Best-Selling Fragrances & Discovery Sets of 2022

Discover the most popular fragrances and discovery sets at Etiket in 2022!

Curious about which fragrances our clients were loving most in 2022? Below, you’ll find a ranking of some client favourites by units sold. And while the most popular scents aren’t necessarily the perfect ones for everyone, we can certainly understand why these ten have captured the imagination of fragrance lovers across Canada. 

Top 10 Fragrance Best-Sellers

1 – Molecule 01 EDT

The original skin-enhancing wonder scent.
2 – Ganymede EDP

A fresh, futuristic and unforgettably luminous take on leather.
3 – No 02 L’Air du Désert Marocain EDT

The never-ending cult sensation submerges you in waves of intoxicating spice.
4 – Passage d’Enfer EDT

A whisper of mysterious incense, rendered with the delicacy of a haiku. 
5 – Tihota EDP

Vanilla in its deepest, richest, most utterly delicious form.
6 – Luna EDT

A fresh floral twinkle in a summer night sky.
7 – Love & Crime EDP

A surprisingly complex elixir of cake-frosted intrigue.
8 – Hibiscus Mahajad Extrait de Parfum

Tart, indulgent, and as dazzling as a priceless jewel.
9 – Sunset Hour EDP

A peachy daydream of ambrosial summer love.
10 – Delina Exclusif Extrait de Parfum

Marie Antoinette’s charm at its most opulent and indulgent.

Top 5 Fragrance Discovery Sets Best-Sellers

1 – Portraits Scent Library

This top-shelf collection from our bestselling brand has a deep and elegant signature for every taste. 
2 – Journey Book Discovery Set

These whimsical, luxurious fragrances are inspired by the sights, sounds and smells of globe-trotting adventure. 
3 – Fragrance Discovery Set

Explore all five original series of this revolutionary minimalist fragrance line and let the compliments start rolling in. 

4 – Short Story Collection

Portland’s iconically playful perfumery takes fragrance off its stuffy pedestal and into evocative new corners of the imagination.


5 – Discovery Set

Hedonism was never so approachable, modern and fun as in the delicious daydreams of social-media sensations Vilhelm Parfumerie.
Escentric Molecule: Molecule 01

Our Top 10 Best Perfumes 2016

We love to look back at the end of each year and see what were ...

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We love to look back at the end of each year and see what were our best selling fragrances were. Some of our best perfumes in 2016 were a surprise and others we just knew were going to make the list.

Molecule 01 best perfume in 2016

1. Escentric Molecules: Molecule 01
This cult classic is an easy winner. Molecule 01 consists of the molecule Iso E Super pure and simple. It’s what happens when you wear this scent that makes all the fuss. We can’t say that we always understand why it is so popular when you really only smell it on someone else and not yourself. Then again, we have heard one too many stories about people being followed in to some very interesting situations to not understand why you would not want to add this to your collection. We do love to layer it as much as to wear it on its own.


2. Ex Idolo: Thirty-Three
This scent has quietly grown to be one of our most popular. That thirty-three year old Oud is of course what does it. Velvety and rich, we think equally smooth, this beautiful fragrance tends to grow on you. It is romantic and sexy but never crosses the line. Equally popular with men and women we think it has found a solid following for years to come.


3. Monsillage: Eau de Céleri
This fresh and green, but not too green scent, is a perfect addition to your chypre collection, or a perfect start to one. It may have won an Art & Olfaction award in 2015 but it is still growing strong with all levels of perfume lovers. There is something about that ‘celery blast’ that appeals to most if not all.

L'Air du Desert Marocain

4. Tauer Perfumes: L’Air du Désert Marocain
We are not sure how we could not have an Andy Tauer fragrance in our top ten, and this was an easy and clear addition. It is of course a must have for any niche perfume collector but it is of course a must have for anyone who is a serious oriental fragrance lover. Does it matter what the notes are when we are taken so easily right into the desert moonlight of a Moroccan desert. Wearing is believing.

Mona di Orio

5. Mona di Orio: Myrrh Casati
This is our favourite in the list. Its dark sensuality, its sophisticated complexity make it our go to scent when anyone wants to discover Mona di Orio or is ready to delve further into niche perfumery. Perhaps it is knowing that the inspiration is the Marchesa Casati that we also love. There is something in how the dark myrrh is mixed with the other notes of licorice, incense, and patchouli that makes it simply addictive.

Architects Club

6. Arquiste: The Architects Club
We love how Carlos Huber takes us right into a Mayfair Art Deco smoking room with this scent. We feel we are right there in a richly wood paneled library with rich velvet and much laughter. It is our favourite vanilla scent, probably because it does anything but scream vanilla, but layers it in at just the right moment with notes of juniper, citrus and spice to balance everything out.

Dame Perfumery

7. Dame Perfumery: Black Flower Mexican Vanilla
This simple and beautiful scent was a bit of a surprise to us, but it shouldn’t have been. The base of pure Mexican vanilla absolute is mixed with notes of lemon, grapefruit, caramel, nutmeg, gardenia, jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, musk and tonka which all together make quite a magical fragrance.

Juniper Sling

8. Penhaligon’s: Juniper Sling
A simple yet clever fragrance that has just enough English humour in it to make you want to splash on a little more. This woody and spicy fragrance works as well on men as on women. We think that when the perfumer, Oliver Cresp, concocted it, he truly found a way to embody London Dry Gin in a way that makes it totally wearable.

Heeley: Sel Marin

9. HEELEY Parfums: Sel Marin
We think this is simply THE perfect aquatic fragrance. It takes you right to the beach, but not any beach. A very sophisticated, and dare we say sexy one. The sun, sand, and spray are right there. It’s the end of a long and beautiful day in Capri, the Riviera, or St. Barth’s and the sun is setting. Everyone else has left the beach but you just can’t go. Eventually, you will head back to get ready for cocktails and dinner. This is exactly what you will spray before you head out to see what that hot summer night will bring.

Orange Sanguine: Atelier Cologne

10. Atelier Cologne: Orange Sanguine
Fresh and lovely, yet sophisticated and sensual. It is not just a splash of citrus, anything but. It contains notes of red orange, bitter orange, jasmine, geranium from South Africa, amber, tonka bean and sandalwood which all together make it an easy scent but with just the right touch of complexity. We find it works as well in summer as in winter and that says a lot.

These are our top 10 perfumes for 2016, but see all of our fragrances here: Fragrances at Etiket

Etiket Holiday Gift Guide 2016
Gift Giving

Our Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Is it with the first snowfall or those first Christmas lights we see at the ...

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Is it with the first snowfall or those first Christmas lights we see at the neighbours house that makes us stop and think….”NO….it can’t be that time of year already!” We hate to tell you but it is! The holidays are fast approaching and we won’t stress you with a countdown to how many days or weekends you have left to shop. Instead we are going to give you some ideas to help you find those perfect gifts with our Holiday Gift Guide 2016.

Etiket Holiday Gift Guide 2016We think gift giving can be a very beautiful experience when we have the time to think about what the person we are shopping for may like. We are often asked in the boutique, “But where do I begin?” It’s easy. If it is someone you are close to, you know them well and what they like and don’t like. What’s their hobby? What do they do on the weekends? What do they always say they wish they had – that may be an actual thing or these days more than not it may be time for themselves. For those we know less, it seems more challenging but that we think is even easier because just the fact that you are thinking about them and making the effort shows so much about how you feel about them. So where do you begin? We are going to share here some of our favourites and best sellers. They could be just right for the one you are shopping for, or it may give you ideas for something else. Just remember that whatever you give, do it from the heart and because you want to, and not because you feel, “I have to get something.”

Our Favourite Gifts for Holiday 2016

Carbon Guild CandleFor the Stylish Man
There is something about this hand poured, all natural soy wax candle in a hand made wrought iron vessel from The Carbon Guild that will be just right for the stylish man in your life. He has it all going on – from his perfectly turned out look to his design perfect home. Each candle comes in a signed and dated box. Just make sure he actually lights it!

For the World Traveler
Molecule 01 TravelYou know the one, that friend who is always on an airplane and runs out of pages in their passport. You are not sure if they are a spy or just going to be the next one on the cover of Forbes. We know that the travel size of perfume Molecule 01 in it’s travel safe alloy case from Escentric Molecules is THE perfect gift. The magic of this scent that works with the wearer will make them irresistible to their seat mate in first class or if they really are the next James Bond or Mata Hari.

For the Sophisticated Woman
Penhaligon's Empressa CollectionShe is the one that always knows what is going on in the news as much as which restaurant is hot and who the chef is. She makes looking good effortless, from the right heels with her jeans and blazer to that little black dress when you would have worn long.  For her we love the Penhaligon’s Empressa Gift Set for Women. Perfume as a gift? Really? Absolutely! Penhaligon’s best selling women’s fragrance, Empressa, celebrates women of beauty, power and influence. Ultra-feminine with a  delightful blend of exotic spice, lustrous florals and succulent fruit.

For Your Mother
Vivier Skin Anti-Aging CollectionYes, for your Mom! It’s easy. Spoil her. Treat her to something that she won’t do for herself. Gift her the gift of a facial or a treatment so she can take the time for herself that she may not take. Or (AND!) give her a complete skin care regimen to take her from morning to night with everything she needs to help her look her best. One of our favourites because of the comments we hear from our clients that use it, is the Signature Collection from Vivier filled with the best skin care products. It has everything to keep Mom looking young including their world famous CE Peptides Serum. Just don’t be surprised if they start asking, “Is that your sister?”

For Your Sister
RMS Magic LuminizerAlright, so she may have been a pain growing up but now she is your best friend. You know that she is very careful about what make-up she uses and has taught you that what goes on your skin goes in you, so the obvious choice is the Magic Luminizer from RMS Beauty. We think that after the Living Luminizer and the Master Mixer, this is the ultimate from RMS makeup to give that dewy glow for the holidays.

For the Dog
Malin + Goetz Dog ShampooOf course we have something for your favourite four-legged friend. We are definitely not in the animal skin care business but when one of our best selling skin care brands, Malin + Goetz launched a shampoo for dogs, we just had to get it. They developed it because they have a dog, Mr. Greenberg, who has got a little famous from all of the photo ops. This dog shampoo has synthesized natural botanicals with hydrating amino acids to gently cleanse the dirtiest of dirty dogs. Mildly foaming, this dog shampoo is formulated with subtle neroli and appropriate for dogs with sensitive skin. It rinses free without drying, stripping or irritating and promotes healthy coat and shine. WOOF!

For your Father
Penhaligon's Shaving SetLast but definitely not least, finding something for Dad always seems like the hardest gift to find. Why is that? We think he should be the easiest as he never seems to think of himself so it is easy to spoil him. One of our most popular gifts each holiday season is from Penhaligon’s and it never fails to please. We love its old school charm but also that it will force dad to slow down just a little in the morning to pamper himself. This nickel plated shaving set with razor and an ethically sourced badger hair brush is the ultimate shaving kit. Team it up with the Blenheim Bouquet Shaving Soap and the matching Aftershave Balm and you can be sure that Dad will have a smile on his clean shaven face when he is carving the turkey on Christmas night.

Now we have only touched the surface with what we have to offer. To see a complete selection of our gift ideas, please visit: Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Escentric Molecules

Why don’t I smell Escentric Molecule 01?

We are often asked in the store: Why don’t I smell Escentric Molecule 01 when ...

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Escentric MoleculesWe are often asked in the store: Why don’t I smell Escentric Molecule 01 when I wear it?
For any of you who have worn Molecule 01 you know exactly what we are talking about. Others may have stopped you on the street to ask you what you are wearing but you, the wearer, don’t smell it. Maybe when you first spray it on yourself, there is a hint of something but soon enough that scent is gone and it is like you have never put any fragrance on. Is that the magic of Escentric Molecule 01 or is there something more to it?
There is definitely more to this fragrance created by perfumer Geza Schoen than this being a magical fragrance, there is science and understanding of the molecules that make up fragrance that has allowed him to achieve his creations of Molecule 01, Molecule 02 and Molecule 03. Partial Anosmia, Olfactory Adaptation or Why I Do Not Smell

But, anyway, what do “Molecules” smell like?

01 Iso E Super: a dry woody smell, close to cedar, with amber nuances and a slight phenolic aspect (tarry sweet). It is very diffusive and perfectly blends with a majority of other perfume materials. Read about Iso E Super here.

02 Ambroxan: a smell of ambergris. This substance has a sweet dry smell, reminiscent of old paper and cardboard, with a sensible marine accord and nuances of cedarwood, pine needles, and musk (close to ambrette seed). To some people it also has a green nuance of tea, as well as labdanum and even nuts.

03 Vetiveryl acetate is a semi-synthetic material, a vetiverol derivative, which is the core material responsible for the vetiver smell. Vetiveryl acetate is warm, spicy and fresh, it smells like wood (relatively close to sandal), with noticeable powdery, earthy/rooty and sweet lactonic and nutty nuances.

This information comes from one of our favourite references, Fragrantica. Here Mat Yudov takes us through a very detailed explanation of  why we do or don’t smell certain scents and fragrances.
To read the complete blog by Mr. Yudov, please click here:
Partial Anosmia, Olfactory Adaptation or Why I Do Not Smell

To discover our complete selection of Escentric Molecules, please click: ESCENTRIC MOLECULES

My Top 5 Most Loved Beauty Essentials

I have changed my beauty routine numerous times in my life, but there are a ...

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favesI have changed my beauty routine numerous times in my life, but there are a few products that remain constant – My Top 5 Most Loved Beauty Essentials. These are the products that I use daily or weekly and simply could not do without! You know what they say, “Why change something if it works?”.

VivierSkin Radiance Serum: I use this serum daily and it continues to improve my skin tone. Now that I am in my 30’s, I have started to notice some sun damage beginning to appear on my face. To treat the early signs of aging, this non-Hydroquinone vitamin c serum to help brighten my skin and treat those pesky age spots. I have been using Radiance Serum for 6 months now and I am so happy with the results so far!

Environ Hydrating Lotion: What can I say about this product? It has changed my life! I have suffered from Keratosis Pilaris as long as I can remember. A common, but harmless skin condition that causes patches of rough skin, in particular tiny red bumps on the upper arms, legs, cheeks and buttocks. It’s caused by a buildup of keratin, the protein that protects skin from infection. The buildup then forms a plug that blocks the opening of the hair follicles, causing tiny pimple-like bumps. To treat it, I apply Environ’s Hydrating Lotion after showering which exfoliates and hydrates the skin. What I love about this lotion is that it smells fresh and is so easy to apply because of it’s almost liquid consistency. Oh, and it works! My skin is so much smoother thanks to this discovery!

Pro-Derm StemYouth Tensor Anti-Fatigue Mask: My go-to mask for immediate lift and glow! When I have a special event or special date, this is the mask I trust over all others! It’s easy to apply and only takes 15 minutes for miraculous results. No need to add any cream after, the residual serum left on the face offers more than enough hydration. Simply massage it into the skin and continue with your regular makeup routine. My skin always looks refreshed, bright, tight and glowing. Works like a charm every time!

Levitra is a drug for men at designed to treat erectile dysfunction. The action of Levitra is similar to the one of Viagra. Levitra cannot be used for women. The main active component of Levitra is Vardenafil, which provides the effect of the drug on male strength. In my opinion, this is a good and effective drug! I’m very satisfied with the result!

SkinCeuticals Metacell Renewall B3: I started using Metacell Renewal B3 when it launched last year. This daily corrective moisturizer is ultra light, making it perfect for my oily skin. It visibly corrects the appearance of early photoaging to re-clarify skin, reduce wrinkles, re-tighten surface elasticity, and even skin tone. I am almost done my first bottle and plan to make this my steady day/night cream.

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01: I wear this fragrance EVERYDAY. I wear it alone and I wear it layered under another scent, as it intensifies and brings out another dimension to the notes. I don’t think anyone can really explain what it is about this scent that makes it magic, but perhaps it’s the almost pheromonic effect it has on those who smell it on the skin . I get compliments everywhere I go!

Natalie Cola,
The Etiket Insider Beauty Editor

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