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Winter Vacation Essentials

Not sure what to pack for a winter getaway? Discover the skincare, makeup and haircare essentials I'm packing for my upcoming tropical vacation!

I’m jetting off. In an attempt to flee the cold Canadian winter we’ve been enduring, I’ve booked a trip with my friends to the tropical island of Turks and Caicos. I always pack light when I travel, especially when I’m going somewhere warm. A few bathing suits, shorts, a sundress or two, and of course, some beauty essentials. Keep reading to discover the products I can’t possibly leave without!


Let me preface this blog post by saying that I will be checking a bag. When you’re like me and are unwilling to compromise on skincare and beauty products, you always check a bag. Trying to fit all of your essentials into that small plastic bag TSA gives you at the airport is a sport, and I want no part of it. For my cleanser, I’m bringing the Pro-Derm Gentle Cleanser. It’s been a staple in my skincare routine for over a year now and I just can’t get enough. I will also be adding my Phloretin CF Vitamin C Serum from SkinCeuticals. I use it everyday, but it’s especially important when you’re getting a lot of sun exposure. As you may or may not know, vitamin C compensates for sunscreen’s inherent shortcomings by neutralizing the free radical damage that sun exposure causes. They literally play a defensive role by diffusing the effects of the bad rays that make it through your sunscreen.

For sunscreen, I will be bringing my Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50 and the Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush-On Shield SPF 50 to re-apply my SPF throughout the day. In the event that I get a little too much sun, I like to bring a soothing moisturizer for my skin, just in case. The Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion is definitely a must when venturing off on a beach getaway. Like a wheatgrass shot for your skin, this lotion delivers powerful antioxidants and nourishing, soothing ingredients that help skin bounce-back after a day in the sun. For my body, I use the new COOLA Mineral Sunscreen Spray. It’s lightweight, offers SPF30 protection and is water-resistant!


I like to keep my makeup simple when I’m on vacation. The weather is hot and humid, so I’m usually either in the water or dabbing my face with blotting papers. For that reason, minimal makeup is key. I’ve decided to bring the RMS ‘Un’ Cover-Up to use as a concealer and to cover-up any imperfections. I’m also bringing ILIA’s Limitless Lash Mascara and the Colorescience Color Balm Collection. This kit comes with three balm shades: blush, berry, bronze. The great thing about these shades is that they can work as a blush, bronzer, eye shadow and lip tint. Plus, they offer SPF50 protection. When I travel, I look for versatility in my products, and the Color Balm Collection offers just that!


I’m pretty simple when it comes to my hair. I will pack my favourite shampoo and conditionner duo: R&CO’s Gemstone Color Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as R&CO’s Rockaway Salt Spray. My hair is naturally curly, so I like to lean into the beach hair look when I’m at the beach. This spray adds volume and texture and just accentuates my natural beachy curls. I also pack Rahua’s Hydration Detangler, especially when I know I’m going to be spending my days in the ocean and at the pool! This product helps keep hair detangled, moisturizes hair, smooths frizz, prevents breakage and damage, and provides color-treated hair with photoprotection. Everything you need on a beach vacation.

Visit or stop by our boutique to shop my winter vacation essentials!

Skin Care

Best Sunscreens to Re-Apply Over Makeup

Did you know that you should re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours when you're spending time outdoors? Re-application can get tricky once you've applied your makeup for the day, which is why many choose to skip this step. However, we carry a number of products that allow you to touch-up your sunscreen throughout the day, without messing up your look. Let's discover them together!

At Etiket, we’re all about sunscreen and keeping our skin protected from the sun. However, when our makeup is looking good, and our skin is looking glowy, the last thing we want to do is rub a liquid sunscreen on top of our perfectly made-up face. For that reason, we came-up with a re-application strategy that will allow you to keep your skin protected, while keeping your makeup intact.

STEP 1. Start With an SPF Base

In this article, we will introduce you to some great SPF products that allow you to reapply sunscreen throughout the day. However, none of them are as efficient as a solid SPF base. A solid SPF base includes any of our broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection sunscreens of at least SPF 30. Experts recommend you apply a tablespoon of a liquid sunscreen to the face and a shot glass to your body. Once this base is applied, your re-application will serve as a touch-up throughout the day as your base slowly wears off with sweat and daily wear. Here are some of the bestselling broad-spectrum sunscreens we sell at Etiket.

Sheer SPF 30 Mineral
UV Clear SPF 46
Tinted Mineral Face Cream

STEP 2. Use a Powder Sunscreen

Once your base has been applied, skincare experts recommend re-applying sunscreen after two hours have passed. This task can be challenging once makeup has been applied and we’re either at the office, or out with friends. For that reason, we recommend reaching for a powder sunscreen. They deliver consistent UVA/UVB protection, and allow you to touch-up your makeup throughout the day. Keep shine at bay with these powder sunscreens from some of our most popular brands.

Sunforgettable Brush-On Sunscreen SPF 50
Sunforgettable Glow Brush-On Sunscreen SPF 50
Mineral Loose Powder SPF 50

STEP 3. Mist For a Quick Refresh

Who doesn’t love a facial mist? It’s a quick and easy way to refresh your skin mid-afternoon. If you’re into toners and essences then you’ll love an SPF facial mist! When your skin is in need of a boost, mist away and provide your skin with the SPF touch-up it needs. Not only do these sprays provide environmental protection, but they also are packed with hydrating ingredients that’ll give you an instant glow!

Makeup Setting Spray SPF 30
Refreshing Water Mist SPF 18


There are some makeup products that provide added SPF protection. However, experts advise against skipping the liquid SPF base and jumping right to SPF makeup products, as they don’t usually provide as much protection as solid sunscreen products. However, they can help you touch-up your sunscreen throughout the day and/or get that added SPF you’ll need if you’re spending your day out and about! Here are some of our favourites.

Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40
Rosilliance Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30
Holi (sun) Dewy Tinted Skin Drops SPF 50

Visit or stop by our boutique to shop your sunscreen essentials!

All Calm Multi Correction Serum from Colorescience
Skin Care

New Launch from Colorescience: All Calm Multi Correction Serum

Colorescience just launched a new serum specifically designed for sensitive, redness-prone skin. Introducing the All Calm Multi Correction Serum, a calming force in your skincare routine.

The new All Calm® Multi-Correction Serum features proprietary, clinically proven BioSolace® ingredient complex to help calm vulnerable and sensitive skin and, with continued use, helps address the appearance of redness-prone skin. The addition of Crystalide™ helps to support epidermal integrity while Phytomoist and Glycerin provide intense hydration. The result is smoother, deeply hydrated, more luminous skin.

This serum is effective on its own, but the brand recommends its use with two of their other star products: All Calm Redness Corrector SPF 50 and the Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush-On Shield SPF 50. Why use these them together? These three products work collectively to address the key factors impacting sensitive skin; such as redness, dehydration and physical signs of itching and burning. The All Calm® Sensitive Skin Regimen was clinically studied to be used as a stand-alone regimen or can be incorporated into an existing skincare routine.

In a 12-week clinical study conducted to assess the efficacy, tolerability and global improvement of the All Calm® Clinical Redness Regimen, 100% of subjects agreed they saw overall improvement in their appearance, with skin that looked and felt healthier with less noticeable facial redness and skin inflammation. Furthermore, 93% of subjects found their skin texture to be smoother, softer and less rough, while 73% agreed that the serum alone calmed their skin upon application.

Our staff has fallen in love with the All Calm Clinical Redness Corrector as it blurs imperfections and hides any facial redness. We have no doubt that this new addition to the All Calm collection will be just as effective and well received!


If you struggle with sensitive skin and want to incorporate the All Calm Sensitive Skin Regimen into a more complete routine, we have a few recommendations for you. To start off your routine, we recommend you opt for a gentle cleanser. One that will clean your skin without over-stripping it. Pai Skincare is renowned for its sensitive skin friendly products. Their Middlemist Seven Cream Cleanser is no exception. Specifically designed for reactive-prone skin, Pai’s gentle cleanser lifts away dirt and makeup with ease, while protecting the skin’s delicate oil and pH balance. SkinCeuticals also carries a gentle cleanser that is tough on makeup and sunscreen, but gentle on skin. When it comes to moisturizers, we recommend Pai’s The Anthemis Chamomile & Rosehip Moisturizer, as it deeply hydrates the skin and is formulated to quickly calm flare-ups of visible redness and irritation. For more product recommendations, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

Visit or stop by our boutique to shop this new launch!

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Le produit qui retarde les signes de vieillissement!

Vos réserves en protections solaires tirent à leur fin? Félicitation! Cela signifie probablement que vous ...

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Vos réserves en protections solaires tirent à leur fin? Félicitation! Cela signifie probablement que vous l’utilisez sur une base régulière! Conservez cette bonne habitude.

Retardez le vieillissement

Avec le meilleur anti-âge qui soit

 On ne le dira jamais assez, la protection solaire constitue le meilleur anti-âge qui soit pour éviter l’apparition de taches brunes, de rides et de ridules et le relâchement. Pensons-y…il est beaucoup plus facile de prévenir plutôt que de corriger les dommages. Vous nous remercierez plus tard! 

Faites votre choix

Une protection adaptée à vos besoins

Physical Fusion FPS 50

Ce « best-seller » d’Etiket est non seulement une protection solaire. Légèrement teintée, elle se fond parfaitement à toutes les carnations pour unifier le teint tout en lui assurant une protection à large spectre contre les UVA et les UVB! Un indispensable de tous les jours!

Lotion Écran solaire FPS 30

Cet écran solaire à base d’eau pour le visage procure une protection à large spectre et un FPS de 30 contre les rayons UVA et UVB. À base d’eau, il est à la fois léger et transparent. Rapidement absorbé, il ne laisse ni pellicule luisante ou grasse sur la peau. D’ailleurs, il est recommandé pour tous les types de peaux, incluant les peaux grasses ou même sujettes à l’acné.

UV Sport FPS 50

Préférée des sportifs et des adeptes de baignade, cette crème solaire avec FPS 50 est résistante à l’eau. Elle est parfaite pour la plage et pour les sports extérieurs.

L’écran solaire parfait

D’abord, on aime le fait qu’elle soit 100% naturelle. On aime également sa nuance de mica naturelle qui permet d’unifier le teint sans laisser de résidu blanchâtre. Elle donne un supplément d’hydratation à la peau ce qui la rend soyeuse tout en lui donnant une apparence jeune.

Poudre minérale libre (claire)

La conscience écologique de Pro-Derm les a amené à développer une toute nouvelle formule sans TALC, avec protection minérale et antioxydant.

Total Defense & Repair FPS 34

Ce SUPER écran solaire régénère la peau grâce au complexe antioxydant avancé pour prévenir le vieillissement prématuré causé par l’exposition chronique aux rayons infrarouges. Il fournit une protection complète qui va au-delà des rayons UVA et UVB tout en protégeant la barrière d’hydratation de la peau pour contribuer à réduire les signes du vieillissement cutané. Il protège aussi la peau des effets dommageables des rayons infrarouges

Maquillage GloMinerals
Skin Care

Spring 2017: Our Beauty Highlights

Even if spring has not officially arrived, the days are getting longer, the sun is ...

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Even if spring has not officially arrived, the days are getting longer, the sun is feeling warmer and the snow is starting to melt – slowly but surely. With this feeling of change comes the need for a beauty revamp. We want a fresh start, and here are five ways to revive your beauty routine for spring.

1. Facial Oil

Beauty oils are nurturing to the skin and make a wonderful moisturizer. There are many benefits to oils, not only do they help to hydrate the skin, but they add sheen to the skin for a dewy look as well as create a natural protective barrier.

2. Brow Focus

Brows have the ability to make a big impact. They add structure to your face shape and frame the eyes. It’s one of those steps in your beauty routine that will have people asking, “Is there something different about you?”

You can sculpt and shape for bold brows or go for a more natural routine. One of our favourite tools is the Precise Micro Browliner, a fine-tip brow pencil that allows you to create short, hair-like strokes.

3. Mix Up Your Eyeliner

Liquid, gel, shadow, pencil…when you’re selecting an eyeliner, there’s a lot to consider! With so many different types to choose from, we know it can be overwhelming, BUT this is not a decision to be taken lightly. It’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into—your choice will have a major impact on the application process and the end result.

4. Protect your skin

If sunscreen isn’t part of your daily beauty routine, it should be! There are so many ways now to make sure that you are protected, you have no excuse. Why not choose a tinted sunscreen or a powder with SPF.

5. Luminous Dewy Skin

Highlighting is certainly not new. The light-enhancing technique in beauty has been going strong for awhile and there are almost too many options to keep track of! With the no-makeup makeup trend, we love highlighting or illuminating because it can be so low-key. Instead of imparting illuminating shimmer, these products simply give a dewy finish.

Skin Care

Renew Your Beauty Routine for 2017

It is that time of year when some of us make New Year’s resolutions. The ...

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It is that time of year when some of us make New Year’s resolutions. The list can be long, from exercising more, spending less and saving more, to what seems to be at the top of the list for 2017: being a better person. We are not going to go down that road, we are going to talk about what we know best, and that is skin care and more specifically having healthy skin. For us that is really about having a specific routine that we stick to everyday. That takes discipline and that is one of the most important parts of any skin care routine. Here are our suggestions to help you get off to a great start for 2017!

1. Meditation
Often our skin is the first thing to show us any emotional or other stresses that we are experiencing. We can all remember back to being a teenager when that stress of our first date brought out that pimple right in the middle of our nose can’t we? We are learning more and more how our inner peace (or lack there of) affects all parts of our health including our skin.
Meditation is one simple (not always easy) way to help us to find quiet and calm, even if for just a few minutes each day. A new field of research called psychodermatology studies the interaction between mind and skin, looking at the effects of emotions on the skin as well as disorders that have skin manifestations such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and vitiligo (a pigment disorder). In the past 30 years there has been much research into how meditation effects our emotional and mental states and what those benefits may be including how this helps in skin problems. Adding 10 to 15 minutes of meditation to your daily routine will show benefits in all parts of your life, not only just in the health of your skin. If you are not sure how to meditate or where to begin, one of our favourite apps is HeadSpace, an easy guided meditation that you download on your phone.

AMBIEN is considered one of the excellent sleeping pills. It is used to treat sleep problems. For example, inability to fall asleep, frequent waking during the night, and early morning awakening. Ambien is intended only for short-term use. If you want to use it longer, you should consult your doctor, because this is serious medicine.

2. Aromatherapy
Really? What has this to do with my skin? We are seeing more and more research that is showing the benefits of what aromatherapy can do to help with everything from insomnia, to digestive issues to migraines and stress. We often send our clients to two Canadian companies: SAJE and ESCENTS. Both of these companies are long established and experts in the field of aromatherapy.

3. Exercise
We all know that exercise is good for us. But do you know why it is good for our skin? By increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and keep them alive. As well as providing oxygen, blood flow helps to carry away waste products, including free radicals, from working cells. However, exercise does not detoxify the skin, that is looked after by the liver. The exercise does help our bodies work better which then does help cleanse the system from the inside out.
Exercise has also been shown to ease stress, and as we saw above, that helps with many skin conditions. If a new exercise plan is part of the new year, we recommend starting with a two week detoxification with Glisodin. Many studies have shown that poor health and oxidative stress can lead to blemished, discoloured and dull skin, and premature aging.

4. Cleanse Your Skin
Is this really that important? Yes it is! This is the first step in any skin care routine and the product you use needs to be appropriate for your skin type. If you don’t start with clean and balanced skin, any serum or treatment you may use will not have the same effect. Read more here: Why is a facial cleanser important?

5. Have Regular Facial Treatments
It used to be that we would tell people, have a facial at the change of seasons, so that would mean only four times a year. This is no longer what we recommend because of the difference that we seen in results from our clients who see us on a regular basis, meaning once or twice a month.
What we are able to offer to our clients in a FACIAL is not just a necessary addition to any skin care regimen, but the treatment helps to boosts the efficacy of any products used. With regular facials you are receiving expert advice and guidance with any skin care concerns and also treatments that you are not and should not be doing on your own. For example:

Deep Cleansing: This goes back to our point 3 above. We suggest the HydraFacial Treatment for anyone starting a treatment plan with us.

Extractions: This should only be done with a professional and carefully and hygienically.

Peels: The benefits of exfoliation with chemical peels is well known, but again must be done with a trained esthetician who is aware of your skin type and skin care regimen. We always suggest a series to see long term results.

High Tech Treatments:
LED light therapy which is a popular treatment that is used to strengthen the skin, reduce redness, kill bacteria and stimulate collagen production among many others.
HydraFacial which is the only hydradermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection.
The DF Machine from Environ which uses Pulsed Iontophoresis – the use of a specifically pulsed electrical current to facilitate penetration of vitamins into the cells, and Low Frequency Sonophoresis – the use of sound waves to transport vitamin molecules through the skin. It is considered the most effective machine in the world today for enhancing the penetration of vitamins and serums into the skin.

6. Home Care
What we mean by home care is a prescribed skin care regimen appropriate for your age, skin type, goals and lifestyle. Not every brand is right for everyone. Just because your friend may uses a certain brand and see results it may not work for you. You may also have a lifestyle that lends itself to a simpler routine that someone who is willing to go through more steps. We have learned however that once you get your routine down, it really doesn’t take that long, no matter how many steps are involved, and if done correctly, your routine becomes part of a ritual that helps in your overall well being.

7. Sunscreen
At this point we feel that everyone knows how important wearing sunscreen is. It is THE most important anti-aging skin care product there is, but it is more importantly what we need to use everyday to protect ourselves against UVB (skin cancer and sunburn) and UVA rays (skin cancer and skin aging). This is not something to only be worn in the summer or only at the beach, everyday and yes, re-apply, that is what mineral make-up with SPF is for.

8. Healthy Make-up
This is our last point as it is the last thing you put on your skin. “What you put on your skin goes in you” is a phrase we are hearing more and more these days. Most of us watch what we eat but sometimes we are not paying as much attention to what we put on our skin. That may go for skin care but often it is forgotten when it comes to make-up. We encourage you to be very careful about what make-up you are using and yes we believe in the old adage, less is more.

At the end of the day, be kind to yourself. We hear much about anti-aging, and it’s an expression that we really don’t like that much at Etiket. We don’t think there is anything wrong with aging and we have no interest to stop the process. We like what we learn each year about ourselves and about each other. We can’t say that we love every new line or wrinkle and we do what we can to help ourselves look our best, but we also know that getting older brings with it many benefits. With the above list to help us on our way, we think that we are ready to tackle 2017 and plan to have an incredible year and we hope that you will come along with us!

Is your skin dehydrated?

At this time of the year,  summer sun, heat, salt water and chlorine can play ...

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BeachAt this time of the year,  summer sun, heat, salt water and chlorine can play havoc with our skin leaving it dehydrated.  Our natural moisture levels get depleted,  which ends up leaving our skin not only feeling dry and rough but looking that way too.  There are steps to take to help restore balance and have healthy skin.


cleansing lotionWe hear so much about using the right cleanser and our goal is always to prepare the skin for the next step in our skin care regimen and to make sure we keep the PH balanced. If your skin is feeling dry then use a gentle or moisturizing cleanser is the first step. Never use a hand soap or one that is not made specifically for the face.  We also like the new  trend that starts with an oil based cleanser to first remove any makeup, dirt and pollution before going to the next step of cleansing with a gentle or moisturizing cleanser.


89037_-_refreshing_tonerToners, like cleansers, help to prepare the skin and balance the PH before applying any serums or moisturizers. We are not talking about those alcohol based toners we may remember from when we were young and dealing with acne, we are talking about toners that truly help to prepare the skin for the next layer in your skin care regimen. It only takes a few mists, or depending on the toner, applying with your fingers, not a cotton pad, which will absorb the product, on to your skin. Let the toner settle before the next step.


ha5_pump_frontMoisturizers should have antioxidants, and ingredients that help skin hold on to water, skin-repairing ingredients, and/or anti-inflammatory ingredients. You will find many different options but one ingredient that we love is Hyaluronic Acid This natural humectant is capable of retaining 1,000X its own natural weight in water, making it a high potency ingredient in skin care.

rosehip_oil_4Another option are Face Oils, these oils, derived from plants, usually also have antioxidant properties. You may use a few drops on their own and apply them after you moisturize, or mix them into your sunscreen or moisturizer.



883140000778-physical-fusionWe are told over and over again about the importance of using sunscreen. It helps to protect us from skin cancer but it also helps to slow down the aging process. Sun damage slowly makes your skin less and less able to hold moisture. Make sure to apply enough sunscreen and to reapply every two hours. With makeup, most of us will never reapply and that is why we always suggest a mineral makeup powder that will help us to keep the SPF factor high all day long.


p009_lotionaha-bha_5-2_50mlHealthy skin naturally exfoliates, but with dry skin or sun damaged skin, we need to help the process. Either an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) or a BHA ( beta hydroxy acid) depending on your skin type and skin concerns, will help exfoliate the skin and remove old skin cells to let the skin rejuvenate. Using these products overnight will help give you fresher, smoother feeling skin in the morning. Once or twice a week is enough, but listen to your skin to see what works best for you. More is not always better.

If you are not sure of the right products for your skin, find a skin care specialist who can answer your questions. We believe in making skin health the goal.


7 Skin Care Tips for Men

  1. Use a facial cleanser Gentleman, forget about the good ol’ bar of soap! ...

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Foaming Face Wash Consonant1. Use a facial cleanser
Gentleman, forget about the good ol’ bar of soap! When it comes to your face, use a cleanser for the skin. Soap is too harsh for your face – no matter how rugged you are – and it will dry out your skin.

2. It’s okay to moisturize!
Dehydrated skin isn’t sexy! Using a moisturiser diminishes signs of aging. Lines and wrinkles will become less apparent. Men have an unfair advantage – we hold collagen longer than women so the skin doesn’t show signs of aging as quickly. Sorry ladies! – women still need to moisturise more often!

SkinCeuticals Physical Fuison3. Yep! Even men need sunscreen….. all the time!
The sunrays will age you faster than anything else! Protecting your skin with appropriate sun block, every day, will not only slow down your skin’s aging process, it will help protect you against skin cancer. Melanoma is not a disease to be taken lightly. It may start on the skin but it spreads throughout the body. Protect your skin!

4. Eye contours require eye contour care
The skin around our eyes is very different from the skin on the rest of our face. It is thinner, more fragile and needs special protection. There are creams developed primarily for eye contour to provide our peepers with the best possible care.

avstbodyoil5. Hydrate the body
Body lotion is an essential ally for the man looking to provide his outer vessel with proper nourishment. Slathering on the right moisturizing lotion can help keep skin supple and delay the signs of aging. Look for speci c ingredients for speci c actions – such as vitamin A, C and E for anti-aging, or shea butter for intense hydrating.

vitaminbhand6. Mind your hands
Scaly hands are not sexy! Ask your wife, partner or lover as they experiment it… rst hand! Hand cream will provide your hands with the tenderness they de- serve. And if it’s a matter of smell or feel, know that non-scented and non-greasy products DO exist. Some high quality hand creams may even include AHA to counter lines and age spots. A tip: your hands do reveal your real age.

7. Care for your hair
Again, the bar of soap is your enemy, even if you have a crew cut! Always use a shampoo appropriate for your type of hair. Dry, greasy, with or without dandruff… there are shampoos for every type. Men who are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair will be hap- py to know specialized products can enhance/thicken the hair. And if you are the gym-every-day type of guy, use kinder shampoos for multiple washes. Your hair will thank you!

SPF Uncovered

You may have been wondering what SPF is and why sunscreens have different SPF ratings. ...

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You may have been wondering what SPF is and why sunscreens have different SPF ratings. What is the difference between the ratings, and does a higher number offer more protection?

Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is the measurement of sun protection from UV radiation, which can cause sunburn and skin cancer. In order for a sunscreen to protect against both UVB and UVA rays (broad-spectrum), it should include zinc oxide or a combination of UVA and UVB sunscreen ingredients such as titanium dioxide, avobenzone, and oxybenzone. We generally recommend using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher:*

SPF 30 – blocks nearly 97% of UVB radiation; it allows you to stay in the sun without burning for about 30 times longer than it would normally take your skin to burn (i.e. approximately 60 minutes if your skin normally burns in 2 minutes)

 SPF 50 – blocks nearly 98% of UVB radiation; it allows you to stay in the sun without burning for about 50 times longer than it would normally take your skin to burn

 SPFs higher than 50 don’t provide much more additional protection

In addition to using a broad-spectrum sunscreen,make sure you check out our infographic to help you enjoy outdoor life smartly!

This post is originally from Obagi Skin Care. 

Obagi Skin Care is available in-store and soon online at


Superhero Sunscreens

The one product you should not go a day without is of course, sunscreen! Particularly ...

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The one product you should not go a day without is of course, sunscreen! Particularly …

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