Care

Discover Canadian Brands: Hidden Gems to Explore

A look at the amazing Canadian brands we are proud to offer at Etiket.

We’ve supported Canadian brands since opening Etiket in 2011 and are constantly adding new brands to our curated selection of skincare, fragrance and beauty products. To make it easy for you, we have a Canadian Beauty category that includes skincare, hair care, body care and fragrances. Some you know and some you may be new to – we’re happy to help you find new favourites! Discover our Canadian Beauty and Happy Canada Day!


Founder: Jess Vivier, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC

Brand Story:

Jess is a chemical engineering technologist who has worked exclusively in the pharmaceutical industry since the start of his career in 1976. He founded Vivier in 1997, which sold its first product in January 2000.

What They Offer:

Vivier is one of the world’s #1 topical Vitamin C lines. The brand combines the powerful benefits of patented Vitamin C serums (L-Ascorbic Acid USP) with pharmaceutical-grade cleansers, toners, eye therapy products, moisturizers, advanced sun protection products, body care and complete skin care systems.

Bend Beauty

Founder: Marc St. Onge, Halifax, NS

Brand Story:

Long recognized as a leader in the natural health products field with a proven track record of innovation and environmental stewardship, Marc aspires to lead a new wave of growth in premium skincare with Bend Beauty.

What They Offer:

Bend Beauty supplements offer effective, unique, and extraordinary blends of ingredients designed to help you create a beautiful life – which starts with taking care of yourself. While topical products can help, the solution to skin health and longevity exists deeper. Taking an ingestible approach to skin health also means that you’re treating your entire skin organ (torso, arms, and legs!) – not just your face.


Founder: Bill Baker, Toronto, ON

Brand Story:

Bill launched Consonant in 2009 after his struggles with dry skin and eczema inspired him to start his own skincare company. His Toronto-based skincare brand offers all-natural products that are made in Canada.

What They Offer:

Premium skincare that is luxurious, as effective as a cosmeceutical brand, and as healthy as the leading natural brand. All of their products are 100% natural and formulated with the highest possible concentration of organic botanical ingredients. They improve the look of your skin with results you will notice immediately.


Founder: Lisa Mattam, Toronto, ON

Brand Story:

Lisa has always tried to eat healthily and work out, and she comes from a long line of yogis, but somehow she had never translated those habits to her skincare. Lisa launched Sahajan in 2015, an evidence-based natural line based on the ancient science of Ayurveda. As a former pharmaceutical executive, it was important for her to give her customers the confidence to choose both Ayurveda and clean beauty.

What They Offer:

Sahajan is an evidence-based natural beauty brand based on the 5,000-year-old science of Ayurveda. They create category-defining, high-performance, clean skincare, body and hair products.


Founder: Corina Crysler, Toronto, ON

Brand Story:

With a degree in Nutrition and Food Chemistry, Corina spent 10 years working with over 70 companies in the natural health sector. In 2008, Corina embarked on a new chapter in her career. After meeting with Isocell Laboratories in Paris, France, she launched GliSODin, a professional line of nutricosmetics, in North America.  

What They Offer:

GliSODin Skin Nutrients combine the key ingredient GliSODin® with nutrient-rich formulas designed to enhance the outcome of cosmetic procedures and provide long-term support for optimal skin health. Their nutricosmetics are backed by scientific research and prized by dermatologists, cosmetic physicians, and plastic surgeons for their brightening, firming, and contouring results. 


Founder: Heather Urquhart, Monte Creek, B.C.

Brand Story:

Being a botanist, herbalist and passionate plant-lover and gardener, and after feeling let-down by the low quality and potency of some botanical ingredients that she had purchased off the market, Heather developed the initial Huna ‘Skin Nutrition’ Skincare line and launched it to the world in November 2014. In 2015, Huna began growing their own botanicals, starting with just six unique plant species. Now in 2023, Huna grows nearly 100 different species on their organic and regenerative 30-acre Huna Farm in beautiful Monte Creek, British Columbia, Canada.

What They Offer:

Huna creates innovative and science-based natural and organic high-performance ‘Skin Nutrition’ skincare. Each plant is picked at its optimal time when the plant is at peak freshness on the farm. Their botanicals are minimally refined, and incorporated into Huna skincare formulations right away – to capture & retain each plant’s maximum active potency in their high-performance skin nutrition.


Founder: Yves Serra, Montreal, QC

Brand Story:

Pro-Derm was founded in Montreal in 1996 and has been developed by a team of chemists and a dermatologist. Their products are entirely developed and manufactured in Quebec.

What They Offer:

Rich in high-quality ingredients, the Pro-Derm line combines innovative agents, natural botanical extracts and pure essential oils. The unique and natural vegetal base of their products preserves the integrity of the skin’s natural protective layer and hydrates all skin types. Pro-Derm is also a line of skincare products specially formulated to complement medical rejuvenation procedures such as peels, laser treatments, dermal injections and cosmetic surgery.


Founder: Gregory Macdonald, Ottawa, ON

Brand Story:

After spending years and countless dollars on mediocre bath products, Greg founded Bathorium and set out to create premium bath soaks that not only give a unique experience for the bather but also a product that the user can benefit from both physically and mentally.

What They Offer:

Bathorium is a Canadian-made luxury bath products company proudly sourcing the highest grade of ingredients. They produce hand-crafted bath bombs and soaks that are designed for benefit-based bathing, meaning their products are about the benefits your whole body will reap after a Bathorium bath.


Founder: Stacey Davis, Toronto, ON

Brand Story:

Lovefresh was founded on the premise that you could have beautiful, glowing skin using all-natural products, that would be as luxurious as they would be healthy for the body. What began as a “kitchen chemistry” experiment in Davis’ Toronto home soon evolved into the creation of a complete line of all-natural, non-toxic and highly effective products.

What They Offer:

Lovefresh offers an “easy luxury” experience through its body care products. Every Lovefresh recipe is formulated with the best ingredients from local and global sources, including layered notes of beautiful, fresh-smelling scents. Stacey is directly involved, from recipe development and through every point of execution to the final package, ensuring that quality and integrity are always paramount. 

The Hair Routine

Founder: Clarissa de Queiroz, Montreal, QC

Brand Story:

Clarissa was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, and haircare has always been an important part of her heritage and culture. Moving to Canada, her biggest struggle was having access to products and ingredients she needed in order to keep up with her hair routine, a popular method of hair care used in Brazil. That’s when the idea of starting The Hair Routine was conceived: a brand that creates formulas that serve the purpose of treating the hair with what it really needs in order to be healthy, so we don’t have to overstock our shelves with products with no long-term results!

What They Offer:

The Hair Routine is an eco-luxury hair care company based in Montreal that creates premium products – using eco-friendly ingredients of only the highest quality. This brand’s biocompatible formula and personalized hair routine deliver exceptional results, allowing your hair to flourish.

Plume Science

Founder: Lauren Bilon, Calgary, AB

Brand Story:

After suffering significant hair and eyelash loss after her first child, Lauren tried pharmaceutical products and suffered dangerous side effects. From this experience, Lauren created Plume Science in partnership with leading natural and organic cosmetics formulator Irene Schnell. A certified Master in Fragrance & Cosmetics science (EFCM), Irene transformed Lauren’s carefully curated ingredients into an all-natural, long-lasting, preservative-free, safe, and effective formula.  

What They Offer:

Plume Science is beauty backed by science. They offer cosmetics for lash and brow enhancement that are clean, cruelty-free and vegan, made with a combination of plant-based actives in a self-preserving formula that contains zero synthetic ingredients.

Rockwell Razors

Founders: Gareth Everard and Morgan Nordstrom, Toronto, ON

Brand Story:

Rockwell Razors was born out of a belief that the world needs a real alternative to overpriced cartridge razors and gimmick-filled shave clubs. The result? The classiest, most comfortable shave of your life.

What They Offer:

Rockwell’s patented adjustable shave settings let you perfectly match your shave to your stubble length and skin type. They have formulated a full line of exceptional shaving and grooming products that you simply have to try to believe – trust us, you’ll feel the difference.


Founder: Isabelle Michaud, Montreal, QC

Brand Story:

It is early in life that Isabelle began her love affair with perfumes and all things scented and nicely packaged. Although it is a bit of a mystery why she is so interested in scent, it probably has something to do with her sensitive, intuitive and perceptive nature.  After attending the renowned ISIPCA perfume institute in Versailles, France, she created Monsillage. Isabelle finds inspiration in past travels, one-of-a-kind experiences, personal impressions and glimpses of grace for the creation of her fragrances. 

What They Offer:

Monsillage will take you on a journey, a scent journey of course, through its beautiful selection of perfumes, candles and soap.


Founder: Victor Wong, Toronto, ON

Brand Story:

It all started as a hobby for Victor, while still juggling a regular job, but slowly and inevitably perfumes took over. Founded in 2013 and a proud Canadian company located in Toronto, Zoologist works with award-winning perfumers to bring you innovative, animal-inspired scents.

What They Offer:

Their line of perfumes captures the idiosyncrasies of the animal kingdom and transforms them into scents that are unusual, beautiful, fun and even shocking. Their scents will reconnect you with the manifold delights of the natural world.

Libertine Fragrance

Founder: Joshua Smith, Edmonton, AB

Brand Story:

Libertine Fragrance was founded in 2015 by Joshua, a forester turned designer turned perfumer. Josh’s vision is to marry the creativity of design, the beauty of nature and the pleasure of the senses into an experience of escapism in a bottle.  

What They Offer:

All of their fragrances are crafted by hand in small batches in Edmonton, Alberta. A mixture of essential oils and carefully chosen aroma molecules are weighed, mixed and diluted with pure perfumers alcohol. The experimenting, blending, mixing and packaging are all done by hand in very small batches, usually 100 or so bottles.

T. Lees

Founder: Tricia Lees, Montreal, QC

Brand Story:

A fragrance can cause an avalanche of memories, influence people’s moods and even affect their performance at work. T. Lees’ goal is to create candles for all tastes and activities, infusing them into high-quality products designed to nourish the mind, body and soul. 

What They Offer:

Each candle is handcrafted in small quantities in Montreal, Quebec with the utmost care and made from 100% natural, GMO-free soy wax produced using soybeans grown in the United States. As a result, their candles burn longer, cleaner and leave little or no waste.

Shop all Canadian brands available at Etiket here.

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The Etiket Traveler

Summer Travel Essentials

We've curated a collection of products designed with convenience in mind.

As school days wind down and long weekends approach, it’s time to start planning those exciting summer vacations ahead. Whether you’re jetting off to exotic destinations or exploring hidden gems closer to home, we’ve curated a collection of products designed with convenience in mind that will keep you looking radiant and refreshed on your adventures.

Here’s to an unforgettable summer filled with wanderlust and beauty. Bon voyage!

All You Need To Travel Light and In Style

The Glow Kit

Get the coveted #SturmGlow with this essential seven-step science-based routine for a fresh and radiant complexion.
The Eye Patches – Single Sachet

These revitalizing hydrogel eye patches instantly hydrate, brighten, and plump, while reducing the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. Also available as a Set of 6.
Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil 28ml

Formulated for sensitive skin and eyes but loved across all skin types, this cleansing oil shifts SPF, makeup, daily grime at speed leaving you with clean, soft skin.
5 Minute Facial Set

Get a megawatt glow with Tata’s favourite five minute facial hack. Regenerating Cleanser and Resurfacing Mask are powerful on their own but can work even better together.
Fullest Volumizing Mascara (Mini) – Black

A clean volumizing mascara that wraps each lash in weightless, buildable volume without flaking, smudging, or irritating even the most sensitive eyes.
Holi (mane) Travel 14 Day Supply

A nutrient-dense blend for flourishing hair, radiant skin and resilient nails that combines two daily powerhouse superfoods: marine collagen and pearl powder.
Heat Protectant Shield Travel Size 60 ml

This plant-based leave-in spray protects against heat damage and nourishes and smoothes strands while improving hair’s elasticity and preventing breakage. 
Tropical Crush Toothpaste Travel Size 25 ml

Bursting with mint, juicy pineapple and rooibos, Tropical Crush helps brush away bad bacteria whilst bringing you a boost of positivity to brighten your day.
Discovery Set

A 4-step routine for younger-looking skin that replenishes moisture, restores firmness and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
Sydney Rock Pool EDP Travel Size 7.5 ml

Inspired by Sydney’s famous beaches and distinctive rock pools, this fragrance smells like summer in a bottle. The perfect size to have in your bag!
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In Conversation With

In Conversation With ERIS Parfums Founder Barbara Herman

“Fragrances are like faces. Some have a symmetrical, conventional beauty that is pleasing but easily forgettable. And then there’s the interesting kind, with something off or unusual about them that memorably intrigues you.” –Barbara Herman

ERIS Parfums has become an unlikely trailblazer in the world of fragrance. Founded by author, collector and perfume expert Barbara Herman, the brand’s uncompromising compositions are inspired by the rarefied spirit and ingredients of vintage perfume. However, as Barbara says, they are anything but ‘retro’. Avoiding dusty nostalgia, each scent smells exciting, vibrant, and bracingly new.

Etiket’s Director of Fragrance David Bernstein chatted with Barbara about how she manages this balancing act as ERIS’ Creative Director. Their conversation touched on her collaboration with star perfumer Antoine Lie, her artistic inspirations, and what sets her fragrances apart.

David Bernstein: You started your perfume journey collecting vintage perfume. What was it about that world that attracted you?

Barbara Herman: When I began delving into vintage perfume, I was taken by the complexity, sophistication, daring, overt eroticism, and sometimes gender-bending nature of many of the fragrances. The balance of high-quality natural ingredients with synthetics was there, too, even in some drug-store brands.

You could tell those fragrances took a while to create. They had a story to tell, and they took you on an unpredictable journey. Each was a little universe of its own, unlike any other. And since there were not a bazillion perfume releases in a year as there are now (sometimes from the same brand!) each new perfume was an event. This was before the so-called age of “industrial” perfumery, which began around the 1990s.

DB: What do you think these fragrances offered the wearer that typical contemporary fragrances don’t, or can’t? 

BH: I think it’s important to distinguish mainstream fragrances from niche fragrances — and real niche from ‘faux niche’. What the best vintage perfumery —  and truly niche perfume brands —  offer is the pure vision of the perfumer and/or creative director, along with an attention to the quality of ingredients.

So many mainstream brands now are chasing after what has sold well, or what market research has revealed is popular. It’s as if much of what’s on the market now has been placed there by an algorithm. That’s why real niche perfumery is where the less predictable perfumes are coming from. Don’t get me wrong — there are some major brands whose scents I love that don’t follow this formula, and some niche brands that are formulaic.

Ultimately, perfumers and creators in ‘true niche’ perfumery are doing their own thing. And you can smell the difference, the creativity, and sometimes, the quality of the ingredients. That model is closer to the one which produced the vintage perfumes I love.

DB: How have you achieved that “true niche” quality and creativity with ERIS?

BH: The ideas I have for perfumes are undiluted by marketing team interventions or cost-cutting, profit-maximizing measures. The ingredient story, the personality, the emotional impact I want, are all directly realized through Antoine Lie’s incredible compositions. If people think ERIS fragrances are quirkily intriguing and smell amazing — it’s all I could hope for.

And since Antoine became an independent perfumer in 2019, he is now working with smaller, more luxurious perfume labs such as Atelier Fragranze Milano and L’Atelier Français des Matières in Annecy, France. These labs provide ingredients like the in-house tinctured, authentic ambergris and the luxe cacao in “Mxxx.”, as well as the French immortelle in “Scorpio Rising”. We have access to the kinds of ingredients that just would not be possible to use on a mass scale.

In the case of the animalic ingredients which I discovered in vintage perfumery — like civet, castoreum, or deer musk — it’s usually not ethical to use the real stuff, because of the suffering and harm caused to the animals those ingredients come from. This is not something I lament the loss of, but I did fall in love with that category of vintage perfume for the warmth, depth, and mystery they provided. So ERIS’ fragrance “Mxxx.” does use a couple real animalic ingredients (ambergris and hyraceum) that are naturally expelled from animals, so sperm whales and hyraxes are not harmed or disturbed in any way. In the case of ambergris, it’s so expensive that only a tiny percentage of brands are using the real stuff anyway.

DB: ERIS is named for the Greek goddess of troublemaking and disruption. What do you consider disruptive or troublemaking about ERIS perfumes? And what is the one ERIS fragrance which exemplifies this the most? 

BH: Fragrances are like faces. Some have a symmetrical, conventional beauty that is pleasing but easily forgettable. And then there’s the interesting kind, with something off or unusual about them that memorably intrigues you. 

I love wild fragrances that get lodged in your memory, usually because of some odd, extreme, or over-the-top quality. It could be an unusual or overdosed ingredient or a disturbing (unconsciously or subliminally) but sexy animalic quality. Something that stands out perhaps as disturbing at first can be addictive later, like an acquired taste. Children, for example, don’t tend to eat raw oysters, bitter vegetables, or stinky cheeses. But adults realize that the acquired taste is often the most satisfying one.

Each ERIS fragrance offers olfactive qualities more mainstream fragrances would want to edit out. But probably the most representative of troublemaking or disruption is “Ma Bête”, part of the Beauty and the Beast trio from 2016.  

If you’re looking for a fragrance you can wear to work or in a casual setting without causing a “disturbance in the Force” (to quote Obi-Wan Kenobi), “Ma Bête” is not it. It’s overdosed with animalic notes (redolent of intimate moments, shall we say) entwined with indolic florals and intense spices and resins. It’s the anti-Office Scent, the anti-clean scent. And people either love it or hate it, sometimes both at once! If you want to cause trouble, or get into some trouble on a night out, “Ma Bête” is perfect. I’ve never not had an ‘interesting’ night out when wearing “Ma Bête”, let’s put it that way!

DB: How did you start collaborating with perfumer Antoine Lie? Why did you choose him specifically?

BH: I’d admired Antoine’s creations for a while before I had the idea of creating a brand. He was one of the perfumers I interviewed for the “Scent Visionaries” chapter of my book, Scent and Subversion: Decoding a Century of Provocative Perfume (Lyons Press: 2013). I spoke to him about how he translated the perfume brief for Etat Libre d’Orange’s notorious “Sécrétions Magnifiques”.

I love the daring and emotionality of his work, its ability to be rooted in classical perfumery while taking off into wild, uncharted territory. At the same time, his work is beautiful and never just weird for its own sake. After the book came out, I approached him about working with me and he said yes!

DB: My understanding of vintage perfumery is that it was heavily divided along gender lines. Am I correct in this assumption? 

BH: What’s interesting is that even within gender marketing in vintage perfumery, there was no fixed or stable sense of what ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ was supposed to smell like. That was the big revelation which inspired my book Scent and Subversion. 

Some of the most popular perfumes of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s which were marketed to women, for example, are what now would be considered ‘masculine’ – leather, tobacco, and animalic or ‘dirty’ perfumes. And although Guerlain’s landmark “Jicky” was made for women, men loved it and wore it. I loved finding out, for example, that Marlon Brando’s signature scent was “Vent Vert” and Keith Richards wears Jean Patou’s “Joy” under his armpits — both floral scents marketed to women.

Scent allows you to subvert gender boundaries without the kind of social penalties you might get with fashion choices. In high school, I wore the men’s fragrance “Grey Flannel” not to be an edge lord, but because I liked it! And unlike the forbidden items I wore that violated my school’s dress code, no one tried to stop me from wearing men’s cologne! Much of the world may still balk at gender fluidity in fashion, but for most perfume lovers, wearing what you like takes precedence over rigid binary gender rules.

As I write in Scent and Subversion,

“[C]ycles of taste [in perfume] mirror the arbitrary and ever-shifting role of gender in perfume – the idea that certain scents are either masculine or feminine. If men wore violet perfumes in the nineteenth century and women wore tobacco and leather perfumes in the 1930s – styles whose ‘gender’ has since been reversed – this seems like more proof in perfume form that gender, like perfume, is fluid, culturally constructed, and wearable in multiple forms on variable bodies.”

DB: Is this why you were driven to create two genderfluid perfumes (Mx. and Mxxx.) which deliberately evade gendered associations? 

BH: “Mx.” (2017) and “Mxxx.” (2019) explicitly pay homage to a gender revolution that was really taking hold around 2015. That was the year ‘Mx.’ (pronounced ‘mix’), the gender-neutral title which replaces ‘Mr.’, ‘Ms.’ And ‘Mrs.’, entered the Oxford English Dictionary.

Both of those fragrances play with the idea of gender fluidity by being both for men and women and neither for men nor women. I loved the idea that the “Charlie” perfume in the 1970s celebrated a political movement — the Women’s Movement — and I wanted to do something similar for the intense re-thinking of binary gender that was (and is) taking place.

DB: Who from the world of perfume do you most admire, either from the past or the present?

BH: Germaine Cellier, Edmond Roudnitska, and Bernard Chant come to mind first, but there are so many. And I admire many contemporary perfumers as well. Perfume is such an interesting art and it’s evolving.

DB: And what about from the world outside of perfume?

BH: I admire artists who take risks to create their vision — Lynn Ramsay, Chantal Akerman, Kara Walker, Amy Winehouse, Diane Arbus, Nan Goldin, Cat Power, Lydia Davis, Ocean Vuong, John Fahey, Terrence Malick, and so many others. I admire journalists and activists who take risks to expose and right wrongs. And I admire everyday people who survive through tough things. 

Discover and shop ERIS Parfums on!

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The Etiket Team’s Current Favourites

We're rounding up what Etiket offerings our talented and knowledgeable team members have fallen in love with recently.

We’re rounding up what Etiket offerings our talented and knowledgeable team members have fallen in love with and we are thrilled to share their current must-haves! Spanning categories such as skincare, hair care, body care, fragrance and more, let’s dive into what has stolen everyone’s heart, shall we?

Fragrance Specialist

Pentimento EDP by Jorum Studio

Pentimento sweeps me off my feet every time with its rich, decadent character. For me, it’s like putting on a cashmere knit. Carob, rum and tonka bean absolute with vanilla, hazelnut and tobacco flower are all good reasons to grab it whenever the temperatures drop.

Cuir Velours EDP by Naomi Goodsir

On my skin, Cuir Velours offers a dark intermingling of tobacco and leather, with the sweet notes of rum and immortelle. Okay, understandably, I love the rum and tobacco notes. The surprising character of the leather charmed me immediately and accompanies me when I want to catch the eye.

Purifying Cleanser by Tata Harper

In the evening, I apply and massage this melt-in texture cleanser onto my skin and let it sit for a few minutes, like a quick mask. The texture, which changes from a gel to a fine oil, is so satisfying and the textured herbal and ginger notes immerse me in a deep moment of relaxation. I always take the opportunity to give my face a full body massage even when it’s only 9 p.m. and my bed is already calling my name!

Radiance Serum by Vivier

I can’t get enough of this serum, which I apply after cleansing and toning my skin. Its formula, rich in vitamin C, arbutin and resorcinol, gives me an instant glow, evens out my complexion and works over the long term by allowing my skin to age beautifully! It was suggested to me by Naomi (from the Etiket team, and I thank her!).

Holistic Aesthetician 

Tamarindo EDP by Memo

Tamarindo from Memo is the perfume I’m loving right now. It reminds me of escaping winter in Canada and heading to the beach in Costa Rica. A blend of pineapple, vanilla, bergamot and patchouli makes this scent warm and wild.

Polly Plum Comforting Body Cream by Pai Skincare

Polly Plum from Pai is a calming and hydrating body lotion that I love for winter. It’s fast absorbing on the skin and easy to apply in the morning. This is a wonderful product to help protect the skin in colder weather. For those who suffer from itchiness and inflammation (eczema/psoriasis), this is THE product for you!

Rahua Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo

Rahua’s Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo is my current hair obsession. When treating our hair we need to treat our scalp for optimal hair health.

HydraFacial MD JLo Glow

Our new HydraFacial MD JLo Glow is my new spa treatment obsession. The only HydraFacial to firm and restore the skin, using olive leaf extract and niacinamide along with many other ingredients to make your skin brighter, tighter, nourished and plumper.

Boutique & Spa Assistant Manager 

Tihota EDP by Indult

My favorite scent is Tihota EDP by Indult. I love mixing it with Coccobello EDP by Heeley. They remind me of where I was born and the good times I had on the beach.

Botanical Body Nectar by Huna

I love Huna’s Botanical Body Nectar. I love the flowery smell. It moisturizes my very dry skin well and besides being natural, the container is a really good size for its very small price.

Leave-In Treatment by Rahua

I use this treatment every night in large amounts to moisturize my dry hair, and in the morning in smaller amounts to keep my hair moisturized all day and to help with styling. Thanks to this product I am surprised how beautiful my hair looks even after bleaching.

Tata Harper Etiket Signature Facial (with our aesthetician Samuelle!)

I love natural products, and Tata Harper’s scents help me relax during my treatments. Moreover, Samuelle is very gentle and concerned about our well-being.

Beauty & Fragrance Advisor

Cow Extrait de Parfum by Zoologist

This is such a cozy scent that can be worn in summer or winter, in daytime or nighttime. It paints a picture of a cozy Sunday afternoon on a white couch with a fluffy blanket, with the windows open and the faint fresh smell of the prairies. It is all the beauty of the feeling of nature and being in the outdoors and nothing else. The artistry of the bottle adds to that warm feeling as well.

Superkind Bio-Shield Face Oil by Tata Harper

My favourite beauty product of the moment is the new Bio-Shield Face Oil by Tata Harper. It has all the luxury experience of the other Tata Harper products, but with a more sensitive touch. The oil is perfect for any skin condition without having to worry about any type of reaction. I personally have been using it twice a day and have seen an improvement in my skin.

The TOHI Scalp Serum by BeautéJaponica

My current favourite hair product is the new TOHI Scalp Serum from BeautéJaponica. I appreciate the concept of scalp health intersecting with self-care and the brand taking time to make a video on how to properly massage the scalp to get the most out of the serum!

HydraFacial MD JLo Glow

My favourite spa treatment is the HydraFacial MD JLo Glow. HydraFacials completely change the look of your skin and promote healthy cell regeneration, in combination with the glow… the results are incredible!

Boutique & Spa Manager

Room Service EDP by Vilhelm Parfumerie and Sunshine Woman by Amouage

I hesitate between these two as they both give me an inexplicable feeling of peace with the gourmand, fresh citrus and violet of Room Service and the white tobacco, blackcurrant and almond of Sunshine Woman. For me, these are PERFECT scents. They are also very chic for a night out.

Refreshing Cleanser by Tata Harper

Tata Harper’s fresh grapefruit & aloe cleanser kicks off my evening beauty routine. It is perfect for dry skin and you only need a small amount. I really like the smell, and followed by Tata’s Hydrating Floral Essence, it’s perfect!

Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo by Sachajuan

For hair care, I’ve been using Sachajuan for over a year.
It is sulphate free, concentrated and smells divine. Perfect for coloured hair, the Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo protects the hair well. I’m never disappointed with this line, even the Shine Serum is great.

Tata Harper SuperNatural Facial

For the ultimate spa experience: Tata Harper’s SuperNatural Facial. To fully unwind, Tata’s facials and body treatments are a must. The enveloping maneuvers and calming scents take us elsewhere. There is nothing better than receiving a treatment to calm the body and mind.

Beauty & Fragrance Advisor

Vital Unifier by Nuori

This refreshing mist toner is the newest addition to my skincare routine. I love it because it is gentle and nourishing. Chock full of antioxidants, the Unifier revitalizes all skin types and offers a soothing feeling. I love that it can be used as a toner, and as a hydrating mist during and after makeup application. I love recommending this to clients who are looking to add a multi-functional toner to their routine.

Nurture Treatment by The Hair Routine

Hands down the yummiest hair treatment that can be used in-shower or as a treatment on dry hair to tame flyaways and prevent split ends. It nourishes the scalp and hair to yield unparalleled luminosity. This treatment can be used by both men and women who are interested in an easy-to-incorporate step for their haircare routine.

E-Commerce Manager

Paradisi Extrait, Nectary EDP and Pony Boy Extrait by Jorum Studio

Jorum Studio looks great and smells even better. Paradisi, Nectary, Pony Boy… Impossible to choose just one!

The Discovery Kit by Dr. Barbara Sturm

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s skincare system is all about simple yet effective products. The Discovery Kit is the perfect introduction to the wonders of this brand!

Chiffon Styling Mousse by R+CO 

R+CO Chiffon gives hair the right amount of hold and movement that lasts. Added bonus: the bottle looks great on your countertop!

HydraFacial MD Signature

The HydraFacial provides immediate visible results: clear, plump skin and that youthful glow we all strive for!

VP Operations

The Cream by Augustinus Bader

Simply put, this face cream moisturizes a lot without feeling heavy. It’s a refreshing, yet deeply hydrating luxury cream.

Misfit EDP by Arquiste

I love this decadent, elegant patchouli fragrance. It smells incredible and is a scent I get complimented on every time I wear it.

Scalp Therapy by Revivogen

If you are experiencing hair loss, this is a safe and effective topical solution for thinning hair, formulated with nature’s most powerful ingredients for thicker, fuller, and healthier hair.

The Men’s Facial by SkinCeuticals

This treatment is designed to renew your skin, clean up those blackheads and soothe razor burn and ingrown hairs. You will be able to take on the world after this treatment.

Marketing Assistant

Berlin EDP by Gallivant

Berlin is one of those scents that instantly transports me back to a summer vacation travelling Europe. If you are a fan of citrus, you have to give this one a sniff!

Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum by RapidLash

I love this product from RapidLash. I have been using this lash and brow-enhancing serum on and off for the last few years, and anytime I start using it again, my lashes and brows look more defined and elongated within a couple of weeks of daily use.

Phyto Corrective Gel by SkinCeuticals

The SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel is amazing if you have skin that is prone to redness. It feels instantly soothing and I really enjoy the calming effect it provides prior to applying my moisturizer.

Tata Harper Clarifying Facial

This a great treatment for those with congested and acne-prone skin in need of a total reset that won’t aggravate the skin.

Marketing Director

Tri BioBotanical Revival Masque by Environ and Supreme Moisture Mask by Nuori

During winter, my skin needs both exfoliation to reveal its luminosity and hydration to give it a beautiful glow and dewy look. Once or twice a week, or before a night out or a special event, I like to combine Environ’s Revival Masque, also known as the “Facelift in a Jar” since it really helps improve the overall appearance of skin (it makes it smoother, firmer, more even, brighter and tighter) with Nuori’s Supreme Moisture Mask, which helps soothe, plump and hydrate the skin. It can even be left on overnight if desired.

Dallas Biotin Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner by R+CO

At the start of winter, because of drier air, having to wear a hat, etc., I was experiencing static hair. Having your hair stand up straight and be unmanageable is quite the annoyance. I had to adjust my hair routine with a shampoo and conditioner duo that is more moisturizing by R+CO. Since I prefer added volume, I opted for the Dallas collection. I also incorporate a mask routine from The Hair Routine to keep my hair as healthy as possible. My hair problems were instantly fixed.

Aventus for Her EDP by Creed

I recently fell in love with Aventus for Her by Creed, newly landed at Etiket. Although very different from my usual signature scent (Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules), this fresh and floral scent, inspired by some of the most powerful women in history (empresses and queens and heads of state who were Creed customers) and modern women who are both imposing, resolutely feminine and assertive, is most addictive.

HydraFacial MD and Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment

During my last few spa visits, Ivy combined two of my favourite treatments: the HydraFacial MD and the Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment for hydrated, plumped and luminous skin. Treat yourself to a facial to feel revitalized or before an event for an instant lift.


Retexturing Activator and Triple Lipid Restore by SkinCeuticals

I am rediscovering the Retexturing Activator for my night time routine from SkinCeuticals – Cleanse, Tone, Retexturing Activator – another layer of toner and then Triple Lipid Restore. It exfoliates AND gives me that extra layer of hydration that I want in the cold dry winter.

Control Flexible Paste by R+CO

I am not someone who spends a lot of time on my hair. As they say, a little dab will do you and I can put it in damp hair and be done, or for some extra lift blow dry when I want to have that Harry Styles vibe. Harry may not think so though….

Original Vétiver EDP by Creed

This takes me back to when I was 16 and I would spray my brother’s Eau Sauvage on before sneaking into the disco – don’t forget, this was 1979! The Creed Vetiver is a beautiful fresh scent that holds its own; classic or not!

Tata Harper Treatments

It is always a Tata Harper facial – any one of them! From the minute it starts – breathing in the aromatic scents, the masks, until the final massage and layer of cream – I know I am going to come out relaxed and see a difference in my skin and in me!

Beauty & Fragrance Advisor

V-STAT Advanced Repair Gel by Vivier

I use this healing gel from Vivier enriched with Polyamide-DAB when my skin is irritated by the use of retinol, or by extreme cold. I use it as the last step in my routine. It is also an effective treatment for chapped lips with the anti-aging benefits of Polyamide-DAB.

C&E Advanced with Hexylresorcinol and Silymarin by PCA Skin

PCA’s Pure Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum is our most concentrated serum with 20% ascorbic acid, 5% tocopherol (vitamin e) as well as hexylresorcinol which is a fantastic ingredient for pigmentation spots & irritations. Clinical studies have shown that 0.5% hexylresorcinol is as effective as 2% hydroquinone. The addition of silymarin makes it an excellent choice for acne-prone skin.

Multi-Bioactive Mela-Prep Lotion by Environ

I love using this as a toner after my cleanser. It targets pigmentation spots and acne scars. It combines the power of niacinamide for its sebum-regulating effects, alpha arbutin for its skin-lightening properties, and undecylenoyl phenylalanine, a derivative of phenylalanine, an important amino acid for slowing down melanin production.

Complete Anti-Pollution Spritz by Environ

I love using this anti-pollution spray to protect my skin from the harmful effects of the sun and urban pollution. Combining an algae complex including chlorella, as well as a vitamin C derivative.

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