The Etiket Insider Interviews Bill Baker of Consonant – Natural & Organic Skin Care

  Consonant is gaining a strong following in Canada as a leader for results oriented ...

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Consonant is gaining a strong following in Canada as a leader for results oriented 100% natural skin care. Their luxurious, award-winning formulations are changing the way people think about natural skin care. We had the opportunity to interview Bill Baker, founder of this Canadian born company when he was at Etiket in Montreal when we first launched the brand.  We asked Bill to share his philosophy on the importance of choosing an effective and healthy skincare line, what makes Consonant stand out from other natural and organic skin care lines, and what new products we can expect from this evolving brand.


How did you come to start this skin care line and why natural and organic?

I inherited the driest and most sensitive skin in the world from my parents, and for as long as I can remember I had issues with contact dermatitis. I was addicted to prescription ointments with cortisone to get relief. Then one day I tried some natural skin care and bath & body products and my skin cleared up literally over night. I did some research, and I was shocked by what I learned about some ingredients in conventional skin care. For people like me, with particularly sensitive skin, these ingredients are particularly irritating. The problem was, I didn’t really love any of the natural products I was using. They didn’t have enjoyable textures, and I didn’t relate to how they were packaged – they looked so stereotypically “natural.”

So that’s when Consonant was born. It is designed to take natural skin care out of the health food store and bring it into the mainstream with beautiful formulations and prestige presentation.


screen-capture-209What is the story behind the name “Consonant”?

Consonant, in the musical sense of the term, is a harmonious sound. Consonant Skincare products have been formulated to be consonant, or in harmony with your body’s natural chemistry.


screen-capture-209What makes Consonant stand out from other Organic & Natural skin care lines?

Consonant Skincare is different three ways. First, most consumers are surprised to learn that most natural skin care lines are not 100% natural. Many still contain synthetic ingredients like dimethicone and phenoxyethanol which are common skin irritants. Next, we add absolutely nothing to enhance or alter the scent. We like to say, you skin care shouldn’t be about what it smells like, it should be about what it does for you. While this was radical five years ago, today consumers are flocking to our brand because it is so difficult to find products without added perfume. Finally, we believe well hydrated skin is the cornerstone of a healthy regimen, so we emphasize moisturization above all else. That’s why our products all contain our proprietary HydrExtremeTM, which is clinically proven to outperform hyaluronic acid, which until now had been the gold standard in anti aging hydration.


screen-capture-209screen-capture-214What are the essential products in the line for someone wanting to switch to Consonant?

We see many customers who want to start fresh with an entirely natural skin care regimen. For these people we recommend our Healthy Skin Care Detox Kit – it is everything you need in one box – our Foaming Face Wash, a Face Cream, an Eye Cream and our gorgeous 100% organic Lip Conditioner.

To round it out, we always recommend one of our 100% natural sunscreens (either our wear-everyday, Matte Finish SPF 15, or our SPF 30 which we call The Perfect SunscreenTM. Finally, if your skin is very dry, or if you have fine lines you want to address, you will see phenomenal and immediate results from our award-winning HydrExtremeTM Extreme Hydration Booster.


screen-capture-209With warmer weather around the corner, what are some tips that can help transition our skin care routine from winter to spring?

 Just like our bodies tell us what nutrition we need, our skin can tell us what it needs if we pay close attention. As the weather warms up, watch for flaking skin, and exfoliate to immediately improve the look and texture. Follow the exfoliation right away with a good moisturizer. Depending on your skin type, consider switching to a lighter formulation, but whatever you do, don’t stop hydrating. Even oily skin can benefit from a good moisturizer. Most importantly, if you haven’t been using a sunscreen every day during the winter (and you should), you definitely must during the summer. A good, all-natural SPF can be your best friend. Look for a lightweight sunscreen that has a matte finish. Not only will it protect your skin from the visible signs of aging, it will be an ideal primer for your makeup!


screen-capture-209What is the one product from the line that you cannot live without?

For me, I start every day with a couple drops of HydrExtremeTM emulsified with our Dry Skin Moisturizer. My skin looks instantly better when I apply this magic mixture. Seriously, strangers on the street compliment me on my skin!


screen-capture-209What’s next for Consonant? Any new product launches on the horizon?

 At Consonant we like to think of ourselves as innovators, and we were very proud to be recognized this past winter with the Grand Prize at the Canadian Beauty Innovation Awards. We will continue to bring new, all-natural products to our customers so they can have an end-to-end Consonant regimen, without having to make any sacrifices. Watch for a new DHE Mask (Detoxifying, Hydrating and Exfoliating) this summer, and then a couple more surprises for the fall!

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