ARQUISTE Parfumeur: Recreating a Moment Through Scent

A scent is a time capsule; it evokes our most intimate memories and dreams and opens doors ...

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screen-capture-187A scent is a time capsule; it evokes our most intimate memories and dreams and opens doors to distant worlds.

Carlos Huber                

A smell can bring on a flood of powerful and emotional memories at any given moment. The smell of fresh cut grass may bring your back to your childhood in the summertime, the smell of a pine tree may remind you of a Christmas past with family, or, the smell of cigar smoke may trigger your memory of a grandfather or uncle. All these smells may conjure up a unique memory, an experience in your life, an emotion… your history.

But, let’s go back, way back, to times we only know about because of history books and films. Is it possible to visit the past and experience the moment when Louis XIV caught his first glimpse of his Spanish bride-to-be, a gentleman’s dual in 1837 in St. Petersburg Russia or, a medieval harvest celebration in Calabria Italy, circa 1175?

For Carlos Huber, anything is possible, textually speaking. The Mexico City-born architect and historic preservationist brilliantly crafted a fragrance collection in collaboration with Noses, Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Yann Vasnier that has captured time in a bottle, seven bottles to be precise. These ‘Time Capsules’ transports it’s wearer back to a specific moment in history.


Launched in 2011, ARQUISTE Parfumeur is one of the newest “concept niche lines that sets itself apart from the rest by assigning history, meaning and emotion to scent. The name itself is a combination of words that define this collection’s overall concept; Architecture/Arquitectura, History, Art/Artiste and Archive. These are the components involved in the development of each fragrance. Using authentic sources and crafted with only the rarest of ingredients, each scent restores the olfactory experience of a particular time and place, allowing both women and men to unlock personal revelations and experience history in a most intimate way.

We are beyond delighted to experience each of these fragrances at Etiket! It is so easy to get caught up in the emotion of the moment as we inhale, close our eyes and listen to the stories behind each scent. Each fragrance moves us all in a different way recapturing incredibly romantic and human experiences, while we enjoy the simplicity of very real and wearable scents. We invite you to take a moment, step back in time and experience ARQUISTE Parfumeur at Etiket.


citrus chypre

October, 1175, Calabria, Italy

In Medieval Calabria, a family gathers to celebrate a good harvest. Within a cabin built of Palm leaves and other woody branches, an aromatic bounty is presented. The citrusy scent of the Etrog citron, a regional specialty, brightens the air, while bracing Myrtle and lush Date Fruit envelope the sweet warmth of the Mediterranean night.



A bright Mediterranean fragrance celebrating the historic harvest of crisp Calabrian Citron.

Key Notes

Calabrese Cedrat (Citron in French), Myrtle, Date Fruit, Vetivert



Sari says: “I am in love with L’Etrog! It’s citrus scent invigorates me. This is a crisp, clean and refreshing fragrance that has the ability to brighten your mood instantly! The fact that this scent was inspired by the holiday of Sukkot holds special meaning for me and makes me feel connected.”

Paule says: “My favourite Arquiste parfum is L’Etrog because I love fresh citrusy scents! This one, I find refreshing and masculine, which makes me feel powerful when I wear it!”

Karine says: L’Etrog is the one scent in the entire collection that has attracted me most. A fragrance both sophisticated and refreshing evokes refinement and elegance. I particularly enjoy the freshness of citrus that dominates this scent.”



flor y canto 
opulent white floral

August, 1400, Tenochtitlan, Mexico

On the most fragrant festival in the Aztec calendar, the rhythm of drums palpitates as a wealth of flowers is offered on temple altars. Billowing clouds of Copal act as a backdrop to the intoxicating breath of Tuberose, Magnolia, Plumeria and the intensely yellow aroma of the sacred Marigold, Cempoalxochitl.



The floral offering of the ancient Aztecs; a selection of flowers that represented the intoxicating smell of the Aztec gods.

Key Notes

Tuberose, Magnolia, Plumeria, Marigold, Mexican ‘Copal’ (a young resinous incense)



Natalie says: “This fragrance won me over immediately! I am big fan of fragrances with Tuberose and big floral compositions. This is a bright, modern fragrance that opens up to much more after the first whiff. As the notes cool down, there appears to be an airy, buttery sweetness that lingers. Beautiful!” 


Fleur de Louis 
woody floral

June 1660, Isle of Pheasants, Basque region, on the French-Spanish border

To ensure peace between them, two Royal Courts converge at a richly- appointed pavilion built of freshly cut Pine and Cedar wood. From the French side, in a golden aura of Iris, Rose and Jasmine, emerges a young Louis XIV, all starched and composed, eager to catch a glimpse of his new bride, the Infanta Maria Teresa.




The olfactive snapshot of Louis XIV and the French Court, as they gather on the site of the Peace Negotiations with Spain.

Key Notes

Orange Blossom, Florentine Orris, Jasmine, White Cedar wood





Infanta en flor
Floral musky amber

June 1660, Isle of Pheasants, Basque region, on the Spanish-French border

Maria Teresa, the Infanta of Spain, is offered to Louis XIV in exchange for peace between the two nations. Innocently perfumed with Orange flower water, her powdery complexion blushes as the gallant King lays his eyes on her for the first time. She opens her scented fan and steals a look back.


CLEAN – INTIMATE – SUGGESTIVE screen-capture-194

The olfactive snapshot of the Spanish Court, as they envelope the Infanta Maria Teresa, about to be handed over to the French Crown.

Key Notes

Orange flower water, Spanish leather, Cistus resin, Immortelle






Baroque gourmand

November 1695, Mexico City.

Deep inside the halls of the Royal Convent of Jesus Maria, a group of reverent nuns prepares a Baroque recipe of spiced Cocoa. The brew is infused with an assortment of chilies that tempt rapture, and the air is rich with the scent of exotic spices. After centuries of safe-keeping within this closed world, their secrets are finally revealed to the senses.



Rediscovering the olfactive traces of the Old Convent of Jesus Maria, where sophisticated nuns worked on complex recipes of sweet scents.


Key Notes

Cocoa Absolute, Mexican Vanilla, Cinnamon, Chili infusion






ambery leather

January 1837, St. Petersburg, Russia.

On a frosty winter afternoon, a fiery gentleman finishes his toilette by dabbing on a preparation of Neroli and Violet. He draws down his cuffs, dons a heavy fur and strides out in polished leather boots. As he rides off on his sledge, the woody scent of Fir fills the air. Beyond the snow-laden trees, on a clearing bathed in amber light, his fateful duel awaits.



Taking you through the account of a fiery gentlemen’s duel in a forest outside St. Petersburg; A scent that travels, like a bullet in the air, from a cold exterior to a warm heart.


Key Notes

Neroli, Violet Leaf, Fir Balsam, Russian Leather accord


Ariane says: My favorite Arquiste sent is Alexandr- The blend of the Neroli and violet as the top note makes it very attractive, sophisticated and warm. The Russian Leather accord was very intriguing for me, because I adore the smell of leather… it was love at first sniff!



Boutonnière No. 7
green floral


May 1899, Foyer of the Opéra-Comique, Paris

During the Opera’s intermission, a group of seven young men gather at the Grand Foyer in search of new flirtations. Women of all sorts are lured in by the crisp, green scent of the men’s gardenia boutonnieres, enlivened with the bergamot and lavender colognes they wear. As they draw closer, the “Opera Flower” exudes its elegant masculinity, the last breath of a bloom sacrificed on a black-tie lapel.



A hyper-realistic modern masculine gardenia. A Gentleman’s boutonniere in Belle Époque Paris. A naturalist fragrance declaring the elegant masculinity of a single flower worn on one’s lapel.


Key Notes

Lavender, Bergamot, Italian Mandarin, Gardenia jasminoides/Gardenia citriodora duo, Genet absolute, Vetyvert, Oakmoss.



Simon says:I love the Boutonnière No. 7 as much for the scent of the Gardenia as the story behind the perfume. My grandfather wore gardenias in his tails and I have a favourite photo of him from the 20’s. The fragrance conjures up an era of glamour with a fresh sexiness that allows for a little flirtation and the possibility of …..”


ARQUISTE Parfumeur is available exclusively in Canada at Etiket in Montreal, Holt Renfrew in Toronto, and Barneys in New York, Liberty London, Roja Dove’s Haute Parfumerie at Harrods, Jovoy and L’Eclaireur in Paris as well as other exclusive retailers in the USA and Europe.

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