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Review: Slow Explosions by Imaginary Authors

This is a guest blog post by Vic from ScentBound. Vic is passionate about fragrance ...

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This is a guest blog post by Vic from ScentBound. Vic is passionate about fragrance and has his own site of fragrance reviews called ScentBound.

Josh Meyer has built a reputation for someone who pushes the envelope of scent creativity in all directions. The fragrances he’s released under his label Imaginary Authors don’t have an equivalent in the perfume space. Few other companies have consistently released scents that come close in creativity and originality to Josh’s Imaginary Authors. The company’s 2016 release, Slow Explosions, continues the tradition.

Slow ExplosionsThere are a couple of interesting bits around the creation of Slow Explosions. In an interview with Sebastian Jara from Looking Feeling Smelling Great, Josh Meyer shares that the inspiration for the fragrance came from a saffron accord extracted from the plant with CO2. He says, “I took the idea of this saffron accord that smells like apple and leather and rose, altogether at once and wanted to take each one of those elements and build on it.”

Slow Explosions opens with a juicy, mouth watering green apple accord. Yet, as Josh explains, there is no apple note in there. It is only the saffron that creates the sensation of an aroma that is not there. Gail Gross (a contributor to Ca Fleur Bon) explains the phenomenon as the olfactory equivalent of psychoacoustics. It’s sound notes you hear that are not really there. Read the complete article HERE

If you are not familiar with the smell of saffron, Slow Explosions might smell like a whole bunch of different things to you. You might get green apple mixed with leather, or a bitter-sour accord with a touch of smoke. Many of these notes are not actually there. They are illusions, olfactory tricks Slow Explosions plays on you. This aspect of the fragrance is what makes it so interesting.

Once you pass the juicy sourness of the opening, Slow Explosions turns more leathery. It is not your typical handbag leather, nor a soft suede. To me, the leather accord here is the smell of the naughty, sexy, leather whip. Yet, there is nothing dirty or skanky about it. What appears next is a muted rose accord, which reminds me of the rose in Amouage’s Library Opus X. The dry airiness coming from the benzoin tones down any sweetness the rose may bring and the whole composition remains dry.

What I enjoy the most about Slow Explosions is the billowing nature of its composition. When you first wear it, you may find that it has a very distinct structure. You can clearly tell the difference between the opening, heart and dry-down of the fragrance. This is another olfactory illusion. Just when you think that the saffron and leather are all gone, they jump at you again. You think you are past the rose stage? Here it is poking its head. With Slow Explosions you just never know. It’s a fragrance that constantly keeps you guessing.

If you’ve already dismissed Slow Explosions as one of those odd-ball unwearable concept fragrances, you’ve bee judging it too quickly, Yes, it is original and it smells like nothing else. Still, Slow Explosions is very wearable. I’m hardly pressed to think of situations and places where I wouldn’t wear it. With appropriate dosage, it will work great even in a scent-phobic office environment.

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When to Wear It
The short answer is anywhere, anytime. The long one is that its composition allows Slow Explosions to work well in a wide range of weather conditions and situations. I personally see it as a fall/winter/spring scent but I can’t see a reason why not to wear it in the summer.

Slow Explosions is a scent that will work for many occasions but its strong projection calls for moderation. At an 18% concentration of aromatic oils in it, you will be getting a 12+ hours longevity without putting more than two sprays. If you are going for an extra oomph, sure, splurge and spray three times. More than that is asking for trouble.

Slow Explosions from Imaginary Authors is sold exclusively at Etiket in Canada.

Vic from ScentBound

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Vetyver Mona di Orio

Review: Vetyver by Mona di Orio

This is a guest blog post by Vic from ScentBound. Vic is passionate about fragrance ...

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This is a guest blog post by Vic from ScentBound. Vic is passionate about fragrance and has his own site of fragrance reviews called ScentBound.

Mona di OrioOne thing I love about Mona di Orio is that her fragrances are never just another take on a popular note . Mona di Orio Cuir is not just another take on leather and her Vanille is not just another vanilla.
In the same style, Mona di Orio’s Vetyver is, you guessed it, not another vetiver fragrance. It is a fragrance of subtlety and elegance. Much like Jean Claude Elena’s watercolour creations for Hermes, Mona’s Vetyver is transparent and delicate without being boring and dismissible.
In an interview with Les Senteurs, Mona di Orio mentions that her favourite note was vetiver. She used to add a drop of it in all her compositions. Her love for the ingredient made it only natural for her to create a vetiver-based fragrance.
Vetyver by Mona di Orio
What sets Mona’s Vetyver apart is that it features a natural vetiver essential oil from Borboun. This particular variety has a strong dry, earthy undertone, which translates beautifully in the composition.
The sceptics among us might say, “so what, a vetiver is a vetiver.” Not so. Most other fragrances are made either with aroma chemicals or vetiver oil sources from Java and Indonesia. Regardless of the source, a vetiver will smell like vetiver. The difference in the source and the quality of the raw materials becomes evident in the subtleties of the aroma. Mona di Orio’s Vetyver is an example of this. The quality vetiver from Borboun shines in Mona’s composition.

“In Mona di Orio’s Vétyver, she wrests every facet she can from its earthy-citrus scent, like a pianist exploring the intricacies of a particular key in a Bach piano concerto. Fresh, dry, peppery, hesperidic and even minty – Vétyver marries the best Bourbon vetiver with notes that bring out its herbaceous-fresh qualities.” – Maison Mona di Orio

Vetyver opens with a dry earthy vetiver note with a touch of grapefruit. A cool ginger accord chimes in to make the composition sparkle. Mona di Orio masterfully combined two opposites – dry vetiver and fresh citrus – to create a sensation of dry freshness.
Even though grapefruit and ginger are present, they don’t define the opening of Vetyver. It stays decidedly dry and earthy. Just when the citrus starts taking its leave, a spicy note of nutmeg appears and swirls the Borboun vetiver into a wild dance. The two stay together in an embrace well into the final moments of the fragrance.
In its final hours Vetyver stays close to the skin creating a soft aura of herbal freshness.

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When to Wear It
If you are looking for a universal, yet interesting fragrance, Vetyver is the one for you. The fresh ginger-grapefruit combo make it a great choice for a hot summer day, while the dry vetiver and spicy nutmeg are perfect for colder weather. If you are looking for some warmth in the dead of winter, Vetyver may not be your best choice – despite the nutmeg and labdanum, the composition stays on the fresh side.

Depending on its use, vetiver can be either hippie-smelling (think incense shops) or elegant and sophisticated. Mona’s Vetyver is the latter, which makes it appropriate for any occasion. An Sunday brunch with your yoga besties? Vetyver is your scent. An art gallery cocktail party? Mona’s Vetyver will make you fit into the creative crowd.

The only downside of Vetyver is its longevity and projection. During my wears I didn’t get it to last more than five hours and the at the end of those, it stayed close to my skin. The solution? Bring the bottle with you.

Vetyver from Mona di Orio is sold exclusively at Etiket in Canada.

Vic from ScentBound

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Emeraude Agar - Atelier Cologne

Review: Emeraude Agar by Atelier Cologne

In the interest of full disclosure, we need to let you know that we are ...

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Emeraude Agar - Atelier CologneIn the interest of full disclosure, we need to let you know that we are a little biased when it comes to anything Atelier Cologne. We were the first to carry Atelier Cologne in Canada and we have had the brand since we opened the boutique in 2011. We have had Sylvie and Christophe visit the store and we have met with them and even interviewed them in New York.

We love how through their love of fragrance they built a beautiful brand that embodies their vision and their creativity. We have watched them grow across the world and although a part of us wishes they could stay a beautiful little fragrance house, we see too how wonderful it is to see them touch so many people with their scents by expanding around the world.
Emeraude Agar
One of their latest scents is Emeraude Agar and we are excited to have it exclusively in Canada. Part of the Metal Collection and developed with perfumer, Jérôme Epinette, we think Emeraude Agar is one of the most beautiful Cologne Absolue’s yet. With bergamot, angelica, black pepper, geranium, rose, eucalyptus, agarwood, sandalwood and gaiac wood, there is no mistaking this for anything but an Atelier Cologne fragrance. That is a good thing. We love the mix of the agarwood (Oud) with the bergamot. We find it lightens up the Oud to make this easy and wearable. Too easy? NO! Sophisticated and fresh.

Emeraude Agar is a Cologne Absolue with 18% concentration. The head notes are taken up with fresh Cologne notes of Calabrian bergamot and angelica from Siberia and a hint of black pepper from Vietnam. In the heart notes we experience Turkish rose absolue which is enhanced with Egyptian geranium and a hint of eucalyptus from China. The exotic woods come into play in the base notes with the of the agarwood from Malaysia and sandalwood and guaiac wood from India.

There is always a quote with any Atelier Cologne and for this fragrance it is:

He loved her beyond reason and would travel to the end of the earth to be with her again. Wild explorer and eloquent author, his life and passions advanced at the same pace. She, free as the air, inevitably brought him to new heights…

We love the romanticism of this quote as we find the fragrance just as romantic. For either men or women we have only seen a positive response in the boutique and expect it to be one of our best sellers for the more sophisticated of our Atelier Cologne customers.

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The Metal Collection from Atelier Cologne
Each fragrance is a celebration of the most precious and rare essences in the Cologne Absolue style. Each flacon is presented with a handcrafted leather cap and a removable pump allows for splash or spray use.

Atelier Cologne – The True Art of Cologne
The company based in New York and Paris was founded by Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel. The master perfumers of Atelier Cologne blend unexpected and rare extracts with signature fresh citruses to create Colognes Absolues, concentrated formulas with a richer and more lasting effect. Each scent captures treasured emotions and powerful memories. The fragrances are presented in a custom blown glass bottle of the highest quality. The glass bottles are finished with a hand-crafted cap of leather.

Discover the Atelier Cologne range at Etiket: Atelier Cologne

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Au Coeur Du Desert Unisex fragrance by Tauer Perfumes

Review: Au Coeur du Désert from Andy Tauer

We are always excited when a new fragrance comes out from Tauer Perfumes. Andy has ...

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We are always excited when a new fragrance comes out from Tauer Perfumes. Andy has never disappointed us yet and it was no different with Au Coeur du Désert. This fragrance is a new Extrait de Parfum ‘interpretation’ of Andy’s 2010 scent, L’ air du Désert Marocain. What does that mean? On a simple level, if you love L’ Air du Désert Marocain then you will love this scent. Au Coeur Du Desert Unisex fragrance by Tauer Perfumes
What is the difference then?
First, this is a 20% fragrance concentration. This woody, oriental draws on similar notes and the feeling is similar, but there is something richer about this fragrance that cannot be simply attributed to the higher fragrance concentration.
Tauer Perfumes say it like this,

If perfumery is art, AU COEUR DU DÉSERT is a statue carved out of sun
beaten timber, softened with a gloss of aged patchouli, and a
patina of ambergris, coming to life with a balsamic glow.

We agree but perhaps if we don’t get quite so poetic we could say this is simply the next level for Andy in this range of his fragrances. We definitely know it is a Tauer perfume: Complex, sophisticated and challenging. Don’t even think that you know what this smells like by spraying it on a blotter, like all Tauer fragrances this must be sprayed on the skin to be experienced. The dry down is not the same as that first spray and that is part of the magic. From the cedar wood, to the amber and leather and then on to the patchouli, ambergris and sandalwood, there is no mistaking this for anything but a Tauer perfume.
Does it take us to the heart of the desert?
We aren’t sure if we love this one more than the original, and think in the end it is l’Air du Désert Morocain that is still our favourite. But if you are a Tauer fan you must add this to your collection.

Discover the fragrance: Au Coeur de Désert
Discover all Tauer fragrances: Tauer Perfumes

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Escentric Molecules

Why don’t I smell Escentric Molecule 01?

We are often asked in the store: Why don’t I smell Escentric Molecule 01 when ...

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Escentric MoleculesWe are often asked in the store: Why don’t I smell Escentric Molecule 01 when I wear it?
For any of you who have worn Molecule 01 you know exactly what we are talking about. Others may have stopped you on the street to ask you what you are wearing but you, the wearer, don’t smell it. Maybe when you first spray it on yourself, there is a hint of something but soon enough that scent is gone and it is like you have never put any fragrance on. Is that the magic of Escentric Molecule 01 or is there something more to it?
There is definitely more to this fragrance created by perfumer Geza Schoen than this being a magical fragrance, there is science and understanding of the molecules that make up fragrance that has allowed him to achieve his creations of Molecule 01, Molecule 02 and Molecule 03. Partial Anosmia, Olfactory Adaptation or Why I Do Not Smell

But, anyway, what do “Molecules” smell like?

01 Iso E Super: a dry woody smell, close to cedar, with amber nuances and a slight phenolic aspect (tarry sweet). It is very diffusive and perfectly blends with a majority of other perfume materials. Read about Iso E Super here.

02 Ambroxan: a smell of ambergris. This substance has a sweet dry smell, reminiscent of old paper and cardboard, with a sensible marine accord and nuances of cedarwood, pine needles, and musk (close to ambrette seed). To some people it also has a green nuance of tea, as well as labdanum and even nuts.

03 Vetiveryl acetate is a semi-synthetic material, a vetiverol derivative, which is the core material responsible for the vetiver smell. Vetiveryl acetate is warm, spicy and fresh, it smells like wood (relatively close to sandal), with noticeable powdery, earthy/rooty and sweet lactonic and nutty nuances.

This information comes from one of our favourite  references, Fragrantica. Here Mat Yudov takes us through a very detailed explanation of  why we do or don’t smell certain scents and fragrances.
To read the complete blog by Mr. Yudov, please click here:
Partial Anosmia, Olfactory Adaptation or Why I Do Not Smell

To discover our complete selection of Escentric Molecules, please click: ESCENTRIC MOLECULES

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Bohea Bohème by Mona di Orio

What is a tea fragrance? Did you even know that there were fragrances infused or ...

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Bohea BohèmeWhat is a tea fragrance? Did you even know that there were fragrances infused or inspired by tea? I certainly didn’t when I started my journey into scent. We have a few of them at Etiket: Oolong Infini by Atelier Cologne, focuses on blue tea, and Penhaligon’s Malabah, is all about Early Grey tea, but I want to talk about the latest scent from Mona di Orio: Bohea Bohème.
This creation is by their new in-house perfumer, Fredrik Dalman, who studied at the same place as Mona di Orio, Art et Parfum. Now I am not sure that there is any need to make any further comparison about whether this fits the mould of a Mona di Orio fragrance because it simply is one. As with any creation from the house, Jeroen Sogtoen is involved in the direction of the fragrance and the end result will and does have that magical chiaroscuro quality that all of the Mona di Orio scents have to one degree or another.
1438750494856On first spraying Bohea Bohème I am taken to Hong Kong, to an afternoon tea I had at the Peninsula Hotel in December of 1998, I remember the year as I had missed the excitement of flying into the old Hong Kong Airport. It was the first time I had ever had a deep dark oolong tea and I was doing my best to love it as I sat there feeling quite swell sipping tea and eating sandwiches and all of the clotted cream I could get out of the silver serving dish and on to my scones. Scent for me, as I have said many times, is always a memory first before it is anything else. After the first spray I wanted to see where it would take me. Would I stay there sipping my tea or would I continue on and where would I go?
If this scent were only about tea then it would never have taken me anywhere. It is the layers of scent that transported me. The first whiff of the Italian Bergamot and the soft gentleness of the Florentine Iris and the sweetness of the Osmanthus Absolute that round out the fragrance to take me from my cup of tea, in this case Wuyi or Bohea tea all fir and pine, to the beautiful surroundings of that elegant lobby, the Rolls Royce waiting out front, and the warm, humid air that beckons one to finish their tea and head out to catch the ferry to cross the harbour and then on to whatever the night may bring. This is an elegant and sexy fragrance that is certainly not prim and proper even if it starts with tea, it ends far from there and I can’t wait to see exactly where. I have a feeling each time I wear Bohea Bohème, that final destination will be different.
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As I have read in other reviews, this is a skin scent; it stays on your skin more than it surrounds you. I like that. I like that it can be so personal, until you meet someone and they lean in to kiss you, smile and say, “What are you wearing?”

Simon Tooley
Founder & CEO of Etiket

Notes: Italian Bergamot, Cardamom Absolute, Florentine Iris, Blue Chamomile, Poplar Bud Absolute, Fir Balsam Fraction, Boxtree absolute, Geranium Absolute, Black tea oil, Smoked Juniper, Oakwood absolute, Sandalwood India, Beeswax Absolute, Bay leaf Absolute.

To order Bohea Bohème or a sample, click HERE.


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Our Favourite Summer Scents!

“As the owner of Etiket, I have the pleasure of selecting the fragrances that we ...

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Simon Tooley Owner of Etiket
Simon Tooley Owner of Etiket

“As the owner of Etiket, I have the pleasure of selecting the fragrances that we carry. With our sense of smell being the most powerful of all of our senses, choosing a fragrance may be about a memory, a moment in time or the chance to experience something new. If you are new to niche fragrances, our sample program is easy and a wonderful way to find a new scent just in time for summer,”  Simon Tooley

Let our fragrances take you on a trip….. here are my favourite summer fragrances!

Heeley: Sel Marin

A Day in St. Tropez
I used to love the end of the day at the Beach Club 55 with just a little too much sun, the crowds all gone and the sea serenely calm. A magical moment perfectly captured in Sel Marin by James Heeley.

Etro: PatchoulyLet’s Dance…
I wore Etro’s Patchouly for 20 years and was always asked … “What are you wearing?” It was my go to scent for a Saturday night on the town and was impossible to find in Canada, but not anymore.

Atelier Cologne: Mistral PatchouliMeet you on La Croisette
Spending the summer in Cannes taught me many things: what is a perfect mille feuille and how to drive a stick shift. I also discovered the magic of the Mistral and you can live it every time you wear Mistral Patchouli from Atelier Cologne.

ArquisteA Night at the Opera
I have to admit that the opera was an acquired taste for me, but the glamour of opening night at the Opera in Prague or Vienna or of course Paris is only a spray away with Boutonnière No. 7 from Arquiste.

Un Bateau pour CapriCapri Capri!
There is something unexplainable as you arrive by water to an island made famous by the jet set in the 60’s and Un Bateau pour Capri by Eau d’Italie will take you there with one simple spray.
Hermès scarf optional.

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Perfume Review: Olfactive Studio Selfie Eau de Parfum

Me, myselfie and I! A fragrant play on the self-portrait – version 2.0, Olfactive Studio’s Selfie ...

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Me, myselfie and I! A fragrant play on the self-portrait – version 2.0, Olfactive Studio’s Selfie is an ode to today’s egotistical desire to leave one’s trace, be it olfactory or visual.

Modern, urban and unusual with notes of ginger, anise, incense, angelica and elemi all fighting for the spotlight in the top notes. As the confusion settles, an accord of Maple Syrup, cinnamon, lilly, and Cabreuva merge causing a slightly sticky sweet-nutty-green odour which settles oh so nicely into its final phase: an ultra suede-like chypre. See, or smell I should say? Very unusual and difficult to describe really.
screen-capture-318Longevity: 5-10 hours.
Sillage: Excellent

Natalie Cola,
The Etiket Insider Beauty Editor


Olfactive Family: Oriental Spicy

Availability: In-store and online.

If you likeOlfactive Studio’s Selfieyou may also like Amouage Epic Woman  and Atelier Cologne Blanch Immortelle Cologne Absolue.

CLICK HERE for more details about our Fragrance Sample Program!

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Pack it up! Vacation Essentials

Whether you plan to fly south, hit the ski slopes or stay in town, these ...

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Whether you plan to fly south, hit the ski slopes or stay in town, these are the must-have beauty essentials for your spring break vacation! From sunscreen to dry shampoo, we’ve rounded up our favourite skin care, makeup and hair styling products for on-the-go beauty!


Planning on spending every day on the slopes or relaxing on the beach? Sun protection is key! We love this weightless, 100% physical sunscreen from SkinCeuticals. Its tinted formula evens out all skin tones, while protecting against harmful
UVA and UVB rays.




SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50


Moisturizing cream extraordinaire! Whether you are suffering from dryness and irritation due to wind and cold weather exposure, dehydration from air travel, or too much sun, this special moisturizing cream from Environ will quickly soothe and relieve dry skin conditions.




Environ Super Moisturizer+


Always on the go? Traveling from one destination to the next? Then Dry Shampoo is your best beauty ally! This 100% natural Voluminous Dry Shampoo from Rahua adds volume, cleans and styles hair – all without water!



Rahua Voluminous Dry Shampoo


We love double duty makeup! Perfect for traveling light and when on-the-go… These Lip2Cheek pots from RMS Beauty contain a unique formula that combines hydration and protection with gorgeous mineral colour for a beautiful, natural finish on both lips and cheeks!


RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek


No matter where you are, a spritz of your favourite fragrance will keep you grounded. This 4ml travel atomizer from Penhaligon’s is an essential perfume accessory, making it possible to take your perfume with you, wherever you go.


Penhaligon’s Travel Atomizer

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Perfume Review: Mona Di Orio Violette Fumée Eau de Parfum

A violet scent like no other… Oh how do I find words for this masterpiece? ...

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A violet scent like no other… Oh how do I find words for this masterpiece? I find myself seduced by this one. The top notes are both heady and fresh, a velvet blanket of purple powder, trimmed with bergamot and lavender and padded with rose, incense, and opopanax. It lingers soft and veiled, before settling into a soft cloud of smoke. It’s magic!

Mona di Orio Violette Fumée was created for Jeroen Oude Sogtoen and is inspired by his  favourite childhood memories, experiences, songs, his favourite colour and favourite movie – Endochine, in particular, the opening scene.  An elegant movie that starts on a romantic and poetic note, yet ends quite bitter. Much like Violette Fumée,  a transition from light to dark.

Natalie Cola,
The Etiket Insider Beauty Editor


Olfactive Family: Oriental Fougère

Availability: In-store and online.

If you like Mona di Orio Violette Fumée EDP, you may also like Atelier Cologne Silver Iris Cologne Absolue  and Histoires de Parfums Blanc Violette EDP.

CLICK HERE for more details about our Fragrance Sample Program!

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Perfume Review: HEELEY Parfums Chypre 21 Eau de Parfum

HEELEY Parfums Chypre 21 Eau de Parfum is as they say, “an ode to Parisian chic”. ...

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HEELEY Parfums Chypre 21 Eau de Parfum is as they say, “an ode to Parisian chic”. A chypre for the 21st century if you will! If you are unfamiliar with the chypre fragrance family, then sit back and take notes. This is one group you will want to know and, it really should be the start of all fragrant journeys.

Most consider Chypre to be the most sophisticated and beautiful of the fragrance families. The concept is based on an accord of citrus top notes, middle notes of labdanum and mossy-musky base notes. Together they  create what is known as the chypre odor impression. Notes of flowers and fruits are sometimes added to the composition.

I am not one who typically wears a Chypre fragrance, as I prefer something a bit more “outside the box”, something a bit more on the modern end of the spectrum. So, naturally I was surprised by my immediate “WOW” reaction to this latest offering from HEELEY. This Chypre is modern, yet classic and simply stunning!

Chypre 21 opens with a cologne-like freshness. So I suppose we could say that this is what initially grabbed my attention. Notes of bergamot and petit grain mingle perfectly. It is flirty, infectious and immediately lifts my mood. The contrast of traditional rose and exotic saffron lends a modern edge strong enough to stand up to the “classic” idea of a Chypre. As base notes of oakmoss and musk come into play, the cologne-like characters of this fragrance seem to dissipate. The typical Chypre anchor settles and pulls the entire composition into order. Patchouli and sandalwood exaggerates the dry wood finish and makes for the perfect Chypre foundation! Longevity: 6-8 hours. Sillage: Average

Natalie Cola,
The Etiket Insider Beauty Editor

Heeley Chypre

Olfactive Family: Chypre

Availability: In-store and online.

If you like HEELEY Chypre 21 EDP, you may also like Histoires de Parfums Noir Patchouli EDP  and Atelier Cologne Grand Néroli.

CLICK HERE for more details about our Fragrance Sample Program!

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Mona di Orio: Perfume to be worn

I am often asked how I choose which perfume brands I bring into Etiket. I ...

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Mona di Orio at Etiket: Perfume to be worn
Mona di Orio at Etiket

I am often asked how I choose which perfume brands I bring into Etiket. I wish I could say there was a formula or a science or it was even a well-studied business decision, but it is never any of those. Very simply I fall in love with the fragrances and the story that is part of those fragrances. Mona di Orio perhaps exemplifies this better than any other collection of perfumes that we have in the store.

Mona di Orio Perfume at Pitti Fragranze 2014
Mona di Orio Pitti Fragranze 2014 (Photo: Petit Parfum Blog)

I am sure I had heard of Mona di Orio before I went to Pitti Fragranze (the niche perfume show in Florence) in September of 2014, but I had never smelled it. It was not even on my radar as one of the brands I wanted to look at when I was there. I remember so clearly how it happened that I met Jeroen Oude Sogtoen  (designer and co-founder of Mona di Orio) and when he walked me through the collection.

The collection was being shown in a booth with other brands and I was looking at another brand from New York when the Mona di Orio bottles caught my eye. I finished sniffing where I was and made my way over to see what the gold bottles with their oval shapes were all about. As I stood there looking at the collection Jeroen came up to me quietly and asked if I had any questions. I introduced myself and asked him to take me through the scents.

A perfume show is a very noisy and animated place. But when Jeroen started to tell me the story of who Mona di Orio was, it seemed as if there was no one there but he and I as he took me on a journey.

Mona di Orio
Mona di Orio

The story of Mona di Orio is not a happy one, but it is a beautiful one, in the true sense of how romance in literature is defined. It is like a prose narrative of heroic deeds in an imaginary setting that is not imaginary at all. It is the story of Mona, a woman who by chance falls into perfumery and is trained by a master perfumer, Monsieur Edmond Roudnitska. She finds her true calling and begins her journey into the world of perfume. Through coincidence (or was it?) she meets Jeroen and with his vision for design and her nose they create the fragrance house of Mona di Orio in 2004 and launch their first three fragrances: Lux, Carnation and Nuit Noire.
As Jeroen told me the story and took me through each of the fragrances I was simply moved to tears. The passion of their partnership for what they did together was so strong and so beautiful that it had to come out in the scents that Mona created. Mona’s ability to take experience, emotions and moments from our lives and pour them into a bottle, and Jeroen’s vision of design meld everything into one perfect collection.

Mona passed away in 2011, and Jeroen has continued on the legacy that they had created together. It seems to me pointless to describe these fragrances, words never do justice to anything we smell, you need to experience them yourselves to truly feel and sense the complexity of light and dark and shadow that is the signature of Mona di Orio.

My favourites are Myrh Casati and Nuit Noire but there is not one that I would not wear or suggest depending on my mood or simply the way the light is falling that day. These are fragrances to be worn and enjoyed for their pure and utter ability to make us dream, remember, or make us smile

Simon Tooley
Owner of Etiket

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