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Bring the Spa Home This Winter

Unveil Your Winter Glow with this Tata Harper Skincare Routine.

Reveal your glow this winter with Tata Harper’s skincare secret: swapping out those light layers for richer, creamier textures to keep your skin feeling hydrated and soft.

Find out exactly what products she recommends to treat your skin to some much needed TLC in the colder months.


Nourishing Oil Cleanser 
Helps breaks down buildup and dissolves makeup without stripping the skin for a soft, supple feeling.
Regenerating Cleanser 
A daily cleansing & exfoliating treatment that buffs and polishes for radiant, healthy looking skin. Best for dull, uneven, or congested skin.
Hydrating Floral Mask
A hyper-hydrating mask with 1,000 sizes of hyaluronic acid to recharge dry skin, replenish lost moisture and deliver thirst-quenching hydration.
Hydrating Floral Essence
Moisturizes and plumps with hyaluronic acid and natural humectants. Also preps skin for maximum absorption of treatments that follow.
Rejuvenating Serum
Visibly minimizes the signs of aging by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and restores strength, vitality and radiance to the skin.
Boosted Contouring Eye Balm
Targets sagging skin and undereye bags to restore a youthfully firm, lifted look. Best for loss of firmness/ elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, and dryness.
Crème Riche
This rich moisturizer is formulated with sixteen sources of hydration and twelve sources of age-defying botanicals that lift, plump, and volumize the look of the skin.
Lip Crème in Bare
The comfort of a balm meets the vibrancy of a lipstick to create an anti-aging crème that rejuvenates the lip contour and envelops lips in plumping moisture.
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In Conversation With

Get Your Hands Winter Ready With This Routine

The founder of Le Rouge à Ongles, Elise Khettat, unveils her tips to maintain smooth and moisturized hands just in time for winter.

With the change in seasons and cold-weather here to stay, we asked the founder of Le Rouge à Ongles, Elise Khettat, to unveil her tips to maintain smooth and moisturized hands right in time for winter.


Elise Khettat — Founder of Le Rouge à Ongles

First and foremost, I believe that taking care of your hands is just as important as taking care of your face. I abide by a routine that I follow once a week and daily for soft, hydrated and plumped hands.

Each week, I treat my hands to a real moment of relaxation. After washing them thoroughly with a gentle soap, I apply the Smoothing Body Scrub from Tata Harper to dry skin. I massage them delicately for several minutes, remembering to pass over each nail in order to exfoliate the contour of the nails and rinse it off with clean water.

What I love most about this scrub is that it exfoliates dead skin away while preparing my hands to receive a manicure, and that the exfoliating particles are biodegradable. It basically does it all! 

Next, to fully unwind, I apply a thick layer of the Supreme Moisture Mask from Nuori, without forgetting the contour of my nails and my cuticles. I leave it on until absorbed.

Then, I do an oil-based self-massage on my hands. I particularly like The Body Oil from Augustinus Bader which will stimulate the functions of the skin barrier and prevent transepidermal water loss which makes the skin more sensitive to dehydration. As with the previous steps, I also massage around the nails to nourish my cuticles.

On a daily basis, I apply a moisturizing hand cream 2 to 3 times a day – or as often as my skin needs it, especially in winter as our skin tends to dry out very quickly in the cold. I recommend The Hand Treatment from Augustinus Bader as it is ultra nourishing and soothing.

And I always carry a cuticle oil that I apply several times a day. The Nail + Cuticle Creme from Huna is a very practical format to have in your pocket or bag at all times! Moisturizing your cuticles helps soften them and gently push them back for a clean nail base.

Final tip: if would like to apply nail polish following your hand care routine, remember to degrease your nails with a gentle nail polish remover, as cream or oil residue on the nails prevents the varnish from applying and lasting long-term.


My favourite shades for this time of the year are ArsenalLuxembourg and Opéra.

Discover Le Rouge à Ongles at Etiket in store or online.

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Skin Care

Back to School Edit

Discover our essentials for getting ready fast during those hectic mornings.

Back to school is often associated with a period of renewal and transition. Vacations, sunshine, and long relaxing days now make way for a return to school and work, shorter days, a multitude of activities, routines and rituals, and a more hectic schedule.

Here are our skincare and makeup multi-tasking essentials, as well as our go-to to make your hairstyle last longer and help you look your best in no time!

Keep the good habits going with sunscreen.
Sun protection is the foundation of any skincare routine.
Kill two birds with one stone with a tinted version that evens out skin tone while protecting the skin.
Express camouflage.
A touch of concealer under the eyes or on problem areas
will brighten and even out the skin. Choose a shade that matches your skin tone as closely as possible.
Opt for a multi-purpose blush.
To enhance eyes, cheeks and lips easily using just your fingers.
Pimple patches for the win.
Apply them overnight to reduce the appearance of active breakouts and promote healing.
Keep a hydrating lip balm on the go.
Keep lips nicely moisturized or why not add a little colour… instant shine guaranteed!
Enhance eyelashes with mascara.
While we like to keep things minimalist daily, a few coats of mascara will add definition and instantly open up the eyes.
Apply a perfecting powder to keep the shine at bay.
Get rid of shine and ensure skin protection during work breaks and lunches spent outdoors.
Keep dry shampoo handy.
For those hurried mornings, dry shampoo becomes our best ally. Choose the formula that works best for you!
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Skin Care

Best Summer Skincare Routine According to Our Aestheticians

We asked some of our aestheticians to share some advice to keep skin looking and feeling healthy this summer. Discover what products and treatments they recommend!

New skincare challenges, such as using sufficient sun protection and maintaining well-hydrated skin, are brought on by the warmer weather. We asked some of our aestheticians to share some advice to keep skin looking and feeling its best this summer. Discover what products and treatments they recommend!

LAURA, Aesthetician at The Etiket Spa

What is your current AM skincare routine?

As a first step, I reach for the Tata Harper Superkind Softening Cleanser which works to gently dissolve buildup and impurities. I then apply the Environ Youth Essentia Vita-Peptide C-Quence Serum 1. It helps combat the visible signs of ageing to create even, smoother and healthier-looking skin. To moisturize, I use the SkinCeuticals AOX+ Eye Gel both in the AM and PM on my eye contour and the Environ Super Moisturiser+ all over my face. I finish with the Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield Flex SPF 50, a lightweight tinted sunscreen that offers buildable coverage.

What is your current PM skincare routine?

Three times per week, I would use the Tata Harper Superkind Refining Cleanser, a gentle exfoliator that simultaneously nourishes and refines to reveal a nice glow. The Pai Skincare Middlemist Seven Camellia & Rose Gentle Cream Cleanser paired with a damp muslin cloth to remove makeup and sunscreen, followed by a double cleanse using Tata Harper’s Clarifying Cleanser. To finish, I apply the Tata Harper Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil to nourish and strengthen the skin.

How do you prevent pigmentation?

I would recommend any Vitamin C serum and retinoic oil, as well as the Tata Harper Brightening Facial with Multi-Acid Peel treatment (great for glow, pigmentation, acne and scarring). It’s a HOLY GRAIL! 🙂

What facial would you recommend in the summer months? 

The Tata Harper Etiket Signature Facial is suitable for all skin types and is amazing for blood circulation.

What would you change for your summer skincare routine? 

For summer, I like adding a purifying/resurfacing mask weekly. Here are a few options to try!

JORDANNA, Holistic Aesthetician at The Etiket Spa

What is your current AM skincare routine?

To start, I wash my face with the Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser and spray on Pai Skincare’s Century Flower Lotus & Hyaluronic Acid Barrier Support Mist. I follow with two more Tata Harper products: the Rejuvenating Serum and the Refillable Restorative Eye Crème which brightens, smooths, de-puffs, and hydrates to rejuvenate signs of aging and fatigue. To moisturize and brigthen my skin, I apply the Kat Burki Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream and follow with Pai Skincare’s The Light Fantastic, a fast-absorbing dry oil containing ceramides to help build strong long-term resilience against irritation. As last steps, I opt for the Colorescience Sunforgettable GLOW Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50 and their Total Eye™ 3-in-1 Renewal Care, available in 4 colours, to keep my skin protected and my under eye looking rested.

What is your current PM skincare routine?

I first double cleanse with the Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser, followed by Pai Skincare’s Phaze PHA Clarifying Face Wash which helps clarify congested skin. Next, I apply the Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening Essence, Concentrated Brightening Serum, Superkind Fortifying Moisturizer and Boosted Contouring Eye Balm which leave my skin feeling nice and plump!

How do you prevent pigmentation?

I suggest using nighttime brightening products, sunscreen with SPF 50, and Tata Harper’s Superkind Radiance Mask and Resurfacing Mask.

What facial would you recommend in the summer months? 

Tata Harper’s Sculpting Facial: the anti-gravity skin lift! This lavish treatment pairs green bio-technology with a cupping facial massage technique to firm and lift the look of your skin, and a rejuvenating neck and décolleté treatment helps instantly revitalized the skin with a youthful glow.

What would you change for your summer skincare routine? 

Products with high SPF and a fabulous sun hat! 🙂

MARION, Aesthetician at The Etiket Spa

What is your current AM skincare routine?

In the morning, I wash my face with my Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser, apply my SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF vitamin C serum, followed by my Tata Harper Water-Lock Moisturizer and my Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46 sunscreen.

What is your current PM skincare routine?

In the evening, I do my double cleansing routine to remove makeup with two products from Tata Harper: I thoroughly wash my skin with my makeup remover oil, the Nourishing Oil Cleanser, followed by my Purifying Cleanser. I then apply my soothing SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel, my Dr. Barbara Sturm The Better B Niacinamide Serum, and finally my Tata Harper Water-Lock Moisturizer.

How do you prevent pigmentation?

To prevent the appearance of pigmentation spots, I use a vitamin C serum (SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF) in the morning, followed by sunscreen (Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46).

What facial would you recommend in the summer months? 

The treatment I recommend this time of year is a HydraFacial to deeply cleanse the skin, reveal radiance and plump up dehydrated skin.

What would you change for your summer skincare routine? 

I would recommend using fewer oils and prioritizing more water-based gel textures to continue moisturizing without making the skin greasy, and to exfoliate skin more.

When was you last visit to the Etiket Spa?

Did you know that we now have 4 treatment rooms and 6 aestheticians who offer the best treatments to treat your skin according to your goals and desired results?

Appointments can be made in-person at our boutique or by calling 514.687.3886. To learn more about our spa services, click here.

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Skin Care

Discover Canadian Brands: Hidden Gems to Explore

A look at the amazing Canadian brands we are proud to offer at Etiket.

We’ve supported Canadian brands since opening Etiket in 2011 and are constantly adding new brands to our curated selection of skincare, fragrance and beauty products. To make it easy for you, we have a Canadian Beauty category that includes skincare, hair care, body care and fragrances. Some you know and some you may be new to – we’re happy to help you find new favourites! Discover our Canadian Beauty and Happy Canada Day!


Founder: Jess Vivier, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC

Brand Story:

Jess is a chemical engineering technologist who has worked exclusively in the pharmaceutical industry since the start of his career in 1976. He founded Vivier in 1997, which sold its first product in January 2000.

What They Offer:

Vivier is one of the world’s #1 topical Vitamin C lines. The brand combines the powerful benefits of patented Vitamin C serums (L-Ascorbic Acid USP) with pharmaceutical-grade cleansers, toners, eye therapy products, moisturizers, advanced sun protection products, body care and complete skin care systems.

Bend Beauty

Founder: Marc St. Onge, Halifax, NS

Brand Story:

Long recognized as a leader in the natural health products field with a proven track record of innovation and environmental stewardship, Marc aspires to lead a new wave of growth in premium skincare with Bend Beauty.

What They Offer:

Bend Beauty supplements offer effective, unique, and extraordinary blends of ingredients designed to help you create a beautiful life – which starts with taking care of yourself. While topical products can help, the solution to skin health and longevity exists deeper. Taking an ingestible approach to skin health also means that you’re treating your entire skin organ (torso, arms, and legs!) – not just your face.


Founder: Bill Baker, Toronto, ON

Brand Story:

Bill launched Consonant in 2009 after his struggles with dry skin and eczema inspired him to start his own skincare company. His Toronto-based skincare brand offers all-natural products that are made in Canada.

What They Offer:

Premium skincare that is luxurious, as effective as a cosmeceutical brand, and as healthy as the leading natural brand. All of their products are 100% natural and formulated with the highest possible concentration of organic botanical ingredients. They improve the look of your skin with results you will notice immediately.


Founder: Lisa Mattam, Toronto, ON

Brand Story:

Lisa has always tried to eat healthily and work out, and she comes from a long line of yogis, but somehow she had never translated those habits to her skincare. Lisa launched Sahajan in 2015, an evidence-based natural line based on the ancient science of Ayurveda. As a former pharmaceutical executive, it was important for her to give her customers the confidence to choose both Ayurveda and clean beauty.

What They Offer:

Sahajan is an evidence-based natural beauty brand based on the 5,000-year-old science of Ayurveda. They create category-defining, high-performance, clean skincare, body and hair products.


Founder: Corina Crysler, Toronto, ON

Brand Story:

With a degree in Nutrition and Food Chemistry, Corina spent 10 years working with over 70 companies in the natural health sector. In 2008, Corina embarked on a new chapter in her career. After meeting with Isocell Laboratories in Paris, France, she launched GliSODin, a professional line of nutricosmetics, in North America.  

What They Offer:

GliSODin Skin Nutrients combine the key ingredient GliSODin® with nutrient-rich formulas designed to enhance the outcome of cosmetic procedures and provide long-term support for optimal skin health. Their nutricosmetics are backed by scientific research and prized by dermatologists, cosmetic physicians, and plastic surgeons for their brightening, firming, and contouring results. 


Founder: Heather Urquhart, Monte Creek, B.C.

Brand Story:

Being a botanist, herbalist and passionate plant-lover and gardener, and after feeling let-down by the low quality and potency of some botanical ingredients that she had purchased off the market, Heather developed the initial Huna ‘Skin Nutrition’ Skincare line and launched it to the world in November 2014. In 2015, Huna began growing their own botanicals, starting with just six unique plant species. Now in 2023, Huna grows nearly 100 different species on their organic and regenerative 30-acre Huna Farm in beautiful Monte Creek, British Columbia, Canada.

What They Offer:

Huna creates innovative and science-based natural and organic high-performance ‘Skin Nutrition’ skincare. Each plant is picked at its optimal time when the plant is at peak freshness on the farm. Their botanicals are minimally refined, and incorporated into Huna skincare formulations right away – to capture & retain each plant’s maximum active potency in their high-performance skin nutrition.


Founder: Yves Serra, Montreal, QC

Brand Story:

Pro-Derm was founded in Montreal in 1996 and has been developed by a team of chemists and a dermatologist. Their products are entirely developed and manufactured in Quebec.

What They Offer:

Rich in high-quality ingredients, the Pro-Derm line combines innovative agents, natural botanical extracts and pure essential oils. The unique and natural vegetal base of their products preserves the integrity of the skin’s natural protective layer and hydrates all skin types. Pro-Derm is also a line of skincare products specially formulated to complement medical rejuvenation procedures such as peels, laser treatments, dermal injections and cosmetic surgery.


Founder: Gregory Macdonald, Ottawa, ON

Brand Story:

After spending years and countless dollars on mediocre bath products, Greg founded Bathorium and set out to create premium bath soaks that not only give a unique experience for the bather but also a product that the user can benefit from both physically and mentally.

What They Offer:

Bathorium is a Canadian-made luxury bath products company proudly sourcing the highest grade of ingredients. They produce hand-crafted bath bombs and soaks that are designed for benefit-based bathing, meaning their products are about the benefits your whole body will reap after a Bathorium bath.


Founder: Stacey Davis, Toronto, ON

Brand Story:

Lovefresh was founded on the premise that you could have beautiful, glowing skin using all-natural products, that would be as luxurious as they would be healthy for the body. What began as a “kitchen chemistry” experiment in Davis’ Toronto home soon evolved into the creation of a complete line of all-natural, non-toxic and highly effective products.

What They Offer:

Lovefresh offers an “easy luxury” experience through its body care products. Every Lovefresh recipe is formulated with the best ingredients from local and global sources, including layered notes of beautiful, fresh-smelling scents. Stacey is directly involved, from recipe development and through every point of execution to the final package, ensuring that quality and integrity are always paramount. 

The Hair Routine

Founder: Clarissa de Queiroz, Montreal, QC

Brand Story:

Clarissa was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, and haircare has always been an important part of her heritage and culture. Moving to Canada, her biggest struggle was having access to products and ingredients she needed in order to keep up with her hair routine, a popular method of hair care used in Brazil. That’s when the idea of starting The Hair Routine was conceived: a brand that creates formulas that serve the purpose of treating the hair with what it really needs in order to be healthy, so we don’t have to overstock our shelves with products with no long-term results!

What They Offer:

The Hair Routine is an eco-luxury hair care company based in Montreal that creates premium products – using eco-friendly ingredients of only the highest quality. This brand’s biocompatible formula and personalized hair routine deliver exceptional results, allowing your hair to flourish.

Plume Science

Founder: Lauren Bilon, Calgary, AB

Brand Story:

After suffering significant hair and eyelash loss after her first child, Lauren tried pharmaceutical products and suffered dangerous side effects. From this experience, Lauren created Plume Science in partnership with leading natural and organic cosmetics formulator Irene Schnell. A certified Master in Fragrance & Cosmetics science (EFCM), Irene transformed Lauren’s carefully curated ingredients into an all-natural, long-lasting, preservative-free, safe, and effective formula.  

What They Offer:

Plume Science is beauty backed by science. They offer cosmetics for lash and brow enhancement that are clean, cruelty-free and vegan, made with a combination of plant-based actives in a self-preserving formula that contains zero synthetic ingredients.

Rockwell Razors

Founders: Gareth Everard and Morgan Nordstrom, Toronto, ON

Brand Story:

Rockwell Razors was born out of a belief that the world needs a real alternative to overpriced cartridge razors and gimmick-filled shave clubs. The result? The classiest, most comfortable shave of your life.

What They Offer:

Rockwell’s patented adjustable shave settings let you perfectly match your shave to your stubble length and skin type. They have formulated a full line of exceptional shaving and grooming products that you simply have to try to believe – trust us, you’ll feel the difference.


Founder: Isabelle Michaud, Montreal, QC

Brand Story:

It is early in life that Isabelle began her love affair with perfumes and all things scented and nicely packaged. Although it is a bit of a mystery why she is so interested in scent, it probably has something to do with her sensitive, intuitive and perceptive nature.  After attending the renowned ISIPCA perfume institute in Versailles, France, she created Monsillage. Isabelle finds inspiration in past travels, one-of-a-kind experiences, personal impressions and glimpses of grace for the creation of her fragrances. 

What They Offer:

Monsillage will take you on a journey, a scent journey of course, through its beautiful selection of perfumes, candles and soap.


Founder: Victor Wong, Toronto, ON

Brand Story:

It all started as a hobby for Victor, while still juggling a regular job, but slowly and inevitably perfumes took over. Founded in 2013 and a proud Canadian company located in Toronto, Zoologist works with award-winning perfumers to bring you innovative, animal-inspired scents.

What They Offer:

Their line of perfumes captures the idiosyncrasies of the animal kingdom and transforms them into scents that are unusual, beautiful, fun and even shocking. Their scents will reconnect you with the manifold delights of the natural world.

Libertine Fragrance

Founder: Joshua Smith, Edmonton, AB

Brand Story:

Libertine Fragrance was founded in 2015 by Joshua, a forester turned designer turned perfumer. Josh’s vision is to marry the creativity of design, the beauty of nature and the pleasure of the senses into an experience of escapism in a bottle.  

What They Offer:

All of their fragrances are crafted by hand in small batches in Edmonton, Alberta. A mixture of essential oils and carefully chosen aroma molecules are weighed, mixed and diluted with pure perfumers alcohol. The experimenting, blending, mixing and packaging are all done by hand in very small batches, usually 100 or so bottles.

Meleg Perfumes

Founder: Matthew Meleg, Vancouver, B.C.

Brand Story:

A self-taught perfumer and curious by nature, Matthew was always interested in pursuing a career in art, which then evolved to fragrance creation. Through learning from others and honing the craft of mixing scents, Meleg Perfumes was launched in 2020.

What They Offer:

Meleg scents are resinous, potent and bold, reminiscent of vintage French perfumes. Every component from the ingredients to the packaging is deliberate and conscientiously crafted. The box that holds each perfume is inspired by the apple bins of the Meleg Orchard in Ontario.

T. Lees

Founder: Tricia Lees, Montreal, QC

Brand Story:

A fragrance can cause an avalanche of memories, influence people’s moods and even affect their performance at work. T. Lees’ goal is to create candles for all tastes and activities, infusing them into high-quality products designed to nourish the mind, body and soul. 

What They Offer:

Each candle is handcrafted in small quantities in Montreal, Quebec with the utmost care and made from 100% natural, GMO-free soy wax produced using soybeans grown in the United States. As a result, their candles burn longer, cleaner and leave little or no waste.

Shop all Canadian brands available at Etiket here.

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The Etiket Traveler

Summer Travel Essentials

We've curated a collection of products designed with convenience in mind.

As school days wind down and long weekends approach, it’s time to start planning those exciting summer vacations ahead. Whether you’re jetting off to exotic destinations or exploring hidden gems closer to home, we’ve curated a collection of products designed with convenience in mind that will keep you looking radiant and refreshed on your adventures.

Here’s to an unforgettable summer filled with wanderlust and beauty. Bon voyage!

All You Need To Travel Light and In Style

The Glow Kit

Get the coveted #SturmGlow with this essential seven-step science-based routine for a fresh and radiant complexion.
The Eye Patches – Single Sachet

These revitalizing hydrogel eye patches instantly hydrate, brighten, and plump, while reducing the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. Also available as a Set of 6.
Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil 28ml

Formulated for sensitive skin and eyes but loved across all skin types, this cleansing oil shifts SPF, makeup, daily grime at speed leaving you with clean, soft skin.
5 Minute Facial Set

Get a megawatt glow with Tata’s favourite five minute facial hack. Regenerating Cleanser and Resurfacing Mask are powerful on their own but can work even better together.
Fullest Volumizing Mascara (Mini) – Black

A clean volumizing mascara that wraps each lash in weightless, buildable volume without flaking, smudging, or irritating even the most sensitive eyes.
Holi (mane) Travel 14 Day Supply

A nutrient-dense blend for flourishing hair, radiant skin and resilient nails that combines two daily powerhouse superfoods: marine collagen and pearl powder.
Heat Protectant Shield Travel Size 60 ml

This plant-based leave-in spray protects against heat damage and nourishes and smoothes strands while improving hair’s elasticity and preventing breakage. 
Tropical Crush Toothpaste Travel Size 25 ml

Bursting with mint, juicy pineapple and rooibos, Tropical Crush helps brush away bad bacteria whilst bringing you a boost of positivity to brighten your day.
Discovery Set

A 4-step routine for younger-looking skin that replenishes moisture, restores firmness and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
Sydney Rock Pool EDP Travel Size 7.5 ml

Inspired by Sydney’s famous beaches and distinctive rock pools, this fragrance smells like summer in a bottle. The perfect size to have in your bag!
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Natural and Organic

Making A Difference With Conscious Beauty

Building A Beautiful Tomorrow.

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22nd, 1970. Since then, it has become a major day for worldwide environmental action. This year’s theme is “Investing in Our Planet” – concrete ways to get inspired, take action and be a part of the green revolution.

We wanted to highlight some of our brands that are dedicating their time, resources, and energy to bettering our planet through their sustainable practices: whether through the ingredients sourced, packaging used, the formulation process, or even at a corporate level.

Keep reading to learn about what some of our brands are doing to make a difference.

Conscious Beauty: A Commitment to Sustainability


Headquartered in Vermont on a 1,200-acre farm, Tata Harper produces 100% natural and non-toxic, premium skincare products made from the world’s most sought-after ingredients. Some of the ingredients are sourced from around the world, but many are grown on their farm. The majority of their packaging is made of glass, and this is a decision the brand conscientiously made since glass is highly recyclable and can be reused over and over. What little plastic they do use is necessary for the function of the packaging and is as eco-friendly as possible. The plastic resin for their tubes is derived from sugar cane, which means it is made from a renewable resource instead of petroleum. They also use 100% post-consumer materials, or recycled paperboard, and use soy-based ink for printing. They are working toward offering refillable products, a process that has already come to fruition with a couple of their products. All research and development, formulations, packaging, marketing and distribution are done in-house, allowing them to control every step of the process, from formulation to shipment to the customer. Their commitment to eco-friendly practices reflects in their products that are certified cruelty-free, vegetarian and Ecocert.

Etiket is proud to offer Tata Harper products since our launch in 2011.


Agent Nateur is dedicated to creating natural products that are effective and safe, while educating on the importance of independent thinking and research. They are committed to sourcing the purest, non-gmo, effective, non-toxic ingredients from Europe and small suppliers in the United States. Founder Jena Covello formulates Agent Nateur in Grasse, Paris and Los Angeles. All of the Agent Nateur products are organic or wild-crafted, non-GMO, cruelty-free, and Ecocert certified, guaranteeing their dedication to sustainability and socially conscious practices. Every Agent Nateur formulation is abundant in natural vitamins, minerals, oils, and plant extracts purchased—with no expense spared—from only the most reputable sources, setting a precedent for natural beauty companies around the world. Whenever possible, the packaging used is made of glass and other recyclable materials.

First launched with their flagship holi (stick) deodorant, Agent Nateur offers a beautiful line of luxury, all-natural skincare that is safe for the body and planet.


From clean ingredients to responsibly sourced materials, Augustinus Bader‘s practice is guided by a set of green values and driven by over 30 years of scientific research, resulting in their clean formulations and efficacious products. Their products contain the highest quality ingredients – high potency botanicals and clean actives that are sustainably sourced, and clean, bio-engineered actives are used where possible to reduce environmental impact. An estimated 70% of their packaging is plastic-free, and they continue to move toward more sustainable materials such as ECOCERT/COSMOS certified glass, and transitioning all packaging to being post-consumer recycled.

Augustinus Bader has also created refills for a handful of their products to encourage recycling, with an estimated 80%-90% of their containers being fully recyclable.


As a certified organic brand, sustainability and catering to sensitive skin types are always at the heart of what Pai Skincare does: their products, formulas, certifications and everything in between. Founder Sarah Brown’s inspiration behind the line came from her determination to find products that would be soothing and non-irritating for her hyper-sensitive and acne-prone skin, hence the idea to create her own. Every Pai product is formulated and manufactured in their London HQ. From conception to creation, all ingredients are sourced, hand-picked and tested by a devoted team of sensitive skin experts at their own in-house Research & Development lab and manufacturing facility. They are independently certified by COSMOS (Soil Association), Cruelty Free International and The Vegan Society.

Pai Skincare is also B Corp certified, which means they are part of a global movement that is committed to making business a force for good. As a B Corp, they make a commitment to continue to do the right thing, while being accountable and transparent when it comes to steps they are taking to reduce their carbon footprint.


The Dr. Barbara Sturm ethos includes a sense of permanent responsibility to our planet and the welfare of all living beings. Dr. Sturm – a German doctor, orthopedics specialist, aesthetics expert and anti-inflammatory pioneer – and her team are constantly working to improve the way they produce and package their products. As part of their ongoing efforts to contribute to an eco-friendly future, they have significantly reduced the amount of packaging containing their products, and use recyclable paper from sustainable forestry for product leaflets and boxes. They are changing their plastic jars to recyclable glass, and using reusable cotton and velvet bags rather than plastic while phasing out cellophane wrappers. Their manufacturers have committed to CO2-neutral processes including the use of green electricity and eco-gas.

Dr. Barbara Sturm is rigidly cruelty-free and their ingredients and components are locally sourced whenever possible.


Since launching in 2011, ILIA‘s core purpose has been to protect and revive, both our skin and the Earth. They believe that, as a business, it is their responsibility to give back to the planet we call home. Founder Sasha Plavsic challenged the conventions of clean beauty to create something radically new through safe, potent, Leaping Bunny certified formulas that protect and revive your skin. With deforestation being one of the greatest threats to our planet today, ILIA is committing 1% of Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 sales to environmental causes—starting with reforestation in the Amazon, which plays a crucial role in climate regulation – a key step in reviving and protecting the planet. Their goal is to plant 1 million trees in the Amazon rainforest in Peru, Brazil, and Ecuador by the end of 2023 in partnership with One Tree Planted.

The ethical-sustainable approach is embodied in ILIA‘s products, which are filled with up to 85% certified organic bioactive botanicals that nourish and rejuvenate the skin.


NUORI is headquartered in Copenhagen, one of the most sustainable and energy-efficient cities in the world. Therefore, it is only natural that they are committed to continuously improving their environmental footprint. NUORI’s products are made using only ingredients of natural origin: they come from nature and will return to nature. They operate through a small batch production every 10-12 weeks, which allows them to make the freshest products on the market and only produce what is in fact needed. NUORI works together with global experts in cosmetics packaging and raw materials to ensure the highest quality and sustainability of their products. They use recycled materials where possible and only use FSC-certified materials.

From their quest for the best natural ingredients to their small batch production, NUORI is focused on delivering freshly blended, pure products at the peak of their power.


COOLA‘s formulations are at least 70% organic, contain non-GMO ingredients, are rich in antioxidants and harness the power of plant cell actives to nourish and support healthy skin while protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays. They are conscious about what goes into their products, but they are equally as concerned with what they keep out. In fact, they follow a restricted ingredient list that goes beyond industry standards to exclude over a thousand questionable or harmful ingredients from all of their formulations. Their products are also non-gmo, vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free and reef friendly. All of their fragrances are 100% natural, with all constituents extracted from plant sources. They have also reduced their plastic usage and their carbon footprint by having all of their tubes made from sustainably sourced sugarcane resin, which is 100% recyclable.

COOLA regularly donates to organizations to give back to the community and take action for the environment, such as donating gently used clothes to the homeless and saving the coral reef through restoration by planting new corals.


From day one, founder April Gargiulo has woven sustainability into every part of her business. Vintner’s Daughter stands by its less is more philosophy, which centers on the belief that if one product can deliver a myriad of benefits, fewer products are needed, fewer are produced, and less natural resources are utilized. The ingredients used in their three products are sourced from responsible producers, many of which have used the same sustainable, organic farming practices for generations. They view their efforts around sustainable packaging, responsible sourcing, offsetting of their annual carbon emission and cruelty-free certifications, donations to support earth advocacy and certification as a California Green Business as simply the best, and most responsible way to do business. 

In 2022, Vintner’s Daughter was also awarded a B Corp Certification, bestowed to companies that live up to the highest environmental and social impact standards. They continue to seek ways to improve their sustainability efforts.


Sourced from the Amazon and created in New York City, Rahua was founded by renowned hairstylist and colorist Fabian Lliguin and his wife and partner Anna Ayers. After discovering the powers of Rahua oil – the star ingredient of Rahua products – the pair launched an ethical, plant-derived line to strengthen and transform hair. Their products are made with organic, natural, pure plant-derived ingredients that are vegan, cruelty-free and free of parabens, sulfates, and gluten. Their clean, non-toxic and highly concentrated formulas are filled into packaging that is recyclable, reusable and many are refillable, which allows for less consumption while delivering superior quality and preventing pollution of our waterways.

Born from a philanthropic mission, Rahua is dedicated to preserving the Amazon Rainforest; working with indigenous tribes to preserve their ancient knowledge, while sustaining the rainforest and the powerful ingredients it has to offer the world. 


RMS Beauty’s philosophy stems from the idea of sustainable and healthy makeup that is pure and luxurious, while the packaging is biodegradable, recyclable and reusable. Since the launch of RMS Beauty in 2009, they have meaningfully packaged many of their products in recyclable glass jars. RMS Beauty continues to source new or tried and true materials like the aluminum tubes of their Eyelights Cream Eyeshadows which are easy to recycle. They debuted their first refillable packaging for their primer in 2021 and continue to expand their refillable products with the launch of ReDimension Hydra Powder Blush and ReEvolve Natural Finish Foundation in 2022. They are proud to have transitioned all of their existing lids to 100% PCR for many of their products – wherever there is plastic, they incorporate PCR content as much as possible.

The founder of RMS Beauty, Rose-Marie Swift, is a master makeup artist with over 40 years of experience. The colours are deep, rich and can be mixed together, to create a personalized palette for every mood and occasion. 

Shop our conscious beauty on!

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Skin Care

Vintner’s Daughter Q&A: Active Renewal Cleanser

Vintner's Daughter has unveiled their latest skincare innovation: Active Renewal Cleanser. Find out what makes it a game changer for your skincare routine.

Active Renewal Cleanser, the latest addition from award-winning brand Vintner’s Daughter has arrived, adding to their line of simple, minimalist skincare. Four years in the making and their third product launch in ten years, we are excited for you to discover this face wash like no other. Founder April and her team answered some of the most asked questions about their newest skin-beautifying formula.

Keep on reading to learn more about Active Renewal Cleanser and how to incorporate it into your daily routine.



APRIL & TEAM: “This innovative formula not only thoroughly cleanses, but also invigorates the skin so that it is more healthy, PH balanced, more plump, clear, and bright. It’s hard to put into words, but it just feels renewed and energized with each cleanse.”


APRIL & TEAM: “The short answer is that we heard you. We often ask what products you want to see next and the first amongst them has always been cleanser. We too felt that there was not a formula that lived up to our standards of performance, quality and craftsmanship. So we spent nearly four years formulating Active Renewal Cleanser.”


APRIL & TEAM: “At the heart of the formula is Vintner’s Daughter Phyto Radiance Infusion™ which harnesses the power of full-spectrum water and oil-soluble solutions to thoroughly and gently cleanse the skin with every use.”


APRIL & TEAM: “Active Renewal Cleanser benefits all skin including blemish-prone, sensitive, dehydrated and/or mature skin. Best results when used daily morning and night.”


APRIL & TEAM: “Adding Active Renewal Cleanser before you use Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum ensures your skin has all it needs to be healthy and radiant.”


APRIL & TEAM: “For best results, use daily morning and evening. After splashing cool water on your face, dispense 2-3 pumps into your hands. Apply to your face and neck. Rub in a circular motion to create a rich foaming action for 30-60 seconds. Rinse thoroughly. For a beautifully simple routine, follow with Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum.”


APRIL & TEAM: “Not only is it normal but it is better for your skin that a cleanser does not create foamy bubbles. Proper pH balance in the skin is something that is often overlooked for the sake of a showy, foamy or bubbly cleanse. We describe our formula as gently foaming—the result of combining the nutrient-rich formulation with a small amount of water and then moving it around your face.”


APRIL & TEAM: “There is no fragrance added to Active Renewal Cleanser — everything you smell is natural whole plants.”


APRIL & TEAM: “Most individuals see a visible improvement in their skin within days. Because of our whole plant nutrition, results will increase over time.”


APRIL & TEAM: “The 115ml bottle of Active Renewal Cleanser will last approximately 40 days with AM/PM application. It will last approximately 80 days if used once a day.”


APRIL & TEAM: “Once opened, the shelf life is 12 months. Proper storage and care of your Active Renewal Cleanser includes keeping it away from extreme temperatures (cold or hot) and keeping it out of direct sunlight.”


APRIL & TEAM: “Active Renewal Cleanser is vegan and is not tested on animals.”


APRIL & TEAM: “It is always best to consult your doctor when using any active product, but there are no ingredients that have contraindications for pregnancy.”

Active Renewal Cleanser

Shop all Vintner’s Daughter products at

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The Etiket Team’s Current Favourites

We're rounding up what Etiket offerings our talented and knowledgeable team members have fallen in love with recently.

We’re rounding up what Etiket offerings our talented and knowledgeable team members have fallen in love with and we are thrilled to share their current must-haves! Spanning categories such as skincare, hair care, body care, fragrance and more, let’s dive into what has stolen everyone’s heart, shall we?

Fragrance Specialist

Pentimento EDP by Jorum Studio

Pentimento sweeps me off my feet every time with its rich, decadent character. For me, it’s like putting on a cashmere knit. Carob, rum and tonka bean absolute with vanilla, hazelnut and tobacco flower are all good reasons to grab it whenever the temperatures drop.

Cuir Velours EDP by Naomi Goodsir

On my skin, Cuir Velours offers a dark intermingling of tobacco and leather, with the sweet notes of rum and immortelle. Okay, understandably, I love the rum and tobacco notes. The surprising character of the leather charmed me immediately and accompanies me when I want to catch the eye.

Purifying Cleanser by Tata Harper

In the evening, I apply and massage this melt-in texture cleanser onto my skin and let it sit for a few minutes, like a quick mask. The texture, which changes from a gel to a fine oil, is so satisfying and the textured herbal and ginger notes immerse me in a deep moment of relaxation. I always take the opportunity to give my face a full body massage even when it’s only 9 p.m. and my bed is already calling my name!

Radiance Serum by Vivier

I can’t get enough of this serum, which I apply after cleansing and toning my skin. Its formula, rich in vitamin C, arbutin and resorcinol, gives me an instant glow, evens out my complexion and works over the long term by allowing my skin to age beautifully! It was suggested to me by Naomi (from the Etiket team, and I thank her!).

Holistic Aesthetician 

Tamarindo EDP by Memo

Tamarindo from Memo is the perfume I’m loving right now. It reminds me of escaping winter in Canada and heading to the beach in Costa Rica. A blend of pineapple, vanilla, bergamot and patchouli makes this scent warm and wild.

Polly Plum Comforting Body Cream by Pai Skincare

Polly Plum from Pai is a calming and hydrating body lotion that I love for winter. It’s fast absorbing on the skin and easy to apply in the morning. This is a wonderful product to help protect the skin in colder weather. For those who suffer from itchiness and inflammation (eczema/psoriasis), this is THE product for you!

Rahua Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo

Rahua’s Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo is my current hair obsession. When treating our hair we need to treat our scalp for optimal hair health.

HydraFacial MD JLo Glow

Our new HydraFacial MD JLo Glow is my new spa treatment obsession. The only HydraFacial to firm and restore the skin, using olive leaf extract and niacinamide along with many other ingredients to make your skin brighter, tighter, nourished and plumper.

Boutique & Spa Assistant Manager 

Tihota EDP by Indult

My favorite scent is Tihota EDP by Indult. I love mixing it with Coccobello EDP by Heeley. They remind me of where I was born and the good times I had on the beach.

Botanical Body Nectar by Huna

I love Huna’s Botanical Body Nectar. I love the flowery smell. It moisturizes my very dry skin well and besides being natural, the container is a really good size for its very small price.

Leave-In Treatment by Rahua

I use this treatment every night in large amounts to moisturize my dry hair, and in the morning in smaller amounts to keep my hair moisturized all day and to help with styling. Thanks to this product I am surprised how beautiful my hair looks even after bleaching.

Tata Harper Etiket Signature Facial (with our aesthetician Samuelle!)

I love natural products, and Tata Harper’s scents help me relax during my treatments. Moreover, Samuelle is very gentle and concerned about our well-being.

Beauty & Fragrance Advisor

Cow Extrait de Parfum by Zoologist

This is such a cozy scent that can be worn in summer or winter, in daytime or nighttime. It paints a picture of a cozy Sunday afternoon on a white couch with a fluffy blanket, with the windows open and the faint fresh smell of the prairies. It is all the beauty of the feeling of nature and being in the outdoors and nothing else. The artistry of the bottle adds to that warm feeling as well.

Superkind Bio-Shield Face Oil by Tata Harper

My favourite beauty product of the moment is the new Bio-Shield Face Oil by Tata Harper. It has all the luxury experience of the other Tata Harper products, but with a more sensitive touch. The oil is perfect for any skin condition without having to worry about any type of reaction. I personally have been using it twice a day and have seen an improvement in my skin.

The TOHI Scalp Serum by BeautéJaponica

My current favourite hair product is the new TOHI Scalp Serum from BeautéJaponica. I appreciate the concept of scalp health intersecting with self-care and the brand taking time to make a video on how to properly massage the scalp to get the most out of the serum!

HydraFacial MD JLo Glow

My favourite spa treatment is the HydraFacial MD JLo Glow. HydraFacials completely change the look of your skin and promote healthy cell regeneration, in combination with the glow… the results are incredible!

Boutique & Spa Manager

Room Service EDP by Vilhelm Parfumerie and Sunshine Woman by Amouage

I hesitate between these two as they both give me an inexplicable feeling of peace with the gourmand, fresh citrus and violet of Room Service and the white tobacco, blackcurrant and almond of Sunshine Woman. For me, these are PERFECT scents. They are also very chic for a night out.

Refreshing Cleanser by Tata Harper

Tata Harper’s fresh grapefruit & aloe cleanser kicks off my evening beauty routine. It is perfect for dry skin and you only need a small amount. I really like the smell, and followed by Tata’s Hydrating Floral Essence, it’s perfect!

Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo by Sachajuan

For hair care, I’ve been using Sachajuan for over a year.
It is sulphate free, concentrated and smells divine. Perfect for coloured hair, the Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo protects the hair well. I’m never disappointed with this line, even the Shine Serum is great.

Tata Harper SuperNatural Facial

For the ultimate spa experience: Tata Harper’s SuperNatural Facial. To fully unwind, Tata’s facials and body treatments are a must. The enveloping maneuvers and calming scents take us elsewhere. There is nothing better than receiving a treatment to calm the body and mind.

Beauty & Fragrance Advisor

Vital Unifier by Nuori

This refreshing mist toner is the newest addition to my skincare routine. I love it because it is gentle and nourishing. Chock full of antioxidants, the Unifier revitalizes all skin types and offers a soothing feeling. I love that it can be used as a toner, and as a hydrating mist during and after makeup application. I love recommending this to clients who are looking to add a multi-functional toner to their routine.

Nurture Treatment by The Hair Routine

Hands down the yummiest hair treatment that can be used in-shower or as a treatment on dry hair to tame flyaways and prevent split ends. It nourishes the scalp and hair to yield unparalleled luminosity. This treatment can be used by both men and women who are interested in an easy-to-incorporate step for their haircare routine.

E-Commerce Manager

Paradisi Extrait, Nectary EDP and Pony Boy Extrait by Jorum Studio

Jorum Studio looks great and smells even better. Paradisi, Nectary, Pony Boy… Impossible to choose just one!

The Discovery Kit by Dr. Barbara Sturm

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s skincare system is all about simple yet effective products. The Discovery Kit is the perfect introduction to the wonders of this brand!

Chiffon Styling Mousse by R+CO 

R+CO Chiffon gives hair the right amount of hold and movement that lasts. Added bonus: the bottle looks great on your countertop!

HydraFacial MD Signature

The HydraFacial provides immediate visible results: clear, plump skin and that youthful glow we all strive for!

VP Operations

The Cream by Augustinus Bader

Simply put, this face cream moisturizes a lot without feeling heavy. It’s a refreshing, yet deeply hydrating luxury cream.

Misfit EDP by Arquiste

I love this decadent, elegant patchouli fragrance. It smells incredible and is a scent I get complimented on every time I wear it.

Scalp Therapy by Revivogen

If you are experiencing hair loss, this is a safe and effective topical solution for thinning hair, formulated with nature’s most powerful ingredients for thicker, fuller, and healthier hair.

The Men’s Facial by SkinCeuticals

This treatment is designed to renew your skin, clean up those blackheads and soothe razor burn and ingrown hairs. You will be able to take on the world after this treatment.

Marketing Assistant

Berlin EDP by Gallivant

Berlin is one of those scents that instantly transports me back to a summer vacation travelling Europe. If you are a fan of citrus, you have to give this one a sniff!

Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum by RapidLash

I love this product from RapidLash. I have been using this lash and brow-enhancing serum on and off for the last few years, and anytime I start using it again, my lashes and brows look more defined and elongated within a couple of weeks of daily use.

Phyto Corrective Gel by SkinCeuticals

The SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel is amazing if you have skin that is prone to redness. It feels instantly soothing and I really enjoy the calming effect it provides prior to applying my moisturizer.

Tata Harper Clarifying Facial

This a great treatment for those with congested and acne-prone skin in need of a total reset that won’t aggravate the skin.

Marketing Director

Tri BioBotanical Revival Masque by Environ and Supreme Moisture Mask by Nuori

During winter, my skin needs both exfoliation to reveal its luminosity and hydration to give it a beautiful glow and dewy look. Once or twice a week, or before a night out or a special event, I like to combine Environ’s Revival Masque, also known as the “Facelift in a Jar” since it really helps improve the overall appearance of skin (it makes it smoother, firmer, more even, brighter and tighter) with Nuori’s Supreme Moisture Mask, which helps soothe, plump and hydrate the skin. It can even be left on overnight if desired.

Dallas Biotin Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner by R+CO

At the start of winter, because of drier air, having to wear a hat, etc., I was experiencing static hair. Having your hair stand up straight and be unmanageable is quite the annoyance. I had to adjust my hair routine with a shampoo and conditioner duo that is more moisturizing by R+CO. Since I prefer added volume, I opted for the Dallas collection. I also incorporate a mask routine from The Hair Routine to keep my hair as healthy as possible. My hair problems were instantly fixed.

Aventus for Her EDP by Creed

I recently fell in love with Aventus for Her by Creed, newly landed at Etiket. Although very different from my usual signature scent (Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules), this fresh and floral scent, inspired by some of the most powerful women in history (empresses and queens and heads of state who were Creed customers) and modern women who are both imposing, resolutely feminine and assertive, is most addictive.

HydraFacial MD and Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment

During my last few spa visits, Ivy combined two of my favourite treatments: the HydraFacial MD and the Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment for hydrated, plumped and luminous skin. Treat yourself to a facial to feel revitalized or before an event for an instant lift.


Retexturing Activator and Triple Lipid Restore by SkinCeuticals

I am rediscovering the Retexturing Activator for my night time routine from SkinCeuticals – Cleanse, Tone, Retexturing Activator – another layer of toner and then Triple Lipid Restore. It exfoliates AND gives me that extra layer of hydration that I want in the cold dry winter.

Control Flexible Paste by R+CO

I am not someone who spends a lot of time on my hair. As they say, a little dab will do you and I can put it in damp hair and be done, or for some extra lift blow dry when I want to have that Harry Styles vibe. Harry may not think so though….

Original Vétiver EDP by Creed

This takes me back to when I was 16 and I would spray my brother’s Eau Sauvage on before sneaking into the disco – don’t forget, this was 1979! The Creed Vetiver is a beautiful fresh scent that holds its own; classic or not!

Tata Harper Treatments

It is always a Tata Harper facial – any one of them! From the minute it starts – breathing in the aromatic scents, the masks, until the final massage and layer of cream – I know I am going to come out relaxed and see a difference in my skin and in me!

Beauty & Fragrance Advisor

V-STAT Advanced Repair Gel by Vivier

I use this healing gel from Vivier enriched with Polyamide-DAB when my skin is irritated by the use of retinol, or by extreme cold. I use it as the last step in my routine. It is also an effective treatment for chapped lips with the anti-aging benefits of Polyamide-DAB.

C&E Advanced with Hexylresorcinol and Silymarin by PCA Skin

PCA’s Pure Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum is our most concentrated serum with 20% ascorbic acid, 5% tocopherol (vitamin e) as well as hexylresorcinol which is a fantastic ingredient for pigmentation spots & irritations. Clinical studies have shown that 0.5% hexylresorcinol is as effective as 2% hydroquinone. The addition of silymarin makes it an excellent choice for acne-prone skin.

Multi-Bioactive Mela-Prep Lotion by Environ

I love using this as a toner after my cleanser. It targets pigmentation spots and acne scars. It combines the power of niacinamide for its sebum-regulating effects, alpha arbutin for its skin-lightening properties, and undecylenoyl phenylalanine, a derivative of phenylalanine, an important amino acid for slowing down melanin production.

Complete Anti-Pollution Spritz by Environ

I love using this anti-pollution spray to protect my skin from the harmful effects of the sun and urban pollution. Combining an algae complex including chlorella, as well as a vitamin C derivative.

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Skin Care

Top 10 Spa Treatments of 2022

Here are the most popular treatments offered at our spa this past year.

Spa treatments are an integral part of Etiket. All of our treatments are designed to work in synergy with the products we offer. They are part of the equation to complement any at-home routine and maximize desired results and skin care goals. In fact, this year, to meet the ever-increasing demand of our clientele, we have expanded our spa by offering 4 treatment rooms.

Here are the most popular treatments offered at our spa in 2022.

HydraFacial MD®: For Congested & Acneic Skin

This treatment combines the HydraFacial MD® with extraction as well as using Blue Light Therapy. Blue Light Therapy is used to help penetrate through the deepest layer of the skin and directly target acne-causing bacteria. This treatment can help rebalance, disinfect, and normalize the bacteria under your skin.

Learn more here.

Tata Harper: Etiket Signature Facial

Intensify the results with a totally personalized facial that focuses on the concern of your choice, either: hydrating, clarifying or detoxifying. Treat your skin to a one of a kind experience using 100% natural, high-performance formulas with a customized mask and techniques that are tailored to your concerns. A nourishing and therapeutic face massage leaves you with a totally refreshed, healthy-looking complexion. 

Learn more here.

HydraFacial MD®: Brightening

Awaken dull skin with the HydraFacial MD® Brightening Treatment featuring the Britenol® Vortex-Booster™. Specially formulated to target dark spots and sun damaged areas this treatment is clinically proven to leave skin glowing with a more even complexion. This treatment combines the HydraFacial with specific brightening serums as well as Red Light Therapy. Red Light Therapy helps enhance cellular metabolism, accelerate the repair and renewal of damaged skin cells, and stimulate the production of collagen. In combination, this treatment can lead to improved skin texture and firmness.

Learn more here.

Tata Harper: Superkind Facial

Designed for reactive, sensitive, damaged skin, this calming, restorative facial delivers a nutrient rich elixir which fortifies the skin’s barrier. This facial includes a Gua Sha Lymphatic Massage that has a soothing effect to stabilize particularly delicate and fragile skin.

Learn more here.

SkinCeuticals: The Renew Facial

Including a gel peel, this treatment is designed to minimize the appearance of surface lines, smooth out rough skin texture, clear acne and fade hyperpigmentation. For optimal results, we suggest a series of 4 – 6 sessions or in combination with other cosmetic procedures.

Learn more here.

HydraFacial MD®: Rebuilder

Developed to address the advanced signs of aging, this HydraFacial MD® treatment utilizes the REGEN-GF™ to deliver one of the highest levels of naturally occurring growth factors. Growth factors play a key role in maintaining healthy skin and in this formula they work hard to reduce the appearance for fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture and help bring skin back to a more youthful state. Used in tandem with Red Light Therapy, the light therapy helps enhance cellular metabolism, accelerate the repair and renewal of damaged skin cells, and stimulate the production of collagen. In combination, this treatment can lead to improved skin texture and firmness.

Learn more here.

Intraceuticals: Rejuvenate Hydrating Treatment

This skin-quenching treatment provides the ultimate in intense hydration. Perfect for all skin types, the Rejuvenate Professional Serum contains vitamins and antioxidants that dramatically fit, tone and hydrate your skin. 

Learn more here.

Environ: The Enhanced Vitamin Infusion Treatment with the DF Machine

Environ’s Vitamin Infusion Treatments combine the power of Environ scientifically advanced skin care products with the innovative technology of iontophoresis and sonophoresis through the use of the Environ Ionzyme® DF Machine. This technology, based on the use of sound waves and electrical currents, maximizes the efficacy of their vitamin therapies by increasing the penetration of the active molecules into the skin up to 40 X better than topical application alone. The result is smoother, healthier-looking skin. 

Learn more here.

Tata Harper: Sculpting Facial

The anti-gravity skin lift. Indulge your skin with the ultimate facial experience. This lavish treatment pairs the height of green biotechnology with a cupping facial massage technique to firm and lift the look of your skin, while a rejuvenating neck and décolleté treatment helps instantly revitalized the skin with the glow of youth.

Learn more here.

Tata Harper: Teen Facial

A powerfully purifying treatment that thoroughly cleanses skin and refines pores. An invigorating blend of clarifying essential oils helps flush away impurities and balance oiliness to leave skin with a refreshed, deep-clean feel. This facial has a cooling effect on the skin and helps to leave skin looking clear and balanced. Please note, this treatment is for guests between the ages of 13 to 17 and they must be accompanied by an adult.

Learn more here.

Discover all of our Spa Services here.

To book an appointment, please click “Book Now” via our online booking feature at, or call us at 514.687.3886.

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Skin Care

Top 10 Suncare Best-Sellers of 2022

Keep reading for a recap of all the sunscreens that were favourites this past year!

Sun protection has always been of great importance to us. We incorporate it into our routines and everyone should have a formula that suits their lifestyle and skin type. Sunscreen helps protect the skin from various environmental factors while preventing future damage. We believe that it is always easier to prevent future damage than to try to correct it.

Most-Loved Suncare Products this Past Year

UV Clear SPF 46
UV Clear Broad Tinted Spectrum SPF 46
Physical Fusion UV Defense Sunscreen SPF50 - SKINCEUTICALS
Physical Fusion UV Defense Sunscreen SPF 50
Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush-On Shield SPF 50 | 4 Colours
UV Physical SPF 41 Tinted Chemical-Free Sunscreen
Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield Flex SPF 50 | 4 Colours
UV Daily SPF 40
Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50
Sunforgettable GLOW Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50
Tinted Mineral Face Cream SPF 50
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Top 10 Best Launches at Etiket in 2022

Find out about all the best launches at Etiket in 2022!

The past year has been packed with new launches, with both new additions to some of our long-time favourite brands and new brands that were highly requested to be added to our roster by our clientele.

Best New Brand & Product Launches this Past Year

Bon Matin Candle
Gentle Glow Tonic
Phyto A+ Brightening Treatment
Liquid Powder Matte Eye Tint
ReDimension Hydra Powder Blush
Resurrection Girl Hydrating Mask
Resurfacing Body Serum
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