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Double-Cleansing: The Key to a Flawless Complexion

Double cleansing, as the term indicates, is the process of cleansing your skin twice in order to remove any dirt, makeup and sunscreen from your skin. Keep reading to find out why you NEED to be double-cleansing in order to get the most out of your skincare routine.

Double cleansing, as the term indicates, is the process of cleansing your skin twice in order to remove any dirt, makeup and sunscreen from your skin. Why is it so important to get everything off your face? Well, if you don’t start your nighttime skincare routine with a blank canvas, every product, every ingredient that you apply on your skin, will not work to the best of its abilities because it’s blocked by whatever dirt or makeup that is left on your skin. You’re basically throwing money down the drain by not properly cleansing. Double cleansing is especially important at night since, as we all know, your skin repairs itself when you sleep. Don’t rob yourself of this crucial period!


First cleanse

The goal of the first cleanse is to soften and break down the makeup, dirt, and sunscreen on your skin. Even on days when you don’t wear makeup, you should still double cleanse to get rid of any sunscreen on your face. Many sunscreens can be clogging for your pores, which is why you need to make sure you get it off at the end of the day.

Second cleanse

Now that you’ve loosened everything on your skin and rinsed it off, your second cleanse is meant to get rid of anything left behind. For this step, you can go in with your regular face cleanser, or one with active ingredients designed to treat a specific skin concern, such as a cleanser with AHAs and BHAS.


For the first cleanse, it’s important to look for cleansing oils, balms or milk cleansers. These products will, when applied to dry skin, emulsify and loosen up everything on the skin. Those of you who are nervous about using an oil or balm on your skin, don’t worry! You’ll remove any trace of the first cleanse when you go in with your second, water-based cleanser. Our best-selling cleansing oil is the Light Work Cleansing Oil from Pai Skincare. As for balms, Kat Burki’s Vitamin C Nourishing Cleansing Balm is one of our favourites!

For the second cleanse, if you want an effective cleanser that is gentle on the skin, Pro-Derm’s Gentle Cleanser is a best-seller and loved by the Etiket staff. The second cleanse is also where you can use a more targeted treatment cleanser, like the SkinMedica AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser. The choice is yours!

If you want to make the most out of your skincare routine, it’s crucial you start it off with a double-cleanse. Allow your skin to fully benefit from the products and ingredients in your skincare routine! Discover our variety of facial cleansers here!

Is your skin dehydrated?

At this time of the year,  summer sun, heat, salt water and chlorine can play ...

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BeachAt this time of the year,  summer sun, heat, salt water and chlorine can play havoc with our skin leaving it dehydrated.  Our natural moisture levels get depleted,  which ends up leaving our skin not only feeling dry and rough but looking that way too.  There are steps to take to help restore balance and have healthy skin.


cleansing lotionWe hear so much about using the right cleanser and our goal is always to prepare the skin for the next step in our skin care regimen and to make sure we keep the PH balanced. If your skin is feeling dry then use a gentle or moisturizing cleanser is the first step. Never use a hand soap or one that is not made specifically for the face.  We also like the new  trend that starts with an oil based cleanser to first remove any makeup, dirt and pollution before going to the next step of cleansing with a gentle or moisturizing cleanser.


89037_-_refreshing_tonerToners, like cleansers, help to prepare the skin and balance the PH before applying any serums or moisturizers. We are not talking about those alcohol based toners we may remember from when we were young and dealing with acne, we are talking about toners that truly help to prepare the skin for the next layer in your skin care regimen. It only takes a few mists, or depending on the toner, applying with your fingers, not a cotton pad, which will absorb the product, on to your skin. Let the toner settle before the next step.


ha5_pump_frontMoisturizers should have antioxidants, and ingredients that help skin hold on to water, skin-repairing ingredients, and/or anti-inflammatory ingredients. You will find many different options but one ingredient that we love is Hyaluronic Acid This natural humectant is capable of retaining 1,000X its own natural weight in water, making it a high potency ingredient in skin care.

rosehip_oil_4Another option are Face Oils, these oils, derived from plants, usually also have antioxidant properties. You may use a few drops on their own and apply them after you moisturize, or mix them into your sunscreen or moisturizer.



883140000778-physical-fusionWe are told over and over again about the importance of using sunscreen. It helps to protect us from skin cancer but it also helps to slow down the aging process. Sun damage slowly makes your skin less and less able to hold moisture. Make sure to apply enough sunscreen and to reapply every two hours. With makeup, most of us will never reapply and that is why we always suggest a mineral makeup powder that will help us to keep the SPF factor high all day long.


p009_lotionaha-bha_5-2_50mlHealthy skin naturally exfoliates, but with dry skin or sun damaged skin, we need to help the process. Either an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) or a BHA ( beta hydroxy acid) depending on your skin type and skin concerns, will help exfoliate the skin and remove old skin cells to let the skin rejuvenate. Using these products overnight will help give you fresher, smoother feeling skin in the morning. Once or twice a week is enough, but listen to your skin to see what works best for you. More is not always better.

If you are not sure of the right products for your skin, find a skin care specialist who can answer your questions. We believe in making skin health the goal.


Find The Perfect Formula For Your Skin Type: Cleansers

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From gels and creams to oils and lotions, the formulation of your skin care products can determine results. We all have preferences, yet your favourite foaming cleanser may not be beneficial for your skin type. Each kind of formula has specific benefits for select skin types and concerns. Not sure what cleanser is right for you? Read on, consider the formulation and it will all make sense.

Milks & Lotions

Cleansers that are labeled as “milks” and “lotions” are best for normal, dry, combination and sensitive skin. These types of cleansers are your most gentle options as they contain lower amounts of oils and emollients, giving them a light and moisturizing feel with little to no residue. These cleansers tend to be water based formulas and do not contain sulfates which foam. Because there is no foaming action, you will be left with softer more supple looking skin after cleansing.


Our Top Pick: Alyria’s Hydrating Milk Cleanser washes away impurities and dissolves all traces of make-up while preserving the skin’s protective barrier. It’s pH is ideal for even the most sensitive skin. Regular use will leave skin hydrated and soft.


Oil cleansers are particularly good for dry and dehydrated skin as they do not strip the skin of natural oils. These kind of cleansers work with the principle that oil dissolves oil. They do not get sudsy, however, when using them, add a bit of water and you will get an emulsification that thoroughly cleans the skin and leaves it feeling smooth, clean and hydrated.


Our Top Pick: Environ’s B-Active Range Sebuprep is a multifunctional pre-cleanser that helps to dissolve excess surface oils and assists in removing environmental impurities. It leaves the skin looking soft and hydrated while assisting to visibly reduce excessive shine. Excellent for acne-prone skin!


Water-based gel cleansers are best for oily, combination and acne-prone skin as they do not contain any emollients or other ingredients that will contribute any more oil to the skin. These types of cleansers are not moisturizing, so it is important to follow with a good moisturizer. Those with dry skin should avoid gel cleansers.


Our Top Pick: Obagi’s C Gel Cleanser removes makeup, excess sebum and impurities, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean. This cleanser treats and prepares the skin for optimal effectiveness of the Obagi-C System.


Cream cleansers are best for normal, dry, dehydrated and aging skin as they are thicker in formulation and contain oils and other moisturizing ingredients that work to deposit moisture into the skin to combat dryness. Skin will feel ultra soft after using cream cleansers.


Our Top Pick: RMS Beauty’s Raw Coconut Cream is touted as one of the best makeup removers! It easily removes even the most stubborn mascara with ease. This multitasking product can be used as a facial cleanser and skin moisturizer.


Of all the cleansers, foam cleansers tend to be the most drying and are therefor best for very oily and sometimes acne-prone skin. These cleansers will eliminate that greasy feeling that those with oily skin tend to feel and will be left with a squeaky clean feeling. However, foam cleansers dry up the oil on the out layer only. It’s very important to follow with an appropriate moisturizer when using this type of cleanser.


Our Top Pick: Consonant’s Organic Foaming Face Wash is a gentle yet effective cleanser, packed with nourishing botanicals like teatree oil and grapeseed oil to help hydrate skin, eliminate uneven skin tones and fight blemishes. pH balanced, you don’t need a toner.


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